1 08, 2023

CCP Cops Policing Worldwide

By |2023-07-28T20:03:22+10:001 August 2023|Australia, Good Books, Safety & Security, World|1 Comment

The revelation that more than 100 secret Chinese police stations have been operating globally raises issues about the muted responses of Australian security agencies. The existence of the police stations was revealed by the Spanish human rights group Safeguard Defenders in 2022. Although these revelations [...]

27 06, 2023

Globalism and Nationalism – Part 3: Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s first female Prime Minister

By |2023-06-27T08:51:02+10:0027 June 2023|Australia, Faith, Family, Freedom, Leadership, Safety & Security, World|6 Comments

Giorgia Meloni, PM, loves her county and wants to defend it with her party’s slogan -- God, County, Family! In this, my third piece on Globalism and Nationalism, I would like to examine Giorgia Meloni’s place on the world stage after becoming Italy’s first female [...]

28 09, 2022

Giorgia Meloni and Hope For Italy

By |2022-09-27T16:28:55+10:0028 September 2022|Leadership, World|2 Comments

Good news seems to be coming out of Italy. A 45-year-old pro-family and pro-life conservative has become Italy’s first female Prime Minister. Giorgia Meloni was a conservative journalist who entered Italian politics in 2006. Since 2014 she has led the Brothers of Italy political party, [...]

28 09, 2022

Italy Has a Female Prime Minister

By |2022-09-27T15:53:23+10:0028 September 2022|Leadership, World|7 Comments

And the progressive left are terrified! Italy has its first-ever female Prime Minister -- and the progressive left are NOT happy. Which is weird, right? Because it’s the progressive left who bang on about the need for more women in politics, and about the importance [...]

22 07, 2022

Farmers Against Fascism

By |2022-07-21T08:53:35+10:0022 July 2022|Fairness & Justice, Safety & Security, World|1 Comment

We must support the brave Dutch farmers against the globalists. Green ideology is destroying agricultural production and food security, which will have worldwide ramifications, involving significant suffering, as witnessed in Sri Lanka. The Dutch are a tolerant people, and they have a long-standing reputation for [...]

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