21 02, 2024

‘This is Just the Start’: 10,000 Gather for Sydney’s Never Again is Now

By |2024-02-21T09:26:37+11:0021 February 2024|Australia, Fairness & Justice, Faith, Family, Freedom, Indigenous, Leadership, Life, Politics, Safety & Security, World|7 Comments

The first Never Again is Now event powerfully championed the cause of Judeo-Christian values in combatting antisemitism. Headlined by Scott Morrison in Sydney, the event is just the beginning of the movement to reclaim Australia’s soul.

19 02, 2024

What the Phub‽

By |2024-02-16T15:40:41+11:0019 February 2024|Children, Family|0 Comments

Phones, and screens in general, are kryptonite when it comes to active listening and being fully engaged with our families. For better or worse, they’re part of modern life, but every family needs to find ways to manage these pesky attention-stealers.

12 02, 2024

Making Memories

By |2024-02-10T18:41:47+11:0012 February 2024|Children, Family|0 Comments

Since 2004, Dads4Kids founder Warwick Marsh and a fantastic team of volunteers have hosted the annual Dads4Kids Fun Camp. As the name suggests, it’s all about dads and their kids camping together and having fun.

9 02, 2024

Never Again is Now: A Movement Rising Against Antisemitism in Australia

By |2024-02-14T11:59:15+11:009 February 2024|Australia, Fairness & Justice, Faith, Family, Freedom, Identity Politics, Life, Politics, Prayer, Safety & Security, World|18 Comments

Led by Christians, Never Again is Now is standing against antisemitism in Australia. With events planned around the country, this is a movement of solidarity among Australians against anti-Jewish racism and hatred. It is for such a time as this. And it needs you.

30 01, 2024

I Miss My Son Today

By |2024-01-30T02:59:48+11:0030 January 2024|Devotional, Faith, Family, Prayer|2 Comments

I miss my son today. That goes without saying, I suppose, since I miss him every day. But on this day, the pain is particularly sharp, the ache especially deep. I miss my friend and brother; I miss my protégé.

29 01, 2024

Keep Celebrating!

By |2024-01-28T03:06:36+11:0029 January 2024|Australia, Children, Family|1 Comment

26 January is a special day. In addition to being the day of my birth (thanks for the fireworks, Australia!), it’s a day we can all come together and celebrate what makes this country great, despite our imperfections as a nation.

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