Javier Milei and Santiago Abascal

Javier Milei: Meet Argentina’s Unlikely New President

23 November 2023

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Lefties loath him, which means you’ll probably LOVE him!

I’m thinking of moving to Argentina.

The locals have sacked their socialist president and elected former soccer player Javier Milei.

With inflation running at more than 140 per cent and two in five people living in poverty, can you blame them?

Milei haș promised to ditch socialism.

He has also promised to kill woke policies — including trans people paying lower taxes — that have crippled his once prosperous country.

The world’s media are already labelling Milei as “far right”. They’re calling him South America’s version of Donald Trump.

In other words, he’ll be fantastic!

Milei won 56 per cent of the vote. Amazing for an outsider that few people had heard about until recently.

Like Trump, Milei is a total showman who says some outrageous things.

But don’t be distracted by his theatrics (Milei brandished a chainsaw to advertise the fact he intends to cut expensive and useless government departments that have multiplied under the previous socialist regime), or occasional foul language. His political instincts are good, and he hates socialism with a passion.

Cancerous Ideology

He laments that socialists have infiltrated every area of Argentina — from the entertainment industry to the education system — and that it will be a daily fight to overcome their corrosive influence.

He says:

“You can’t give sh*t leftists an inch!”

And then he continues:

“Since they try to leech off others without working, they are tireless in their pursuit. Their goal is to live off others, so they never give up on this mechanism to gain control of other peoples’ wealth, money or income.

“We cannot take a day off because when we rest, socialism creeps in.”

When he speaks, you can feel his anger at what leftism has done to his nation.

He says socialism is “an idea that seems attractive” but is “actually a terrifying way to operate an economic system”.

Socialism is wrong, he says, because “redistributing wealth is a violent act”.

Speaking of which, he dismisses climate change catastrophism as a “lie of socialism” conjured up to justify the redistribution of wealth on a massive scale.

“It’s the utmost expression of hubris. How can a person decide who will live and who will not?

“I want to say it clearly, the socialist’s hands are stained with blood. Because they believe themselves God.”

Milei describes leftist values as “envy, resentment, hate, unequal treatment under the law and violence” that result only in poverty.

He says socialist policies have turned once beautiful Argentinian cities into “ugly” ghettos in which “the architecture is square and squat”. That’s all anyone can afford.

No Mincing Words

Milei is willing to describe leftism in terms that no US Republican or Australian Liberal has the kahunas to use:

“Everywhere and always, socialism is a violent, murderous and impoverishing phenomena. Those are the characteristics of socialism,” he says.

And he has this advice for the Western world:

“Never embrace the ideals of socialism.

“Never allow yourselves to be seduced by the siren song of social justice.

“Don’t get caught up in that terrible concept that where there is a need, there is a right. We have to wage a cultural war every single day.”

Milei rejects woke policies like affirmative action, which he insists only create new forms of discrimination that are “insulting” to the very people they claim to help.

He also rejects the idea that “where there is a need there is a right” because “there are infinite needs, but someone has to pay for those rights.

He says social justice is wrong because it demands wealth be stolen from one group to assist another group which is treated differently under the law. In other words, social justice is government-sanctioned theft and inequality.

If he hates socialism, you can already guess how he feels about communism.

Of China, he simply says, “I don’t cut deals with communists.

And he considers Pope Francis a “filthy leftist” who is sympathetic to communists.

Pro-Life and Clear-Sighted

On the subject of abortion, Milei describes it matter-of-factly as “murder”.

“When you construct on the basis of an incorrect moral principle, the result is filth.

“How can being able to kill other human beings be a right gained?

“I believe in the unrestricted right to life based on the defence of life, liberty and property. I defend life, biology says that life begins with conception. It’s at that very moment that a new being begins to evolve with its own unique DNA.

While it’s true that women have the right to their own bodies, the child in a woman’s womb is not her body. That child is not her body. That makes abortion murder.”

Milei is now the leader of a government, but he’s a leader with a very realistic (some might say cynical) view of what government can accomplish.

He says:

“All State action causes more harm than what it is supposed to correct.

“For example, they tried to fix a problem with rents in Argentina. They passed a law on rent. Now, we are worse off than before. They tried to fix the problem of hunger. Now, there is more hunger. They tried to fix the problem of poverty, and now there is more poverty.

“Every time the State intervenes, it is a violent action that harms the right to private property and, in the end, limits our freedom. The end result is that things are much worse than they were before.”

Milei, who has already had plenty of death threats, smiles when asked if he would be prepared to die for his beliefs.

“Life without freedom is not worth living,” he replied.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 23 November 2023 at 8:52 am - Reply

    Brave man . I agree with everything he has said . Wish idiot Australians would wake up to the evils of socialism and “Social Justice ” and mass immigration of people who are the enemies of our Australian way of life and values .

  2. Christine Crawford 23 November 2023 at 11:48 am - Reply

    Yep, I think I’ll head off there too!

  3. Ian MONCRIEFF 23 November 2023 at 4:54 pm - Reply

    Isn’t it wonderful to read of truth being declared boldly!

  4. Garth Penglase 24 November 2023 at 7:34 pm - Reply

    Wonderful! Telling it like it is.
    Hopefully the globalists won’t also stage his replacement as they did with Trump in the US, and Bolsinaro in Brazil. But I wouldn’t hold my breath…

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