Giving Tuesday

Celebrating Radical Generosity This Giving Tuesday!

28 November 2023

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Today is known as ‘Giving Tuesday‘, a day founded on ‘radical generosity’. It’s a day when many charities ask for help to keep on keeping on.

We are no different in needing assistance to continue in our important work of seeing Judeo-Christian values continue to bless our great nation and to contend for awakening outside and reformation inside the Church.

Watch below as Warwick explains Giving Tuesday, as well as many of the projects Canberra Declaration has been able to finance this past year!


Recent History of Canberra Declaration Giving

Canberra Declaration finances many ministries including weekly prayer meetings for reformation and revival, the Daily Declaration Christian news site and publishing books to promote Jesus (more about that below!). This last year we’ve also made submissions to and appeared before parliamentary committees, plus so much more.

Yet in the midst of all of this, we are constantly amazed at the generosity of the Canberra Declaration community to go above and beyond.

Recently, Canberra Declaration partnered with Celebrate Israel in response to the 7 October attacks against Israel by Hamas. The funds will bless many in Israel—both Christians and non-Christians—and hopefully see many come to Christ as a result of the Gentile church blessing the Jews (Rom 15:27).

Although there was no big official call to give, $34,000 was raised – a monumental achievement (the great majority of this amount was from the Canberra Declaration community)! To see the full list of where this money is headed in Israel, please see here.

In September, Canberra Declaration also finished raising the finances to buy Indigenous Christian leader Ps Peter Walker a new Toyota Prado. The generosity of everyone who donated was incredibly appreciated, with Peter exclaiming, “I’m completely overwhelmed”.

Just as staggering, over the last two years, Canberra Declaration was able to supply three cars to other Indigenous Christian leaders! We also helped with urgent repairs for other Indigenous Christian leaders’ cars.

This year we were also able to finance over two dozen scholarships to help people attend the World Prayer Assembly in Perth in October.

And perhaps the greatest period of giving was when over $150,000 was raised to help with relief for farmers during the devastating 2019 droughts. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Give today so we can help others tomorrow!

Help Finance Our Soon-to-be-Released Book on Jesus!

Our most recent project has been the new book, Jesus: The Centre of it All. The response to this new book has been phenomenal, with well over 400 orders (which translates to close to 1,000 books). And the book has yet to be officially released!

Our hope and prayer is that thousands and thousands of people will read Jesus: The Centre of It All and come into a saving relationship with Jesus. And we pray more boldly that God would send revival and bring millions of people to faith in Christ — including using the humble efforts of this book.

We are determined to see the gospel go out in our nation. That’s why we publish books and the Daily Declaration. But to do this, we need financial support to help cover the costs of production and printing. If you would like to order your copy of Jesus: The Centre of it All, please do so here.

All this to say, we would really appreciate (and need) your help this Giving Tuesday to help Canberra Declaration continue to make an impact for the gospel. Without the needed finances, we simply don’t exist.

The Blessing of Giving

The teaching of Jesus will remain forever relevant and powerful including these words: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

Even science is catching up with Jesus’ call to radical generosity (should we be surprised?!), noting the immense mental, physical (and we’d add spiritual) benefits of generosity and giving. Manymany studies have concluded the same. Of course, Scripture had it right from the beginning!

For all those who have given and prayed for us in the past and continue to do so, our incredible and heartfelt thanks to you. You’re a part of God’s provision to “supply all our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:19).

We cannot thank you enough.


Yours for continuous gospel impact and radical generosity,

Samuel Hartwich & Warwick Marsh


Image by Ylanite Koppens.


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