It’s Time: Children Born Alive Bill Needs to be Debated in the Senate

3 November 2023

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It’s time to once again take a stand for life and the Children Born Alive Bill! This bill aims to ensure that every baby born alive after a failed abortion is given medical treatment, including life-saving care.

Unbelievably, right now there is no national law protecting babies born after a failed abortion. They have no legal rights, and in some cases, are simply left to die with no medical care.

The Children Born Alive Bill seeks to implement this desperately needed protection on a national basis for these precious little ones.


What’s Happened in the Last Few Months?

Two months ago, in September, the Senate committee (that was formed to look into the bill) had just released its abysmal findings. We were incredibly disappointed, but not surprised.

Sadly, it simply endorsed many of the claims made by the pro-abortion industry and failed to properly engage the serious issues brought by the pro-life groups. Read a short summary of the Senate committee’s poor findings here.

Right now, the bill is sitting idle. The bad news was that the Senate committee decided to make no recommendations on the bill. They didn’t recommend that it be introduced into the Senate for debate.

But the good news is that neither did they prevent it. They simply wanted to wash their hands of it, hoping it would go away.

With your help, it will not go away! By having the bill debated in the Senate, it will continue to reveal the national scandal that this country treats live babies, born after a failed abortion, as unworthy of the same human rights and medical care as any other baby.

The Bill Must Be Brought for Debate by the Coalition

In order for the bill to be debated in the Senate, the leaders of the Liberal and National parties in the Senate (senators Simon Birmingham and Bridget McKenzie) need to bring the Children Born Alive Bill 2022 to the Senate floor for a debate. The decision is in their hands.

The bill is a private member’s bill (not a party bill). Only one private member’s bill is allowed to be introduced by the Coalition per week. We need this bill to be the priority.

Canberra Declaration is joining with our friends at Love Australia in an email campaign to demand that the LNP bring this bill into the Senate for a debate and a vote.

Please take a few minutes to write a strong and respectful email to these two senators by using the simple email facility provided. You can ring them too! And please ask your friends to do the same.

The email is created by you answering some simple questions. That way your email will always be regarded as your very own personal communication and not some fabricated form letter. Read the Canberra Declaration Senate submission here to get ammunition for your argument.

Together, let’s send a strong message to the leaders of the LNP that we won’t take neglect, death and inhumanity for an answer. Click the green button below to send your email now!

Importance of Introduction to the Senate This Year

There are about four sitting weeks left in the Senate year. That means there are at best only four opportunities for the Coalition to introduce the bill for debate and voting. It’s important that the bill is introduced before the end of the year, and here are three reasons why.

First, the longer the bill sits idle, the more it communicates that it is not important. But the bill is more than important – it is urgent. It is a matter of life and death! For this reason, the bill should be pursued for debate immediately.

A second reason is that the longer the bill sits idle, it will continue to collect dust on the shelf. The bill was put into the spotlight through the Senate committee hearing in June. The further in time we move away from the Senate committee hearing, the harder it will be to turn around the increasing loss of momentum.

A third reason it should be debated this year is that issues will continue to pile up, particularly as we go into 2024 and the federal election looms ever closer. The bill will tend to become lost in a pile of other competing matters and forgotten or ignored.

Pray, Act and Pray Some More

We urge you to pray particularly for these two senators and, also, for all our senators and parliamentarians. The spiritual battle over those in leadership is real, which is why we are commanded to pray for our leaders (1 Tim 2:1–4).

We’ll be upfront: the chance of even having the bill debated is slim. That is why we need as many people as possible to keep making as much noise about this bill as possible. Let’s also pray for a miracle.


Every email matters and tells our senators that they need to take this bill seriously! Your phone message will do more. Phone Sen. Simon Birmingham’s office on (08) 8354 1644 and Sen. Bridget McKenzie’s on (02) 6024 2560.

We must continue to speak up for life as long as it takes victory to be achieved. The march for life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Please send your email now!

Yours for life,

Samuel Hartwich & Warwick Marsh


Photo by Luma Pimentel on Unsplash.

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