Declaration Editorial

3 11, 2023

It’s Time: Children Born Alive Bill Needs to be Debated in the Senate

By |2023-11-03T08:56:23+11:003 November 2023|Australia, Children, Declaration Editorial, Fairness & Justice, Faith, Family, Freedom, Leadership, Life, Politics, Prayer, Safety & Security|2 Comments

It's time to take a stand for life and the Children Born Alive Bill! Please take a few minutes to write a strong and respectful email to the two Coalition Senate leaders to bring the bill to a debate.

31 10, 2023

Anniversary of the Light Horse Charge for Beersheba Launches 12 Days of Prayer for Israel

By |2023-11-01T15:33:17+11:0031 October 2023|Australia, Declaration Editorial, Faith, Leadership, Politics, Prayer, Safety & Security, World|0 Comments

The battle of Beersheba on 31 October 1917 was a history-making moment that would be written into Australia’s prophetic purpose. Halloween is a non-event but this victory is really worth celebrating. It is fitting to issue a new call of 12 days of prayer for Israel on its 106th anniversary.

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