God Moves Mountains When We Pray

What happens when people pray? Power of Prayer: Personal Stories and Strategies for Mountain Moving Prayer provides a compelling answer. In its pages, read the testimonies of almost one hundred Australians who prayed and saw God move mountains in their life.

Woven in with these inspiring stories is down-to-earth, biblical teaching that will motivate you to a deeper walk with God and faithful determination in your prayer life. Christians are not only called to be a prophetic voice to the culture around them — they are also to be an urgent voice to heaven. God invites us to take our needs and the needs of our nation before the throne of grace.

Only God can resolve the myriad dilemmas the world is facing; only He can satisfy the longings of every heart; only He can bring revival and renewal to our societies. Prayer is one of the most practical ways that we can usher in the revival and reformation our culture so desperately needs.

Power of Prayer has received a dozen endorsements from high-profile Christian leaders around Australia — including former World Tennis Number One Ps Margaret Court AO MBE, Werner Nachtigal, International President of the GO Movement, and Cindy McGarvie, the National Director of Youth for Christ.

Every year, the Canberra Declaration dedicates at least one month to concerted, unified prayer, covering themes such as life, faith, family, marriage and freedom. Power of Prayer was released to equip those who are praying and to inspire a generation of intercessors to pray until we see mountains move in our nation.

You can purchase your copy (or multiple copies at very low prices) by donation via our online order form. If you’re unable to afford a donation, let us know and we will send you one for free.

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