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South Australia’s Indigenous Voice to Parliament Vote is Boycotted by Indigenous People

9 April 2024

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Less than 10 per cent of the 3 per cent of South Australians eligible to vote even bothered.

South Australian Indigenous people now have a Voice to Parliament.

Who cares that 64 per cent of Crow Eaters voted against a Voice at the federal referendum last October?

The Labor State Government has pushed ahead with it anyway because, well, how are people to appreciate democracy unless it’s violated occasionally?

Anyway, judging by the low number of Aboriginals who bothered to cast a vote for the 46 representatives, local Indigenous people care even less for the Voice than the general populace.

Just 2748 of the state’s 27,534 eligible voters participated in the non-compulsory election on March 16.

In other words, less than 10 per cent of the 3 per cent of South Australian’s able to participate in the Voice vote even bothered.

To be specific, the care factor among Aboriginal people was 8 per cent of not a lot.

Some candidates were elected with only six votes!


With such a low voter turnout, this vote and those who have been elected by this ridiculous vote cannot be legitimate and should be disbanded immediately.

The left knows that they now have a major legitimacy problem, which is why, hilariously, some activists are now demanding that voting for the Voice is made compulsory.

Compulsory for Indigenous people, I mean. Non-Indigenous people needn’t bother.

But Indigenous people? They’ll have a Voice whether they want a voice or not, damn it!

The Indigenous Voice is undoubtedly very important to inner city elites and to Aboriginal activists who know a gravy train when they see one. But no one else gives a rat’s.

It was not so much an election as an exercise in who could get more of their family and friends to vote for them.

That’s exactly the Left’s idea of inclusivity, equality and democracy.

Voice members will receive stipends from $3000 to $18,000, sitting fees of $206 per meeting, plus travel, accommodation and meal allowances.

They will also each be given $1000 for a new laptop.

In addition, South Australian taxpayers will spend $10m funding the Voice over the next four years.

Good times!


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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  1. jane 9 April 2024 at 6:18 pm - Reply

    What a farce! It would be funny if not so sad, where has democracy gone?

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