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Join Us Monday 11 December for the Official Launch of Jesus: The Centre of it All!

Please join us on Monday, 11 December at 8 PM (AEDT) for the official launch of Jesus: The Centre of it All!

Three weeks ago we announced the upcoming release of Jesus: The Centre of it All. Since then we have received the first batch of books from the printer and over 1,400 orders have already been sent out. Copies are flying off the shelf!

We are delighted that this book is destined to be a best-seller for a long time to come.

There is much reason to celebrate and give thanks for the impact this book will make on the believer and not-yet believer alike. To do this, please join us for the official launch of Jesus: The Centre of it All this Monday, 11 December at 8 PM (AEDT).

This is a time to pray for the book’s impact and celebrate its release! And if you’ve read the book, you may like to share your thoughts too. Please give us a review at either or all three outlets: Reformer’s Bookshop here, Koorong here or Amazon here.

If you haven’t already, please watch as Warwick announces Monday’s official launch of Jesus: The Centre of it All in the video below!


Come and Hear From Our Special Guests

Next Monday night’s official launch will feature the following four special guests who will share how the book impacted them and how they believe the book will be used by God to help others make Jesus central in their lives.

All four special guests wrote endorsements for the book. Enjoy them as a taste of what is to come on Monday night!

Right Rev Mark Powell, Presbyterian Minister, Hobart writes:

Mark Powell“Kurt Mahlburg and Warwick Marsh have written one of the most accessible, insightful and personable accounts as to why Jesus should be considered the ‘centre of it all’.

“A quick glance at the table of contents tells you why this is so. For Jesus is: the Messiah of Israel, God in Flesh, Friend of Sinners, Radical Revolutionary, Way to God, Saviour of All, Good Shepherd, Light of the World, Christ in You, and finally, the Coming King.”

Wendy Francis, National Director of Politics at the Australian Christian Lobby had this to say:

“Through personal stories and biblical narrative, Mahlburg and Marsh’s unwavering commitment to declaring the beauty and magnificence of Jesus Christ is evident on every page and the accompanying study notes. This book forces us to look again at Jesus with fresh eyes and a hopeful heart.”

Rev Matt Ransom, Holy Family Catholic Church, Gowrie, ACT put it this way:

Deacon Matt Ransom“In the midst of this excellent book, Jesus: The Centre of It All, Warwick remarks that ‘prisons are often just big, lonely homes for fatherless men’. I was deeply touched by this comment as it correctly describes prisons—but it also describes many in our society who are locked in an internal prison. It is Jesus who comes to set us free from these prisons by revealing His love and God the Father.

“Kurt and Warwick portray Jesus beautifully in this academic, pastoral and inspiring book. I highly recommend it.”

And last but not least, Dr Jim Twelves, Academic and Christian Educator remarks:

“Kurt and Warwick’s beautiful tapestry of Jesus in these pages depicts His centrality in every aspect of life—both for us as individuals and for the entire human race. In many ways, Jesus can never be described in words.

“Nevertheless, Kurt and Warwick’s storytelling style invites us to reflect on Him deeper than ever before. I have been a Christian for over fifty years and this little book has brought me to tears.”

We have one more special guest who will join us on the night. Ps Steve and Susie Ahern run one of the most prayerful churches in the nation. See their prayer video here. An anonymous donor bought the church a box of 40 books and gave it to church members. There have been some exciting results. Join us on the night to find out more!

How to Order and Bulk Prices

There’s still time to order your copy or copies before Christmas. But with the holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s vital to order as soon as possible to ensure you receive it in your mailbox.

A book about Jesus makes an ideal Christmas present (which is why we worked hard to have it released in early December). Many people are ordering large quantities so they can give copies away to friends and family. Some are even ordering carton boxes of 24 or 40 books with discounts of up to 40% off the suggested retail price of $26.95.

When you click this link, you will see the amounts for one or more copies of the book. Order your copy or copies today!

Join Us Monday Night!

Please join us on Monday night for a time of celebration and dedication of Jesus: The Centre of it All. Our earnest prayer is for God to use it to exalt Jesus above all things in many people’s lives.

INVITE: Official Launch of Jesus: The Centre of it All

DATE: Monday 11 December 2023

TIME: 8 PM (AEDT), 7:30 PM (SA), 7 PM (QLD), 6:30 PM (NT), 5 PM (WA).


ZOOM Number: 776881184


Yours for the supremacy of Christ (Col 1:18) this Christmas,

Samuel Hartwich & Warwick Marsh

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  1. Jim Twelves 11 December 2023 at 7:16 pm - Reply

    Thank you Sam and Warwick for all your hard work promoting this book. I am delighted that you have dropped links and videos all over the place! There are sure to be many a spot for people to forward from and get a big big crowd tonight!

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