Indigenous Friends of Israel: Australia Must Censure Anti-Semitic Islamic Preachers

Australia is letting down the only democratic state in the Middle East, Israel, and letting down its number one ally in the world, the US, in a distressing loss of moral compass and strategic naivete.

Israeli civilians, including babies and Holocaust survivors, were tortured, mutilated, raped, and slaughtered in a horrific attack by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Gazan civilians on October 7. Australia should be standing with its supposed ally Israel who is fighting a war of self-defence against a designated terrorist group. Hamas is still holding about 129 Israeli hostages, some of whom have been raped and/or killed, in captivity. Hamas has threatened to repeat October 7 again and again.

There can be no ceasefire until Hamas returns the Israeli hostages and Hamas is disarmed, dismantled, surrenders, and gives up its ringleaders who have committed these war crimes.

Politically-Correct Cowards

Norman & Barbara Miller, Dr Ron Weiser and Rob Schneider - Central Synagogue Celebrate Israel event, UN Resolution 181, 29 Nov. 2023

Norman & Barbara Miller, Dr Ron Weiser and Rob Schneider – Central Synagogue Celebrate Israel event, UN Resolution 181, 29 Nov. 2023

Australia let down the US by not sending a warship to be part of an international delegation in the Red Sea to prevent Iran-backed Houthi rebels from attacking shipping there. This is despite it affecting our economy, and we would expect the US to help us on request with AUKUS, etc.

Israel is now fighting a war on seven fronts – Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza and the West Bank, Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon, Iran-backed militia groups in Syria and Iraq, the Houthi rebels in Yemen and the mastermind and financier Iran. So where are Israel’s allies besides the US?

It seems many in Australia side with the terrorists and/or deny or belittle the war crimes against Israel that have occurred. We are bombarded with images on our TV and social media of the tragic situation of the Palestinians, and our heart goes out to them, but Hamas is to blame for this by starting the war, using civilians as human shields, embedding their military infrastructure in hospitals, schools, and UN facilities etc. Israel tries hard to avoid civilian deaths, even putting their soldiers in danger by doing so.

Hate Crimes

Federal and state governments in Australia are allowing increasing lawlessness, antisemitism, and aggression towards our Jewish citizens that should not be tolerated. A 738 percent increase in antisemitic incidents has been reported by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry in October and November compared with the previous year. These 662 cases included death and bomb threats and assaults.

Comments by ASIO that allowing demonstrators to call for genocide is letting off steam is despicable. Slogans such as “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is a call for the genocide of Israeli Jews, and “gas the Jews” is a reference to Nazi death camps. This Chamberlain-like appeasement is only feeding greater radicalisation.

Indigenous Friends of Israel calls on the federal and state governments to overhaul the laws that allow this and allow Islamic hate preachers to incite hatred and violence towards Jews with impunity. Abu Ousayd (Brother Ismali), in a recent sermon at Bankstown’s Al Madina Dawah Centre, Sydney, said Israelis and Jews are the ‘descendants of pigs and monkeys’. He also accused them of ‘stealing the organs of your brothers and sisters’. This is not only false, but is outrageous slander designed to demonise Jews and provoke anger and retaliation towards them.


Photo by Nemanja Ciric.

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  1. Barbara Bluett 16 January 2024 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the great article. I am so grieved at Australia’s response to the shocking terrorist attack.

  2. Trina Watson 17 January 2024 at 8:49 pm - Reply

    I am ashamed of Australia’s lack of support for our Jewish brothers and sisters, both here in Australia and on the frontlines! As was mentioned in your article, Barbara and Norman, is the lack of action by both Federal and State governments, against antisemitism, causing our Jewish residents much stress and heartache! My great grandparents were Jewish, who came to this great Southland, to be able to live without fear of persecution as have many since! We want to see this Nation rise up into our calling as one of the “Great Southlands of the Holy Spirit”, one Nation under God, and a place of refuge, peace and blessing, for all of those who call Australia home., and a blessing to the world, including Israel! Genesis 12:3, God said concerning Israel, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt.” (NLT). Therefore we continue in prayer for our Nation. Blessings !

  3. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 18 January 2024 at 3:35 am - Reply

    Disgraceful that Australian Jews should suffer bomb threats, etc and that ASIO excuses Islamic Hate Speech as “letting off steam “. If ASIO is not doing anything about the danger Moslems and Communists pose , then WHO are they spying on ? I have never trusted ASIO . I have wondered if they monitor normal, ordinary people who are no threat to the Australian way of life or to our allies. Does ASIO spy on these harmless people just because they hold conservative political views and/or have Jewish or Christian beliefs, despite these people having no desire to, eg blow up the MCG and kill thousands like Bembrika , a Moslem planned—was he in ASIO ‘s opinion “just letting off steam”when he planned that ? Why hasn’t he been deported ?

  4. gail Petherick 16 February 2024 at 11:56 am - Reply

    Thank you Barbara and Norman for your clear stand with Israel and for exposing the lies and deceit of the media and showing the way the Australian Govt have chosen to ignore what is truly happening to Israel. No one seems to understand or want to understand that the real culprit is the Hamas who took over Gaza as a terrorist govt in 2006-7 and from then on built underground tunels to plan attacks on Israel. As you said our Govt has chosen to ignore this and the media have gone on to side with the citzens of Gaza instead of showing what really ahppened to Oct 7th.
    It is a terible act of denial and political correctness as you have pointed out and so lacking in any facts.
    If we were in the same situation as Israel (which still could occur) and c attacked by terrorists with baies beheaded, women raped, parents shot in front of children and the elderly Holocaust survivors carted off on motor bikes then we want the world to wake up and see what was happening and to help us figth for survival and to fight injustice, and to help get rid of the terrorists who were the eprpertraitors. …How would we feel if the world media said we started the war, we should not fight back, we should just cower under the terrorists and be obliterated? What if the world media watched our every move and told us we had gone too far because we killed some fo the terorists but it also meant others were caugth up int he fighting and died as casulaties and reported that we were all brutal killers who deserved to be overtaken.
    The saddest thing is the former Australian generations have known what really ahppened in WW2 and the Holocaust and they know the jews were targeted for now reason, by Hilter. They fled to many countries for safety including here and were so garyeful for the refuge and welcome they received. They in turn contributed to our society, industry, IT and business and proved to be wodnerful citizens and still are.
    Yet suddenly the media and younger generation and others turned agaisnt the jews, while Imamns in our mosques are still preaching kills the jews in Australian mosques and caaling for Jihad world wide – yet they have not been called to account.
    One day we may well face what Israel is facing now and then we will all understand that if etrrorists come to our shores and want to take over, we then have one choice- to fight or surrender – either to submit to their dogma and watch many Australians being tortured, die and women be raped and babies d beheaded – or fight back.
    May God have mercy on Israel and help her in this fight for her existence and we may educate our youth, new immigrants and refugees, and our politicans who have a leftist and uninformed approach to Israel and ant Semitism, and help them understand why we have a democracy with the right to choose law and order, Christians values and to fight for justice. May we also support Israel in her hour of need and not allow hate rallies to continue. It is a great shame to see this happening in our country.

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