Grandparent: “Thank you! What you do matters for Jesus”

3 March 2022

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A conversation with a grandparent, concerned for her children’s and grandchildren’s lack of faith, sheds a ray of hope on her heart. The youth are arising across Australia, sharing the Gospel with their peers. They are watering the seeds planted by faithful grandparents.

“Is there any hope for this next generation?”

I was sitting next to a beautiful Polish Australian grandmother, who asked me this as we flew from Melbourne to Canberra.

She had asked me what I do for a living and I said, “I’m a preacher, an evangelist.” For the next hour, she told me her life story, moving from work camps in Poland as an infant in WW2, to the UK and finally to Australia.

Lost Sheep

She also told me of her recent history and her pain with her grandson, and this is where the question of hope for the new generation came in.

“My grandson told me he doesn’t believe in God. I always pray with my grandchildren, but their parents aren’t walking with Jesus… is there any hope for this next generation?”

I encouraged her,

“What you do matters. Your grandchild says he doesn’t believe in God, but you have modelled prayer to him and a belief in God and this will stick with him.”

“There is hope for this next generation, because God is still on His throne!”

A New Hope

I also shared with her why else there is hope. Because not only do we have grandparents that have invested into a young generation, but we also have a young generation preaching the Gospel to their generation as well!

I told her of how many evangelists were rising up today and how I actually see the great falling away from Christianity as a positive, not a negative.

Why? Because it’s like we’ve had a great pruning. Everything that is stopping the church from growing in health has been stripped away, and now we are ready for a revival of the pure Gospel.

She looked at me and smiled,

“It means so much to me to hear this from a young person!”

And so let me say this to you if you are a grandparent, “There is hope!” Your investment into your children and grandchildren is not in vain.

You have planted seeds that will bear much fruit. Some of you may be like my Polish friend wondering if there is hope. I’m telling you there is, because there is breath in my lungs and I will preach the Gospel to these next generations until there is none. What’s more, there is a whole army arising with me.

I can tell you of tens of burning evangelists that I know personally in Australia that are witnessing and seeing salvations regularly across the nation.

Internationally, I also have hundreds of evangelists whom I am networked with, who are doing the same too.

The Gospel will go on! The name of Jesus will be lifted up!

From one generation to another, thank you for the seeds that you have sown. Keep sowing with us, we will see this next generation come to know the Lord!

Much love,


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Originally published at The Scarboroughs. Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels.

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