Nail in the Head – Magic Table

17 October 2019

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Modern gender experts try to tell us that men and women are the same.

They tell us that being a man, or a woman, is actually just a social construct.

They also tell us that men and women can change their gender at any time.

Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, offer 71 gender options.

All of this is utter nonsense and would be farcical, except that people actually believe this sort of rubbish. Worse still, the holy trinity pushing gender ideology is none other than government, academia and modern media.

Sadly, modern media includes the big tech monopoly based in Silicon Valley of San Francisco, the home of a never-ending stream of ridiculous ideas.

Albert Einstein said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity”.

The really sad thing about the ideology that men and women are the same, is that men then can’t comprehend when their wives are different to them.

The same thing occurs with women too. Women get terribly disappointed when men don’t comprehend their needs and frustrations.

The frustrations between sexes would occur anyway, but amplification of the lie by pernicious gender ideologues deepens the disappointment and destroys millions of marriages around the world on a yearly basis.

Men and women, while equal, are completely different. Herein lies the beauty, and the challenge.

Sometimes, the best way to grasp the truth is by laughing. Laughing together might also save your marriage as well.

We often laugh when the ridiculous is compared with the truth. Truth usually wins out, and in the process laughter erupts unconsciously. Comedians are usually extraordinary observers of the human condition and are gifted in being able to expose the truth, with humour.

The following two YouTube videos, while extreme examples, show how different men and women really can be. We ignore such differences at our peril.

The first video is called, “It’s Not About the Nail”. With over 19 million views, it can’t be wrong!

The second is called “The Magic Coffee Table” (The Mystery of the Basket). For full effect, watch them both with your wife.


‘Don’t try to fix it. I just need you to listen.’ Every man has heard these words. And they are the law of the land. No matter what. Jason

This is the most true thing I have seen on the internet. They nailed it. Keith

This video changed my marriage. My wife will let me fix things now… occasionally. Scorpious187

Honey, I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong… TheNobelScoundrel


– How is this funny? The same thing happens in my house. Check Mate

– I’ve got the same coffee table at home 😀. darlack

– I had the same kind of coffee table, problem is, my wife took it when she left. Ponkkaa

My wife would love this video. If I show it to her, she’ll likely put me on the magic coffee table and I’ll be on the streets! Tabor

The saying “laughter is the best medicine” really is true. We humans might be prone to ‘infinite stupidity’, but our laughter shows who we are and how we are different in a way that nothing else could.


If you have not already done so, grab your wife, make her a cuppa, or pour her a glass of wine and ask her to watch these two videos with you.

You never know, you might be able to say, along with Scorpious187 in the comments section: “This video changed my life. My wife will let me fix things now… occasionally.”

Yours for fixing things,

Warwick Marsh

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