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Aussie Pro-Life Film Nominated for Three Awards at International Festival

23 March 2024

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A powerful Aussie pro-life film has been nominated for three awards at the prestigious International Christian Film and Music Festival following its release last year — and another pro-life film project is already in the works.

I’ll Speak For You, a short pro-life film produced in South Australia by Love Adelaide (recently rebranded as Love Australia) is making its mark on the international scene after it received three nominations at the International Christian Film and Music Festival.

The film’s lead actress, Brooke Jackman, was nominated for the category “Best Lead Actress” for her touching portrayal of a woman struggling with the trauma of abortion.

It also received nominations for “Best Screenplay” and “Best Short Film”.

Now in its twelfth year, the International Christian Film and Music Festival is among the largest Christian film festivals in the world.

This year it will be held between 30 April and 4 May in Orlando, Florida. Speakers will include Christian actors Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), Cameron Arnett (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Overcomer, I Still Believe), Shari Rigby (Overcomer, October Baby) and Shannen Fields (Facing the Giants).

A Powerful Pro-Life Film

Based on true events, I’ll Speak For You premiered in mid-2023 at the Love Adelaide Winter Ball.

According to Love Adelaide, it “portrays the psychological and emotional trauma experienced by a young woman following her abortion. As part of a forgotten minority, she struggles through her trauma alone until she finds healing and hope through others who are hurting just the same. This is sadly the reality for many women and men but one thing is clear; you are not alone.”

The film was released digitally in mid-September last year, and has been watched thousands of times — attracting the attention of groups internationally, including the White Rose Resistance, a US pro-life advocacy nonprofit.

“I’ll Speak For You has opened up a door to the raw emotional truth that is post abortion. It reminds women of the lies culture feeds them. It encourages and empowers women who had abortions to say ‘I will speak for you my child. I will give you a voice.’” (White Rose Resistance)


The Daily Declaration spoke recently with the film’s director, who said that she was “so humbled that this film is being seen and recognised” by receiving the prestigious nominations.

“It’s an honour to work on a project like this and I pray it leads to lives saved.” (Director, I’ll Speak For You)

New Pro-life Film Project Underway

It is not the first time the film has been recognised.

In fact, I’ll Speak For You has previously won three awards in American film festivals, including the Gold Award for Foreign Short Drama at the Salty Earth Film Festival, and wins in the “Outstanding Short Film” and “Outstanding Actress” categories at the ELECTI Christian Film Festival.

When asked what motivated her to create I’ll Speak For You, she said that it was “to expose the truth and save lives.”

“More films like this have to be produced in order to for the truth to be made known,” she noted, “That was the motive behind it all…”

The Daily Declaration spoke to the production team and studio behind I’ll Speak For You and can reveal that a second pro-life film project is in the early stages of development.

No further details could be published at this time.

You Can Help

If you want to support the work of Love Australia — including the next pro-life film — and join the movement you can visit their website.

You can also help by sharing the film on social media and with friends and family.

Love Australia (formerly Love Adelaide) also runs an organisation called “House of Refuge”, whose mission is to “see every church as a place of refuge for hurting families.”

If you would like your church to become a House of Refuge, you can find more information on the House of Refuge website.

Need Help & Support?

The I’ll Speak For You website includes links to various organisations — in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Africa — where people can find help.

“You are not alone,” it reads, “Whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or are suffering with post-abortion grief (men and women), there is help available to you.”

The website refers people to Pregnancy Help Australia, which provides free, compassionate and confidential help to women facing an unplanned pregnancy and looking for options.

Pregnancy Help Australia National Helpline: 1300 139 313

Image courtesy of I’ll Speak For You.

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