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Millions Paid Out for Mandated Covid Vax Injuries Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

12 April 2024

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And, call for submissions to Australian excess deaths inquiry.

Remember that time Nine News asked people to come forward if they’d suffered a heart attack, and the comments section exploded with people detailing their cardiac jab injuries?

The Herald Sun recently published an article on compensation for mandated worker Covid vaccine injuries in Victoria, and once again, the comments give insight into how Australians are really faring after the mass jabbing experiment.

vaccine injuries

From the article, Rise in compo claims from people including Victorian workers who had mandatory jabs for work,

“The cost of WorkCover claims related to the Covid-19 vaccine continues to skyrocket in Victoria with more than $6.8m paid to workers who suffered reactions after getting the jab.

“Figures released by WorkSafe Victoria confirm the number of people with proven illness related to vaccines has continued to grow – up from 125 in July to 130.

“Of these, 28 people have not returned to work at all. The Herald Sun understands dozens more have been unable to return to full-time duties.”

“Under state legislation, workers with a “significant ­reaction” such as severe fever, blood clots, allergic reactions, seizure or stroke can claim.

“The cost of the WorkCover claims rose 55 per cent in just the past nine months, from $4.37m to $6.8m…

“It’s understood the payouts cover costs such as loss of ­income and treatment, and will continue to grow. Those affected include Victorian workers who had mandatory jabs for work such as teachers, nurses, firefighters and paramedics.”

$6.8 million in claims in just one state for “proven illness related to vaccines,” which is a notoriously difficult bar to clear unless you have the ‘good luck’ of getting one of a narrow list of injuries associated with the specific vaccine that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) says can cause it.

This WorkCover tally does not include the thousands of claims to the national compensation scheme, of which, when I checked mid last year, only 5% of 3,000+ claims had been successful. Almost 1,000 claims had been rejected and over 2,000 remained in progress, with many injured Australians waiting up to or even more than a year for an answer.

But the Herald Sun reader comments reveal that these figures are likely just the tip of the iceberg.

There is retiree Gary, who still falls over regularly after three shots knocked him off his feet. Ursus, also a retiree, is left with an enlarged heart after getting two shots because otherwise, she wouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere. Being retirees, they figure they can’t claim WorkCover for these injuries.

Lorena knows several young people (teens to thirties) who died after the jabs, but whose cause of death is officially undetermined.

vaccine injuries

Ann-Maree says her colleague had a stroke after the jab, but because he enjoys an occasional glass of red wine, he can’t get his claim approved. Now we learn that Ursus’s main motivation for jabbing was to see her grandchildren, and that her brother suffered a heart attack and a stroke after the shot, but hasn’t claimed for it. Not Happy Jan, who got Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and has not recovered, wonders if she can claim. I wouldn’t be happy either.

vaccine injuries

Kon is still re-learning how to walk since his three shots. It didn’t occur to him to claim, so he has been paying his medical expenses out of his own pocket. Olivia was rushed to hospital within 12 hours of her first Moderna shot. Anita wonders why the vaccine manufacturers are not covering the costs of injuries inflicted by their products? Because the Australian Government indemnifed them, making taxpayers foot the bill instead.

It’s the same sorry stories in over 500 comments on Facebook too. One that stands out is Jessica, who has looked into assisted dying and says others have too because treatments that would make these vaccine injuries more bearable aren’t accessible in Australia.

vaccine injuries

How many of these people will die early as a result of their injuries? How many more have already died, either from acute injuries or from a causal chain of events?

The TGA only acknowledges 14 deaths associated with Covid vaccines, despite over 1,000 reported deaths to the safety surveillance database, the DAEN. Covid vaccine injuries and deaths are certainly undercounted in Australia’s official record for a host of reasons, including regulatory pressure on doctors and coroners to not appear critical of the vaccines, the known underreporting factor of passive surveillance systems like the DAEN, and the double standards applied in classifying Covid infection deaths vs. Covid vaccine deaths.

All causal chain deaths after Covid infection are officially designated as ‘Covid’ deaths by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), however the same standard is not applied to vaccine-related deaths. Young Australians Caitlin Gotze and Amy Sedgewick, both in their early 20s when they died, drastically declined after vaccination, but the TGA won’t recognise the link.

Yet, even by official accounts, Covid deaths can only explain half of Australia’s record-high excess mortality which peaked at 11.7% above the expected baseline in 2022. The ABS reports that the excess deaths remained “sustained” and “statistically significant” into the first half of 2023.

Incidentally, cancer remains the leading cause of death in Australia, with cancer deaths for 2022 and 2023 coming in above baseline average. In an article titled ‘The covid booster cancer time bomb’, published by The Conservative Woman, esteemed professor of oncology Angus Dalgleish lists at least four scientifically documented mechanisms by which Covid vaccines (the mRNAs specifically) can lead to an increase in cancers.

While Australians have been gaslit by politicians, bureaucrats and the medical establishment on this issue, an official Senate inquiry into excess deaths may offer an opportunity for truth-telling. The inquiry is taking public submissions until 17 May (extended from the original deadline of 26 April).

Medical journalist Clare Pain is calling on anyone who has unexpectedly lost a loved one since 2021 to submit their personal stories to the inquiry. She has prepared a comprehensive guide on how to prepare your story submit it, which you can read below. If you’ve been relegated to social media comments to share your story, this is an opportunity to put it on the public record. Submissions can be made anonymously.

Senate Excess Deaths Inquiry – what can YOU submit? by null

You may have valuable information through your own experience. The deadline is now May 17th

Read on Substack

Submissions to the excess deaths inquiry can be made here.


Originally published at Dystopian Down Under. Photo by Engin Akyurt.

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  1. Warwick Marsh 12 April 2024 at 11:45 am - Reply

    Powerful and important article!!!!!!!

  2. STEPHEN 13 April 2024 at 10:25 pm - Reply

    Thank you Rebekah, we will send in a submission of two as we personally know people with vaccine injuries

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