Days of Holiness ~ Day 30: Holy and Humble

30 January 2021

4.5 MINS

Isaiah 57:15 (TPT) says:

For this is what the high and majestic One says,
the One who fills the eternal realm with glory, whose name is Holy:
“I dwell in high and holy places
but also with the bruised and lowly in spirit,
those who are humble and quick to repent.
I dwell with them to revive the spirit of the humble,
to revive the heart of those who are broken over their sin.”

We are always comforted by these scriptures — we are so grateful that the One who fills eternity, Whose name is Holy, is with those who are bruised and broken. One of the hidden tragedies of abortion is all the broken and bruised people who suffer very deeply when a baby is aborted. It is comforting, and such a huge message of hope, to every woman who has undergone an abortion who humbles herself — that the holy One promises to dwell with them to revive their spirit and their hearts that have been broken over their sin.

It speaks of those quick to repent — there is a very real issue of post-abortion grief that often is hidden and given no voice, at times for decades or even a lifetime. The enemy is quick to condemn and relentless in inflicting shame, guilt and deep anguish on those who have undergone an abortion — or those fathers of the child who have regret and a grief of loss they never imagined. Grandparents and siblings of the child also may carry pain and the ongoing sense ‘if only I had done more’. To everyone broken over their sin, the high and majestic One says He dwells with you, He revives you, He revives and restores your heart.

Let us Pray:
Holy Majestic Father, we praise You for Your incredible willingness to dwell with Your people and rescue and restore the hearts of all who humbly repent. Thank You that because of the cross of Jesus Christ, You are now fully accessible. Your holiness does not destroy, but embraces those who cry out to You — even those who do not know You can be found by You.

Jesus, You said You heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds. Thank You for the grace for every person who is afflicted by the tormenting fears and pain of abortion, that they may cry out to you. Lord, hear even the groans and sighs of the broken, and bring Your forgiveness, comfort and restoration. Lord, You require nothing but a humble and repentant heart — everything is freely given by You — Lord, let Your grace flow, that those who have had abortions may forgive themselves, and others who may be implicated in the abortions — May Your forgiveness set them completely free.

Lord, raise up greater compassion and courage in Your people, to be those holding out a beacon of hope of this truth to all, and to discern those who need friendship and freedom through knowing the truth. We ask for You to flood this nation with light, and cause all darkness connected to every facet of abortion be exposed and destroyed in these days. In Yeshua, Jesus Christ’s Powerful Redeeming Name, Amen.


Abundant grace to you as we continue in prayer and fasting according to Mark 9:29 ~

He answered them, “This type of powerful spirit can only be cast out by fasting and prayer.”


Parliament resumes February 2nd; even during this worldwide pandemic crisis, priority to debate in the first sitting week of 2021 will be given to the Abortion up to Birth Bill. Politicians are pushing this radical abortion reform, and it is possible it could be voted upon as early as February 3rd or 4th.


  1. Contact local MPs. Click here for more tips on speaking to your local MP, and to look up your member and electorate.
  2. 5AA Sunday Evening January 31st 8.30 p.m. — 2 a.m. Phone 8223 0000 to speak on air, please speak slowly, clearly, passionately and above all else courteously. Write your thoughts out and read from them. Remember there are thousands of hurting women out there, we can be a bridge to healing for them by speaking the truth kindly.
    Text your question and comments to 0448 081 395 and Email
  3. Steps of Parliament Wednesday Feb 3rd 5.30 p.m. — 7.30 p.m. Please wear white tops and we will bring some of the Walk for Life signs. Our recommendations are the same as the Walk for Life, don’t engage in debates with anyone speaking aggressively, and remember we are the salt of the earth.
  4. WALK FOR LIFE Pennington Gardens, North Adelaide Saturday February 6th, Gates open 9.30 a.m. — 12 noon. Arrive early to check in (SA Health requirement).

Points for Prayer ~ pray for:

  • South Australia’s Lower House politicians, that they be infused with truth and light for the sanctity of life – even of the unborn. Pray for a majority to vote no to this bill and take courage to defeat the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 the week of Feb 3rd 2021.
  • The Walk for Life, February 6th 2021 in Adelaide, South Australia.
  • Rescue for all the unborn from death through abortion.
  • For greater numbers of believers in Jesus all over Australia and the South Pacific region to awaken to the battle and stand for life — to rise up in wisdom and courage to take action needed and speak for the voiceless.
  • For the church to restore the belief that every life is worthy of respect, protection, and care, and to lead the nation in extravagantly assisting those who find they have an unexpected pregnancy.

To send the intended influential message to our politicians
that South Australians DO NOT want legalised abortion up to birth,
we need thousands of people on the WALK for LIFE!

It will take each of us to SPREAD THE WORD through all our networks!

Go to our website & our Facebook page Love Adelaide — make sure you ‘like’ the page and share the event.


The team at the Canberra Declaration are partnering with Love Adelaide’s call for 37 Days of Prayer & Fasting in asking God for the defeat of this horrific SA abortion to birth legislation that will be voted on in February 2021. We are doing this by calling for 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting from 1 – 21 January 2021. (Feel free to join them for the full 37 Days should you so wish.)

We are also adding some very specific prayer requests over and above the defeat of this horrific anti-LIFE legislation in SA. Join with us as we believe for breakthrough for these key prayer points. Feel free to add your own prayer requests for friends and family, your church and your local community as you feel led.


  1. A revelation for Australians of Jesus Christ and Him crucified
  2. The defeat of South Australia’s Abortion Legalisation Bill
  3. The defeat of Victoria’s “Change or Suppression” Bill
  4. Integrity and justice in the U.S. election process
[Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash]

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