Why the Defeat of Hamas is a Victory for Palestinians

25 October 2023

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The lines between Hamas and the Palestinians are being blurred by far too many.

Defeating Hamas is loving Palestinians.

Here’s why:

Alongside Hamas’ abuse of aid, and exploitation of the Palestinian people, Hamas lost all moral legitimacy by raping, kidnapping, and murdering Israelis.

They’ve abdicated their right to lead and represent the Palestinian people.

That’s the sound Biblical ground we should be rallying to stand together on.

It’s also the rules of engagement boundary by which Israel should be kept accountable.

Just War serves a Just Peace. Scorched-earth fury doesn’t.

Self-evidently, the Palestinian people cannot be helped until Hamas is either reformed or pushed out of their way.

All we’re doing otherwise is funding an Islamist regime hellbent on the destruction of neighbour:

  1. Hamas is another regime happy to inject its people with hatred towards the infidel — Jews in particular.
  2. They then use those they’re supposed to represent as human shields.
  3. Sacrifice them on the Islamist’s false promise of eternal gain.

Israel defeating Hamas is a victory for Palestinians.

Hamas cutting off the thread of diplomacy with terrorism, confirms Hamas to be a terrorist organisation.

It’s a simple calculation.

Ethical Issues

We benefit from the late great Jean Bethke Elshtain here, who warned that the ‘distortions of language lead to contortions of moral meaning.’

About this, she meant,

‘Nowhere is a martyr defined as one who “tries to kill as many unarmed civilians as possible and, in the process, meets his or her own end.”’

See Bill Muehlenberg’s working commentary on these matters.

Muehlenberg, not without obfuscation from morally ambiguous Neo-Marcionites, has been at the forefront of this debate.

Attempting to establish a better understanding of how the theological fine print, speaks to the geopolitical thinking on this subject, he wrote,

‘Glib talk about all this just being a cakewalk for Israel and something we should just ignore is as naïve as it is lethal.’

‘Israel is literally surrounded by enemies, but some folks are telling us to just take a chill pill and relax.’

‘Reckless isolationism and dreamy-eyed pacifism did not empty the death camps and bring an end to the Holocaust, and neither will it help the men, women and children of Israel today either.’

Note the tyrannical errancy of “peace at any price” just as carefully.

‘The January 1973 Paris Peace Accords, ended in 1975, when Communists in the North invaded South Vietnam. Now, that nation no longer exists,’ argued Muehlenberg.

Millions suffered. Dissidents were murdered, or thrown into camps, and masses became displaced refugees.

Suffer the Children

It’s Biblically just to question the immorality of sugar-coating Hamas’ murderous incursion into Southern Israel.

As mum and founder of the We Are Rooted Wings community Britt Mayer wrote,

‘It has been 15 days. 15 days, that, children as young as yours and mine, some younger, have been held hostage with barely an outcry from a world that claims to stand for what is moral and good.’

‘The “I won’t pick a side” purists without a mention of the children still held by terrorists read cheap,’ she added.

‘The laments about international politics and foreign wars — without a word on the children in a hell without their parents ring shallow, and privileged.’

Instead of protesting for the release of children kidnapped by HAMAS, nauseating, morally ambiguous fence-sitters are saying,

“I can’t be bothered about the hostage children, but I’ll take the time to post on social media about the woes of international war games, and conspiracies that may or may not be true.”

There are ‘floods of parades in our streets to “free Palestine”, yet “not a word there about ‘free the hostages.’”

‘It’s a terrible indictment on the human heart and conscience. We’re talking children and babies being held hostage for 15 days. 15 days,’ Mayer concluded.

There’s little to no justification for middle-of-the-road morality on this subject.

There is no “free Palestine” while Palestinians are chained to the Islamist beast.

There cannot be peace in the Middle East, while “death to Israel” pro-Palestinian protesters refuse to demand that hostages be released.

For ‘what sane man,’ once wrote Athenian Demosthenes, ‘would let another man’s words, rather than his deeds, tell him who is at war, and who is at peace with him?’


Photo by TIMO.

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  1. Rae Bewsher 25 October 2023 at 11:50 am - Reply

    One good way to pray for the Gazans is to pray for the eradication of Hamas. It seems they divert money and resources away from the people for their own ends. Melanie Phillips had a good article on that.

  2. Bill Muehlenberg 25 October 2023 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Thanks for this Rod

  3. Jim Twelves 25 October 2023 at 2:24 pm - Reply

    Rod, a great piece thank you so much. It is so hard for anyone to ‘know’ the truth in this war. I thank you most sincerely for cutting through some of the fog of war and explaining the clear distinction between Palestinians and Hamas. I think your title was brilliant!
    ‘Reckless isolationism and dreamy-eyed pacifism did not empty the death camps and bring an end to the Holocaust, and neither will it help the men, women and children of Israel today either.’
    I do take issue with this quote though. I would not call pacifism ‘dreamy-eyed’ as illustrated in the OT when the Israelites stood back and watched the hand of the Lord annihilate their enemies e.g. 2 Chronicles 20: 15-17.
    You might call be ‘dreamy-eyed’ but let us at least consider the pacifist perceptive –

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