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The Daily Declaration is an independent Christian news site dedicated to providing a voice for Christian Values in the public space through excellent commentary and journalism. Our vision is to see the revitalisation of our Judeo-Christian values for the common good.

Editorial Policy

The opinions of our contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of The Daily Declaration. You are encouraged to read widely and draw your own conclusions about the content that we publish.

We encourage freedom of expression and believe that free speech and free thought are the Christian foundation-stones of our democracy. We always welcome your feedback and input in the comments section.

The heartbeat of The Daily Declaration is and always will be faith, freedom, family, and life. These are the truths the Canberra Declaration was built on.

Our History

The Daily Declaration is among Australia’s most popular Christian news sites. We provide inspirational, faith-based journalism for a growing audience across the Pacific region. Our content includes devotionals, cultural commentary, Indigenous affairs, political news, global prayer events and more.

The Daily Declaration was born out of the Canberra Declaration — a network of some 80,000 Aussies who love their country and long to see its Judeo-Christian values revitalised for the benefit of everyone. Our name comes from the 850-word statement that was released on Friday 23rd July 2010 on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra.

The Canberra Declaration was drafted by Bill Muehlenberg, Graham McLennan and Warwick Marsh in consultation with faith leaders from around Australia and across all major denominations. It calls for the protection of religious freedom, biblical marriage and family, and the sanctity of human life.

You can read and sign the declaration here.

These foundation stones of Australian democracy have suffered sustained attack in the years since the declaration’s release. As such, the Canberra Declaration remains a timely, lucid and vital statement — and one that increasing numbers of even non-religious Aussies find themselves supporting.

Tens of thousands of people signed the Canberra Declaration in its earliest days. Soon a periodic newsletter was launched to keep signers up-to-date on current events relevant to the stand for faith, freedom, family and life. Petitions were circulated, prayer events were held, the network was strengthened, and our numbers continued to grow.

In 2018, we rebuilt our website. We saw this as an opportunity not only to present the vision of the Canberra Declaration in a fresh way but to get the word out beyond our subscriber list to like-minded people everywhere. This is how The Daily Declaration was born.

In its infancy, The Daily Declaration’s weekly offering was modest and our pool of writers was small. We now publish over twenty high-quality articles a week, featuring the work of pastors, academics, directors of Christian non-profits, denominational leaders, and international writers.

We are also blessed to have a team of up-and-coming contributors. These are students, working mums, busy dads, retirees and many others who are passionate and informed about Christian values and their unfading importance to modern Australia.

The heartbeat of The Daily Declaration is and always will be faith, freedom, family and life. But these values are in turn dependent on the Judeo-Christian belief system, which is why we are increasingly focused on the issue of truth. Truth must be contended for in a time of fake news and deceitful ‘fact-checking’, activism posing as journalism, the erasure of Western history, censorship of dissenting viewpoints, and widespread opposition to once commonplace views.

With humility, we recognise that even the best enterprises can lose their way and that we are not immune from this. Though now secular, the world’s most prestigious universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale were originally founded to teach the Bible. Likewise, Australia’s premier newspapers like The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald were founded by Christians. Only by God’s grace will we resist compromise and worldly applause, and remain faithful to him.

We are unapologetically nondenominational. Our writers and readers are Protestants, Catholics, Pentecostals, and Orthodox of many stripes and backgrounds. We are not afraid to lean into controversial issues, nor do we shy away from the central role of prayer, revival and God’s supernatural intervention in the renewal of this Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.

We remain indebted to the drafters of the Canberra Declaration, the team of writers at The Daily Declaration, and our faithful readership base. And our work would, of course, be impossible without the generous support of our many donors.

If you would like to support our work, you can donate here. With hearts full of gratitude, we thank you for your partnership with us for Christian values in Australia and beyond!

Write for Us

We invite your support in the battle for the truth. We publish articles on many different topics representing a diverse range of perspectives.

If you would like to submit an article for publication in The Daily Declaration, please contact the editorial team at info@canberradeclaration.org.au.

Editorial Team

Warwick Marsh

Warwick Marsh


Warwick Marsh is a prominent social reformer, and an accomplished TV producer, writer and public speaker. He was one of the drafters of the Canberra Declaration and is the author or editor of a number of books, endorsed by the likes of Hon. John Anderson AC, Ps Margaret Court AO, Werner Nachtigal, and others.

Alison Marsh

Alison Marsh


Alison Marsh has been married to Warwick since 1975, and they have five children and nine grandchildren. She has been closely involved in a range of projects alongside Warwick, including Australian Heart Music, the Australian Christian Values Institute, various prayer projects and the Canberra Declaration.

Samuel Hartwich

Samuel Hartwich

Lead Contributor

Samuel Hartwich lives with his wife and three young children on New South Wales' beautiful Mid-Coast. He is fascinated by the impact of worldview and enjoys exploring the links between faith to every area of life. He has a background in the biological and geological sciences, and ministry and theology.

Kurt Mahlburg

Kurt Mahlburg

Research and Features Editor

Kurt Mahlburg is an author and seasoned independent journalist with design, education and divinity degrees. He is a contributor at The Spectator Australia, MercatorNet, Caldron Pool, and The Good Sauce and runs his own blog, Cross + Culture, where you can find his book by the same name. His investigative articles have also been featured in Nation First.

Jean Seah

Jean Seah

Managing Editor

Jean Seah is a news and commentary editor, social media manager, freelance writer and lawyer. She is a graduate of Campion College (Liberal Arts, College Medalist), the University of Queensland (Law) and the Australian National University (Legal Practice). She is also the managing editor of The Daily Declaration and an associate editor of MercatorNet.

Cody Mitchell

Cody Mitchell


Cody Mitchell is a writer, editor, and historian. He also serves as a media advisor to a Federal Senator. A graduate of the University of New England, Monash University and the Lachlan Macquarie Institute, Cody's work has been published in multiple academic journals and news sites. He is the founding editor of the history blog, History's Page.

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