Jesus: The Centre of it All

Jesus: The Centre of it All Official Launch!

Last night Canberra Declaration officially launched the newly released book, Jesus: The Centre of it All! Fresh from the printers, the book has sold far above expectations with our pre-orders and has been racing out the door. So much so that our stock supplies of the book are now low.

The desire of the authors – Kurt and Warwick – was to produce a book that would help people “draw near to Him and be refreshed in the truth that Jesus is the centre of it all.”

Watch the recording below from last night’s Zoom meeting and be a part of this historic occasion.

Four Special Guests

We are profoundly grateful to our four special guests for the thought-provoking and heart-warming words they shared last night.

Wendy Francis, National Director of Politics at the Australian Christian Lobby, pointed out the social and spiritual decline of Australia.

This is important to hear because it makes the need for this book and the gospel to go out this Christmas season all the more urgent.

Deacon Matt RansomRev Matt Ransom spoke about the book’s ability to weave fascinating, personal stories with clear, crisp theology.

In our secular world, many people place Jesus in the ‘religious’ category – a person completely divorced from the real man who walked the shores of the Sea of Galilee some 2,000 years ago.

Matt is delighted that the book brings Jesus ‘realness’ out to the front and centre.

Mark PowellRev Mark Powell’s greatest testimony is that he no longer has his copy – it’s already been given away!

Last night Mark spoke about what he loves most about the book.

“Warwick and Kurt are really gifted evangelists… They love Jesus and they love other people. And that just shines through this book.”

Dr Jim Twevles humbly spoke about how the book has helped refocus him to make discipling others central.

Jim said,

“We are supposed to spend the rest of our lives on earth discipling others. And that’s how this book has shaken me to the core. Because, to be honest, I’ve got too busy.”

There’s Still Time to Order before Christmas (Just)

If you haven’t yet ordered your copy but would like to, it’s not too late (although the Christmas holidays are fast approaching). Simply click the green button below to order your copy or copies today. The suggested donation pricing schedule is listed. We have up to 40% discounts for bulk orders!


We have another exciting announcement to make. Tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 8 pm AEDT our normal Zoom prayer meeting will be slightly different.

Our special guest, Tim Hall, will be joining us for a night of healing and breakthrough prayer. If you would like prayer, please come along and share in this night of seeking the ultimate healer!

We will be joined by talented musician and worship leader Charlotte Marandawela. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night on Zoom.

As we move closer to the Christmas season, we pray that the centrality of Christ will become ever more prominent. As the words of the famous carol proclaim, “Let every heart prepare Him room.”

And we also look forward to the return of Christ, when at that time “all of heaven and nature will sing” (Rom 8:19–21).

This Christmas season, may Jesus: The Centre of it All play a wonderful role in bringing people close to Jesus. That is the central prayer for this book!

Sadly, our book supplies are low. Our printer is struggling to keep up with the demand. Our simple advice is order now to ensure delivery before Christmas.


Yours for the centrality of Jesus,

Samuel Hartwich & Warwick Marsh

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