Abp Julian Porteous vs ABC

The ABC is Shocked Catholic Doctrine Doesn’t Reflect the ABC Queer Instagram Feed

17 May 2024


Archbishop Porteous under fire for “draconian” views.

The ABC has breathlessly reported that trans activists and Greens MPs don’t like Catholic doctrine.

Next, they’ll report that the sky is blue and that birds use wings to fly.

Journalists at the national broadcaster appear shocked that Catholics have not yet updated their 2000-year-old doctrine to better reflect the ABC Queer Instagram account.

The ABC News headline read:

“Catholic archbishop’s denouncement of transgender lobby, legal abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, heavily criticised”


Christian beliefs on sexuality, gender and the sanctity of life are being criticised by lefties? No way!

When did this happen, apart from every day since the beginning of time, I mean?

The report continued:

A letter written by the Archbishop of Hobart and circulated to Catholic school students statewide, has been criticised as transphobic, homophobic and draconian by LGBTIQA+ advocates and others.

Well, judging by the reaction, I’d say the Archbishop is probably saying all the right things.

I imagine the Ten Commandments do seem a little, er, draconian to a culture in which the only truth is “my truth”.

And I’m hardly surprised that the alphabet community (for the love of God can someone please explain to me who the “plus” people are!) aren’t on board with Jesus.

His endorsement of biology, traditional marriage and the sanctity of life are the sort of views for which one could find themselves being crucified by an angry mob these days.

Victim Mentality

Speaking of angry mob…

Equality Tasmania president Rowan Richardson told the ABC:

“This letter has a number of misinformation and disinformation, and also some homophobic and transphobic beliefs in it.”

That’s a very modern way of saying “I don’t like what he said”.

It continued:

Mr Richardson — a transgender man, and schoolteacher — said the letter created “a climate where young people don’t feel safe to explore who they are”.

That’s the Left’s narrative, to be sure.

There is, of course, another way of looking at it.

Why not, instead, say that the Archbishop’s letter outlines clear boundaries within which young people are safe to explore who God created them to be?

Well, because the Left doesn’t like those boundaries. The Left doesn’t like any boundaries, because boundaries presuppose an authority beyond themselves.

And that’s the real problem with the Archbishop’s letter.

No wonder the Left manifests like an Irish Eurovision contestant.


The Archbishop wrote that students who disagreed with Catholic doctrine “should seek an alternative educational institution more aligned with their views”.

Wait. I thought he was forcing his ideology down other people’s throats.

Oh wait, no, that’s the Left.

Former Labor MP and union official Doug Cameron tweeted:

Catholic schools that promote divisive, dangerous US inspired stupidity, should not receive public funding. Religious extremism, has no place in Australian society. Religious freedom is ok, bigotry, homophobia, vilifying our fellow Australians is not!


First, of course Catholic doctrine is divisive. So what! Putting pineapple on pizza is also divisive.

Second, Christian doctrine did not originate in Trump’s White House. It originated in the Middle East.

Third, Christians pay taxes, so they deserve to get something for it. And if you defund Catholic schools, 20 per cent of Australian kids will suddenly be thrust upon the State system, breaking it. Good luck with that, Doug.

Fourth, the idea that God created humans as male and female is not “religious extremism”, it’s biology.

Fifth, to say Christianity has “no place in Australian society” is just silly. Do you really want to live in a country where Christianity has no place? Would you prefer Xi Jinping, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei or Kim Jong-un?

It’s because you live in a Christian country that you have the freedom to tweet your anti-Christian nonsense!

Sixth, to say “Religious freedom is ok, bigotry etc. is not” is really just another way of saying, “Religious freedom is ok so long as it comports with my religious views,” which is just another way of outing yourself as a typical progressive left authoritarian.

Illogical Demands

But back to the ABC article:

Independent Tasmanian MP Kristie Johnston, whose child attends a Catholic school and received the letter, said she was “deeply disturbed” by its contents.

“What [Archbishop Porteous] has said is nothing short of hateful speech,” Ms Johnston said.

With the greatest of respect, Ms Johnston must be the most ignorant person in Tasmania. Imagine sending your child to a Catholic school, only to be shocked to discover it was a Catholic school.

And no, Ms Johnston, the Archbishop didn’t say anything hateful. I think this is a case of you hearing something you don’t like and then projecting your own reaction onto the Bishop.

Tasmanian Greens leader Rosalie Woodruff also condemned the letter.

Greens gonna green.

Ms Woodruff told the ABC she would “consider what the next step should be”.

Next step?

I’d suggest a cup of tea and a lie-down.


“It clearly is a breach of, in our view, anti-discrimination laws,” Ms Woodruff said.

Ah yes, drag the Archbishop off to the lefty inquisition courts. Tar and feather him for daring to say what everyone believed up until five minutes ago.

Teach the Catholics lefty inclusion and love by excluding and defunding them.

Love the Sinner

Woodruff thundered:

“To call out people who are living their lives — trans people, non-married people, people who have sex outside of marriage — and to essentially demonise them… it has no place in Tasmania.”

Ah. Now we are getting to the nub of the issue.

Ms Woodruff would prefer the Archbishop turn a blind eye to sin. Well, Ms Woodruff, wouldn’t we all?

But if Jesus is God (as Catholics believe), then we are not.

If Jesus is the lawgiver, then we are not a rule unto ourselves, no matter how much we would like to be.

That’s hard to hear. And that message always provokes a reaction that reveals what is in a human heart.

“Forgive me, Lord. Help me do better,” is one reply.

“Crucify the damn Archbishop,” is another.

The Archbishop’s letter, interesting as it is, is far less revealing than the response.


Republished with thanks to The James Macpherson Report.

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  1. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 17 May 2024 at 10:35 am - Reply

    As a traditional Catholic, a Tasmanian , who believes in the 10 Commandments and the Bible, I can’t stop laughing. This is the best laugh I have had for years ,even though I think I may be dying soon as I am seriously ill with cancer. In my opinion, Independent MP Johnston is “thick “! Of course , Archbishop Porteous supports Christian teachings! Does she (and other MPs, etc ) want to burn the archbishop at the stake in Salamanca Square in front of Parliament House, Hobart as an example and deterrent to anyone else who dares to exercise their freedom of speech and religion ? This attack on Christian Doctrine and on the archbishop could go viral internationally and have a chain-reaction, ie wake up all those closet Christian cowards who are too scared to defend their Christian Faith which they believe in. Good on you , Archbishop Porteous for your brave stance , for being an example of courage, for doing your Christian duty, ie not corrupting Christian teachings to placate the WOKE ABC. and government which aims to destroy Christianity .

  2. Emmy 17 May 2024 at 1:07 pm - Reply

    I am surprised by people who send their children to Christian schools but don’t agree with Christian values. So strange…. why do they send them
    there? There are non Christian private schools they could send them to if they don’t want them in the state system. I sent my daughter to a Christian school because of the values they teach. People are such strange creatures 🤔.

  3. Margaret 18 May 2024 at 6:16 pm - Reply

    Letter sent to students at Catholic schools, said students should be at these schools because their parents want them to get an education mixed with Christian doctrine, so what is the problem? If you don’t agree send your child to a state or secular school. Thanks for the article James, like your work.

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