Elon Musk vs Alexandre de Moraes

Brazil’s Bureaucrats Bully X: Could Musk Be the Next Assange?

12 April 2024

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Brazil is on the brink of banning X, with its bureaucrats accusing Elon Musk of breaking Brazilian law.

The order to investigate Musk as a “threat to democracy” came after Musk defied the demands of the Brazilian Supreme Court El Jefe, Alexandre de Moraes.

De Moraes – championed by progressives as a “defender of democracy” – wanted Musk to block “popular accounts.”

Musk refused.

Those accounts are owned by sitting members of parliament and major journalists, he explained, adding, “This is the heart of the problem. What say you, Alexandre? Let’s debate this in the open.”

Out of apparent spite, De Moraes responded by adding Musk to the Brazilian government’s criminal investigation into “digital militias” – more aptly termed “misinformation militias.”

Brazil’s left-wing regime alleges that a network of people is undermining their narrow 50.9% electoral win against former President Jair Bolsonaro.

Eerily similar to Joe Biden’s J6 attacks on Donald Trump, De Moraes is also investigating Bolsonaro under suspicion of inciting insurrection.

Trumped-Up Charges

Explaining the De Moraes vs. Musk fight over misinformation, former leftist and reformed eco-warrior Michael Shellenberger states that De Moraes claims X – at Musk’s command – spread disinformation.

De Moraes also claimed Musk obstructed justice, and allowed people De Moraes had censored by banning them from social media to continue to speak freely.

The immediate punishment for X defying De Moraes’ dictat is a $20,000 fine for every person blacklisted by the bureaucrat, whom Musk allows to exercise their right to freedom of speech.

To this, Musk replied, “X will likely lose all revenue in Brazil and will have to close our office there.”

“Principles are more important than profit.”

Musk is far from apologetic.

Following J.K Rowling’s challenge to Scottish police in regards to Scotland’s new LGBTQ+ blasphemy law, Musk, in a series of witty tweets, taunted “dictator” De Moraes, stating,

‘[Scene: Alexandre & Elon Musk in psychoanalysis]. I say, “Tell me, Alexandre, is the disinformation in the room with us now?”

He then quipped,

Confirming Brazil’s potential ban on Musk’s free speech, social media giant Shellenberger wrote, “The Federal Supreme Court may block all access to X/Twitter for the Brazilian people” at any time.

Brazil is in real danger of becoming a dictatorship, he added.

“It is no exaggeration to say that Brazil is on the brink of dictatorship in the hands of a totalitarian minister of the Federal Supreme Court called Alexandre de Moraes.”

With 32.7 million views, Shellenberger’s report gave some of the first real context to Brazil’s downgrade.

According to Shellenberger, Moraes’ actions are part of a coordinated attempt to hijack Brazil’s democracy, under the guise of saving it.

This attempt, Shellenberger argued, involves Brazilian president, “Lula da Silva, [who] is participating in this push towards totalitarianism.”

Mainstream Media

Marxist woke governments are not the only ones to profit from persecuting political opponents.

De Silva’s increased funding for major broadcasters benefits legacy media.

With public funds, “the Federal Supreme Court and the Superior Electoral Court interfere in elections through censorship,” Shellenberger said.

Major media outlets are backing Brazil’s president, because nobody benefits more from governments shutting down their competitors than legacy media.

“The mainstream corporate news media have never been more corrupt and totalitarian. With few exceptions, they spread government propaganda as a matter of policy.”

“Nobody demands censorship more than the corporate media, which benefit from governments shutting down their competitors,” he said.

You would be right to think that all of this sounds familiar.

Shellenberger’s complaint is reminiscent of Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s anti-competition claims against the COVID communications cabal known as the “Trusted News Initiative”.

De Moraes’ war on “misinformation militias” is also a flashback to the “we’re fighting fascism” song and dance from Communists masquerading as friends of freedom.

Correlated here are the Woke White House’s own dictates demanding censorship of political opponents.

Examples include the persecution of J6 protestors, the abuse of the judiciary against Donald Trump, and the way in which Biden has domesticised the war on terror.

De Moraes’ government disinformation about misinformation is the latest escalation in the Marxian-Woke war on independent thought and free speech.

Diminishing Freedom

Closer to home, Australia’s Labor government is preaching from the same BRICS — Chi-Comm — playbook.

Digital IDs, a cashless society, trojan horse “hate speech” disinformation/misinformation legislation, and centralised data control are existential threats to Australia’s Christ-centred, classical liberal values.

As was illustrated by Australia’s e-Safety Commissioner’s demands on Musk last week, dictates like De Moraes’ are not isolated to bureaucratic bullies in Brazil.

If De Moraes, the Biden administration, and Australia’s woke e-Safety Commissioner win, Musk could very well become the next Julian Assange.

Failure to back Musk on this freedom front would not just diminish hard-won classical liberal freedoms; it would be the death of them.

These shared similarities should shape shared concerns.

As such, they should also direct any corresponding action against those who militantly seek to paint debate as hate.


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  1. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 13 April 2024 at 1:16 pm - Reply

    We are entering a new Dark Age of Communism in Australia in which no other opinion will be allowed except that twisted one promoted by the government.

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