Dylan Oakley

Dylan Oakley has been a registered teacher in Queensland since 1999. He has taught in private and state high schools and has also worked in the corporate sector in public relations and sales and marketing. Married in 1996, Dylan is a dedicated husband and father of five children. His wife, Fiona, is also a teacher. He and Fiona have home-schooled all their children. Dylan is an avid student of the Bible and has served as a lay preacher in Presbyterian, Baptist, Pentecostal, and home church settings.

On 9 December 2021, Dylan walked through the gates of his state high school for the last time, barred from the classroom by the Queensland government’s unconscionable vaccine mandates. Around the same time, Dylan joined Facebook and created a page called Freedom Has A Voice, which grew quickly and today has more than 10,000 followers.

An independent journalist and unlikely freedom fighter, Dylan has stepped into a calling and helped fill a void created by the complicity and silence of political, civic, and religious leaders. This calling has taken him and his family across the nation where they have stood up for freedom, called out injustice and oppression, and been a part of the righteous resistance that has risen in response to the biggest assault on individual freedom and Christian conscience in our nation’s history.

Along with Fiona and their children, Dylan’s involvement in the cause has included the Convoy to Canberra, flood relief efforts in NSW, protest action and camp out in Musgrave Park, mainstream media interviews, and speaking engagements at protests, political forums, churches, and community gatherings. Dylan has a heart to see everyday Australians lift their voices for freedom and righteousness.

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