Jacinta Price

25 03, 2023

Labor MPs Refuse to Meet with Indigenous Leaders Urging ‘No’ on Voice

By |2023-03-25T15:01:42+11:0025 March 2023|Australia, Fairness & Justice, Identity Politics, Indigenous, Politics|2 Comments

The only Aboriginal Voice Labor apparently wants to hear is one that votes ‘yes’ to an Australia divided by race. The Australian Labor Party has seemingly decided the Voice is a foregone conclusion. As reported by Sky News, a delegation of 22 Aboriginal leaders and [...]

22 09, 2019

Left’s ‘civilising’ impulse driving us all to the brink of savagery

By |2019-09-23T08:40:16+10:0022 September 2019|Australia, Children, Fairness & Justice, Identity Politics, Indigenous|0 Comments

Editor's Note: This incisive piece by Janet Albrechtsen in The Australian, quoting Stephen Fry at length, highlights the nasty depths to which our "civil" discourse has sunk. Identity politics turns people against each other, dividing communities and spewing toxic, damaging words against vulnerable, innocent people [...]

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