Days of Holiness ~ Day 37: Highway of Holiness

6 February 2021

4.2 MINS

Today as we carry the love and compassion of Jesus for the unborn, He says to us, Arise, Shine!

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”
~ Matthew 5:14 (AMPC)

Isaiah 35:4, 8-10 (TPT) says:

Say to the anxious and fearful,
“Be strong and never afraid. Look, here comes your God!
He is breaking through to give you victory! He comes to avenge your enemies.
With divine retribution He comes to save you!”
… There will be a highway of holiness called the Sacred Way.
The impure will not be permitted on this road, but it will be accessible to God’s people.
And not even fools will lose their way.
The lion will not be found there; no wild beast will travel on it — they will not be found there.
But the redeemed will find a pathway on it.
Yahweh’s ransomed ones will return with glee to Zion.
They will enter with a song of rejoicing and be crowned with everlasting joy.
Ecstatic joy will overwhelm them; weariness and grief will disappear!

Today as we walk through the streets of Adelaide as one, the glory of the Lord is seen. We may be simply walking along the streets yet, in the spirit realm, we are also walking on the highway of holiness called the ‘Sacred Way’. Today, every step we take is a statement to darkness that the Light of Life — Jesus Christ has come!

The Spirit of Holiness, Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Jesus is uniquely in us and in our midst. We walk today together as One — His Body, His Holy Nation, His Church, His Ekklesia! Yeshua Jesus Christ is ‘the Sacred Way.’ He is the source of Life — the redeemer and restorer of life. His people, no longer confined by feeling powerless, now break forth — filled with His Holy beauty and glory — as saints of the Most High.

We dance and sing with delight, and as His fruitful people, we celebrate the victory of Life! He strengthens the weak hands and makes firm those with feeble knees. He is strengthening all with faith to bring the Light of Life into the city of Adelaide, illuminating the darkness and flooding South Australia with the Light of Life!

As we look around at each other’s faces, we see the love of the Lord revealed! As we gaze upon the river of the redeemed walking in white, we see the beautiful grandeur of our God! The sound of our footsteps, and the joyful song of triumph, brings terror to the camp of darkness! We say, Adelaide you are a city on a hill — today you give light to the whole of South Australia and the nation!

Let us Pray:
Heavenly Father, we rejoice in the great triumph of the Lamb who was slain before the creation of the World! We rejoice that our sins are forgiven, and Your precious blood of the New Covenant cries out mercy, and washes Adelaide and South Australia clean today!

We thank You for the great number who are gathering at the Walk for Life 2021. We stand as a testament of faith in Your power to overcome every covenant with death that has been legislated — that has resulted in thousands of abortions every year!

Lord, we walk as the royal priesthood of believers who are interceding and taking action in these days. By Your authority and perfection that was given us, we have been seated in heavenly places in Christ — from this place we decree we do not permit the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 and any other late-term abortion legislation that may arise in South Australia and our nation.

We call for a cleansing of everything that has partnered with this covenant of death, and call for the removal of its grip on our nation! We ask for Your powerful hand to save the unborn and turn the tide of lies that have blinded the minds of so many!

Bring forth the scales of justice and weigh the evidence in favour of the unborn. Lord, receive the reward of Your suffering that through all of this, a great harvest of souls will come into Your Kingdom — may repentance and rejoicing fill this place! In Jesus’ Powerful redeeming Name, Amen.


Abundant grace to you as we continue in prayer and fasting according to Mark 9:29 ~

He answered them, “This type of powerful spirit can only be cast out by fasting and prayer.”



  1. Contact local MPs this week. Click here for more tips on speaking to your local MP, and to look up your member and electorate.
  2. WALK FOR LIFE Pennington Gardens, North Adelaide Saturday February 6th, Gates open 9.30 a.m. for 10 a.m — 12 noon. Car Parking $2. Arrive early to check in (SA Health requirement)..
    If you are coming on the walk, tell a few other believers and bring friends who may not have heard about it — last year we had countless people disappointed they simply had not heard about it until afterwards!

To send the intended influential message to our politicians
that South Australians DO NOT want legalised abortion up to birth,
we need thousands of people on the WALK for LIFE!

It will take each of us to SPREAD THE WORD through all our networks!

Go to our website & our Facebook page Love Adelaide — make sure you ‘like’ the page and share the event.


The team at the Canberra Declaration are partnering with Love Adelaide’s call for 37 Days of Prayer & Fasting in asking God for the defeat of this horrific SA abortion to birth legislation that will be voted on in February 2021. We are doing this by calling for 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting from 1 – 21 January 2021. (Feel free to join them for the full 37 Days should you so wish.)

We are also adding some very specific prayer requests over and above the defeat of this horrific anti-LIFE legislation in SA. Join with us as we believe for breakthrough for these key prayer points. Feel free to add your own prayer requests for friends and family, your church and your local community as you feel led.


  1. A revelation for Australians of Jesus Christ and Him crucified
  2. The defeat of South Australia’s Abortion Legalisation Bill
  3. The defeat of Victoria’s “Change or Suppression” Bill
  4. Integrity and justice in the U.S. election process
[Photos by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash]

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