Five Years After Same-Sex Marriage Was Legalised

17 November 2022

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Politicians who had nothing to do with it celebrate like it was their achievement.

It’s five years since Australia voted to change the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

Now we have 72 genders, the words mother and father are considered controversial, and drag queens are reading stories to children on the ABC.


Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk celebrated the five-year anniversary with a tweet so mindless that it could only have been written by her deputy Steven Miles.

Over a photograph of herself in a gay Pride “It’s Time” T-shirt, the Premier wrote:

Five years ago today, Queenslanders voted yes.

Because love is love.

Er, nobody ever said love wasn’t love, Premier. What the hell are you talking about?

Does the Premier really believe some people weren’t allowed to love each other before gay marriage was a thing?

Her insinuation, of course, is that anyone who voted ‘no’ to redefining marriage was voting against love.

I guess Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd were against love when they failed to legislate in favour of gay marriage. Bigots.

Anyway, it’s not very loving to say that anyone who disagrees with you is not very loving. But I digress.

What I don’t understand is why Premier Palaszczuk is still limiting marriage to only two people. Love is love, right? So why not allow three people to love each other, or four people? Why shouldn’t a Muslim man love six women? Why is the Palaszczuk government against love?

If love is love then there is surely no limit to how far one can take this. “Love is love” is an expression used by paedophiles. They’re evil, but they’re not stupid.

Will the Queensland Premier be passing legislation outlawing the word paedophile and replacing it with the term Minor Attracted Person? Love is love. Or is love only love when politicians say so?

Anyway, there wasn’t much love from the Premier for unvaccinated people during the Covid panic.

Hate is hate.

And lies are lies.

The funniest thing about the Labor Premier’s gay celebratory tweet is that same-sex marriage was organised by the Federal Liberal Government. It had nothing to do with Labor, who are now trying to claim it as their historic achievement.

Love may be love, but revisionist history is not history.

Here is senior Labor MP Tanya Plibersek:

Australia didn’t say say “yes”. The survey returned 7.8 million “Yes” votes from 12.7 million votes that were cast, or 61 per cent. Labor MPs were never much good with numbers.

Victorian Tolerance

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews can’t remember how decisions leading to the death of 800 people in hotel quarantine were made, but he will always remember where he was and what he was doing when gay marriage became a thing.


Oh, but he had more to say:

When Daniel Andrews talks about “the relief, the joy and the pride”, I’m pretty sure he is referring to anti-lockdown protesters being shot in the back with rubber bullets.

One thing is for sure, when Daniel Andrews — of all people — talks about the country becoming “a fairer place”, you know you’re in the Twilight Zone.

Here is a picture of Andrew Thorburn, who lost his $850,000-a-year job as Essendon Football CEO because he attends an Anglican Church that believes in traditional marriage.

Andrew Thorburn

Andrew, now unemployed, can tell you all about how Victoria is “a fairer place” since gay marriage was legalised.

As for the Victorian Premier’s claim that “there’s been no slippery slope” since the introduction of gay marriage…


(stop to catch my breath)


(pause to wipe tears from my eyes)


(pick myself up off the floor)

Daniel “there’s been no slippery slope” Andrews has literally banned people from praying for someone who is gender-confused — even if the prayer is requested — under threat of 10 years’ jail!

Gender Benders

Here is Drag Queen Courtney Love reading a story to kids on Play School about a girl who wants to dress as a boy in order to demonstrate that “five years on there’s been no slippery slope”.

drag-queen-ABC-Play-School - after same-sex marriage legalisation

And here is Department of Health secretary Brendon Murphy telling a Senate Estimates Hearing that he cannot say for sure what a woman is without first getting advice from his department, also to demonstrate that absolutely nothing has changed since gay marriage was legalised apart from the fact that no one knows up from down anymore.

Brendan Murphy

Funny that Daniel Andrews insists “there is no slippery slope”, because Greens leader Adam Bandt insists that there is a direct link between the legalising of gay marriage and the fight for transgender rights.

Celebrating the fifth anniversary of gay marriage yesterday, Bandt wrote:

We saw the impacts of people having to justify their rights. Now trans people are in the same fight.

Bandt literally says that gay marriage leads to trans rights. It’s not a slippery slope, it’s a freeway!

Bandt is a divisive fool. He went on to say,

“Love won, but LGBTIQ people had to fight through a hate campaign to get there.”

Bandt’s enduring memory of love winning is the “hate”. Whatever.

Was openly gay Foreign Minister Penny Wong waging a hate campaign against the LGBTIQ community when she backed the Labor Party’s opposition to same-sex marriage in 2010?

She said at the time:

“On the issue of marriage, I think the reality is there is a cultural, religious, historical view around that which we have to respect.” 

Was Penny Wong engaged in a hate campaign against herself?

As for Bandt’s assertion that trans people “should not have to prove that they exist”… HUH?

Who has to prove they exist?

I don’t believe Caitlyn Jenner is a woman, but I do believe Caitlyn Jenner exists.

Does it ever concern people like Adam Bandt that they are irresponsibly telling people untruths that will harm their well-being?

Rather than worrying about trans people having to prove their existence, Mr Bandt should worry about women being erased.

Anyway, happy five years of gay marriage. It’s been fabulous.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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Photo by Ivan Samkov.

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