Daily Devotions – GO2021 31 Days of Prayer + Outreach

Daily Devotions – GO2021 31 Days of Prayer + Outreach2021-05-18T10:37:01+10:00

In this unprecedented crisis, we have an unprecedented opportunity. COVID-19 has caused people to consider eternity. This is our time to share the good news of Jesus and pray for a breakthrough for the Gospel. People need to hear about JESUS. If we don’t tell them who will. During the month of May, the Canberra Declaration is taking part in the GO21 global initiative.

The goal is to reach one billion people with the message of God’s love in JESUS in the month of May. We encourage you to pray and reach out to five people with the Gospel and ask your friends to do the same. We are also praying for Revival & Transformation for Australia.

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