A Tale Of Two Flags

9 March 2022

6.2 MINS

We are in a spiritual battle. We have the choice between two flags. Let us advance with faith and courage under the banner of Christ.

When we think of two flags this week, we automatically assume at first glance that these flags are those of Ukraine and Russia; but no. The flags I’m referring to are symbolic, though very real, and will be applied to the Church. Though I refer specifically to Australia, they are appropriate to the Church worldwide.

One flag is what I’ll call the Battle Flag; the other is white and denotes surrender, truce, acquiescence — placing ourselves under the mercy of our captors.

Flags represent countries, organisations and clans, amongst others. We know which side we stand on when we see the flag overhead.

Or we used to. Now the battle lines are blurred, and the flags that fly over many countries are not what were intended. We are a nation under siege. Most of us go on with life unawares, but for those with ears to hear, and eyes to see, we have started to join the dots.

Globalist Tendrils

The pattern emerging has nothing to do with looking after and serving the rank and file to people’s benefit; rather, it’s about forces from outside our country asserting their powerful influence over this country, as explained by Federal MP George Christensen.

Proof? I hear you say — it’s due to be signed, if it hasn’t already! While we are distracted by the floods, Ukraine and Russia.

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”
~ Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum

The World Health Organization is pushing an incredibly powerful and diabolical effort to undermine our autonomy as a nation, by the government signing on to their global plans. In effect, it will take over the health system in Australia.

Has any politician who hasn’t been demonised by the mainstream media told you this?

What about the Digital Identity Scheme that innocently made its debut under the guise of contact tracing and digital passports? Control freaks in bureaucracies never let a good crisis go to waste.

God Triumphs

The world is teetering on the brink, with one disaster after another. Many are man-made.

Evil people do evil. They always have.

We represent a better way: Faith, not fear. Our Battle Flag must represent the Captain of the Lord of Hosts!

Matthew 24 (NIV/Amplified)

As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “When will this happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming and the end of the age?”

Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you, for many will come in My name, claiming ‘I am the Messiah’. They will deceive many.

“You will hear of wars and rumours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed.
Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

“Nation will rise against nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains, with more to come.

“Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all the nations because of Me.

“At that time, many will turn away from the faith and will try and hide each other,

“And many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.

“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end [endures] will be saved.

“And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come…

21 “For then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now — and never to be equalled again.

“If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect, God’s chosen ones, those days will be shortened.”

24 “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones.

“See I have told you ahead of time.”

32 “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: as soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near.

“Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door.

“I assure you and most solemnly say to you, this generation [the people living when the signs and events begin] will not pass away until all these things take place.

Heaven and earth [as now known] will pass away, but My words will never pass away.

But of that [exact] hour no one knows — neither the angels of heaven nor the Son — except the Father alone.

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

“For as in those days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the [very] day when Noah entered the ark.

“And they did not know or understand until the flood came and swept them all away; so will be the coming of the Son of Man be [unexpected judgment].

42 “So be alert [give strict attention, be cautious and active in faith], for you do not know which day [whether near or far] your Lord is coming.

But understand this: if the homeowner had known what time the thief was coming, he would have stayed alert and not let his house be broken into.

Therefore you [who follow Me] must also be ready; because the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not expect Him.”

Is this hyperbole? That’s what they said before it started to rain!

The Church has a mission and a holy obligation. Choose your flag. Do we ‘hide our light under a bushel’? Are we prepared to be the ‘salt that has lost its savour’? If we do not make a stand in this very hour, then when?

Whose flag will we place ourselves under? The WHO’s? The WEF’s? The UN’s? Closer to home, the LNP? The ALP? The Greens? Elections have consequences.

PRAY for wisdom and guidance, not from me, or the mainstream media. We all need it. I live in an electorate that will probably go to Labor again, like every election bar one. We get nothing done here. We are either ‘safe’ or not worth expenditure because of this.

“Your grandparents voted for this party, so I will too,” doesn’t wash anymore.

We need to look at the preference system, a joke in itself. We need to find out where the candidates are putting their votes. Consider just how important the Senate really is!

Educate yourself. Not by Koshie and Karl, or Aunty ABC. They have too many tax breaks on the table. The truth is, they will do what they are told; we are ‘mushrooms’ to them. They keep us in the dark and feed us on, well, compost.

Look into Agenda 21, Agenda 30. Listen to the sickness of Karl Schwab. Better yet listen to DR. Yuval Noah Harari, the top adviser to Klaus Schwab, said:

“Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design. Not the intelligent design of some God above the clouds, but OUR intelligent design… Science may enable life to break out into inorganic realms… For the first time in history, we are able to ‘hack’ human DNA. The god of our clouds are IBM, Microsoft.”

Just a little sample of his intentions to do ‘good’. Artificial intelligence and DNA manipulation; what could possibly go wrong?

“Oh, but look at all the good it could do!” I hear you exclaim in a loud voice. If we are, as Christians to “know them by their works”, I tremble

We Serve God

“He has brought me to His banquet hall,
And His banner over me is love.”
~ Song of Solomon 2:4

I was very encouraged with much of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting. A loud call is arising from the saints in Australia for repentance, both personally and as a nation. As I have written about previously, revival must start with us, and the local church. We stand and say ‘enough!’

Our leaders in politics, corporations, academia and even the church itself have allowed sin, so scarlet and offensive to God, to take root in Australia. We have the dichotomy of the Mardi Gras celebrations while people in our state are sinking in the mire of floods.

Daniel Andrews is still pushing child inoculation; McGowan masking the children because he graciously opens our own borders to our own ‘special’ people. Did you know that many dam projects have been authorised and built for private enterprise in New South Wales, yet nothing has been done for us, the people for more than three decades?  It should fill us with disgust.

Choose this day whom you will serve.

“Now fear the Lord and serve Him with all faithfulness.
Throw away the gods your ancestors worshipped beyond the Euphrates river and in Egypt, and serve the Lord. But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, … in whose land you are living.
But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”
~ Joshua 24:14-15

We have two banners under which we will be made to stand.

One will be the Captain of the Lord of Hosts; the other is the flag of surrender.


Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels.

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  1. Pearl 10 March 2022 at 10:49 am - Reply

    Great post Leonie! Many thanks! Truth revealed! I think ACL are making a who’s who in the electoral race. Atm I’m going UAP…..unless the Lord leads otherwise.. I have mixed feelings about Clive….Riccardo is a hothead…GAP is good…. and Jesus is the Best 😃!!!

    • Leonie Robson 10 March 2022 at 1:32 pm - Reply

      Thanks dear Pearl.
      Wading through a river of crocodiles!
      I really would like to cherry pick the best and kick out the rest,lol.
      I think GAP have been over the target,as it were, with many things others deny.
      Although I don’t agree with everything One Nation does, I see some very good people.
      Antic, Rennick, Roberts, Christensen, Latham, Amanda Stoker. A good A Team, though disconnected!😁😁😁 Xx

  2. Jim Twelves 13 May 2022 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    Leonie, wow, what a read! I loved your passion and in particular, you call to take a stand! You have nailed it so well. I think that if we prayerfully submit our will to the Lord and ask him to direct our vote, he will show us. Some will say if the silent majority wake up and move ‘right’ they will open the door to the ‘left’. Well, is that strictly so? I think there is a better way, it goes like this, vote for passion, connection with the people and for integrity and trust that God will do the rest. I can never hear God say vote for ‘the least bad’ when there are people of integrity willing to serve waiting at the door.

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