Vote NO – Rise Up for Life: The 2020 Adelaide Walk for Life

10 February 2020

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Navigating the nefarious pro-choice ideology…

On the 8th of February, 3500 people rallied in South Australia, against the extreme abortion-to-birth laws before their Parliament.

A time lapse from Saturday’s Walk For Life in South Australia. Over 3000 people gathered to oppose abortion to birth laws in S.A.

Posted by Love Adelaide on Sunday, 9 February 2020

As is the norm in our society, the mainstream media have portrayed them as ‘Trump-styled’, according to a report by the Advertiser — an opportunistic dig for unsuspecting readers, as some sort of alarm that their views around human life are outdated and misogynistic. This is far from the truth.

South Australia is one of the last states to pass laws to allow abortion to birth. Media outlets covered the Walk For Life, including Channel 7, who launched a poll on Facebook after the rally, asking, ‘Do you want to see abortion fully decriminalised in South Australia?’

It’s fair to assume that South Australians could be unaware that at present, abortion is currently under the Criminal Law Act. The proposed changes to these laws would move it under the Health Care Act.

The question posed by Channel 7 appears misleading. According to the public response in the comments section on the poll, respondents indicated that the question is ambiguous, and could be interpreted as supporting the pro-life view with a ‘yes’ vote.

Thousands of anti-abortion protesters rally against South Australian abortion law changes

More than 3,000 protesters have stopped traffic on North Terrace, swarming the steps of parliament to take a stand against late-term abortion.They want the Attorney-General to dump planned reforms that would make it legal for women to abort up to #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Adelaide on Friday, 7 February 2020

It’s incumbent on the pro-life community to say no to abortion-to-birth. Decriminalisation in South Australia would allow abortion-to-birth laws to be passed. The Hon Clare Scriven MLC, who spoke at the Walk For Life rally, said it well:

“Dehumanising the baby in utero is dehumanising all of us;
framing it as a woman’s choice is a weapon used by perpetrators
who do not support women at all and hide behind the language of ‘choice’.”

Recommendations from the South Australian Law Reform Institute [SALRI] from October 2019 include that abortion can be undertaken at any gestational stage with one healthcare practitioner — also known as abortion-to-birth.

But the recommendations don’t stop there: any healthcare practitioner can perform an abortion — in one instance, the report mentions ‘Chinese medicine’. Apparently, gynaecologists/specialists aren’t a necessary factor?

The SALRI also recommends that there should be no prohibitions surrounding sex-selection abortions, which seems to go against the very notion of women’s rights, when sex selection is primarily performed to eliminate a girl.

Julie Sharpe, a counsellor who spoke at the rally, said rhetorically [referring to women who have had an abortion],

“I would like to know who has been sitting opposite me in the counselling room for the last 20 years, pouring out their heart, crying and weeping with overwhelming sadness.
As if there is no such thing as adverse mental health connected with abortion?”

The mental and physical side effects are clear in this testimony of Katrina, related by Martyn Iles, the Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby,

“I took the lives of two of my children, I robbed my parents of grandchildren, I took the lives of my son’s siblings. These abortions directly caused a medical condition known as incompetent cervix, which resulted in premature birth of another son, who died after a week long struggle in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) in 2001. The suffering I have endured is immeasurable, and the guilt almost drove me to suicide.”

We celebrate women’s choice, but fail to see the horrific consequences and repercussions of abortion.

It’s time to be a voice for the voiceless.


To view the poll on Channel 7, click here.

For more information on South Australian abortion laws, see: SA Abortion Action for Women.

Image: Love Adelaide


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