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11 July 2021

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My good friend Robert Day sent me a link. He said, “Check out Gavin Topps and his ‘Fight Like a Pro’ Program”. Rob is a Dads4Kids board member. He has worked with men all his life. He knows men.

So, I just had to check it out for myself. Below is the challenging call to Manhood from the Gavin Topps Rite of Passage for the Modern Man landing page.

“Friend, if you want to live a life of adventure, passion and fulfilment, and be gripped by a purpose and mission for your life you’ve never known, this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

You see, most men in the Western World drift through life bored, frustrated, angry and discontent. Most men were never shown the way, as such we all have under-developed areas of our manhood that need urgent attention.

My name is Gavin Lance Topp and I learnt most of life’s lessons the hard way.

I grew up in a dysfunctional environment. My childhood and teen years were full of confusion, anger and hopelessness. And from the age of 12, I went out and drank and got into fights.

I didn’t win many.

One Sunday morning, my father opened my bedroom door to see me covered in blood and my shirt ripped — like most Sunday mornings. He turned to me and said,

“Son, I think it’s time you learn how to fight.”

I thought, “Finally! — I would love to know!” So, he took me to the local boxing gym that week.

This resulted in a 18-year boxing career, where I had 27 professional fights. I would become the Australia Boxing Champion, and fight for a World Title eliminator in Berlin, Germany.

On my journey, I met a mentor who sat me down and said,

A business that takes no inventory, usually goes broke. And a man that takes no inventory usually ends up broken.

In that moment I realised that I was BANKRUPT… not financially

But mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I was BANKRUPT in my relationships.

I had NO PURPOSE. I didn’t feel alive.

I felt like I hadn’t been taught how to be a COMPLETE MAN. I felt like something was missing. While some areas were outstanding, I felt areas of my Manhood were underdeveloped.

I wasn’t given an Instruction manual.

This REALISATION led me on a journey to study the process of Male Initiation in indigenous cultures all around the world, over the last 5,000 years.

From the Amazon Rainforests to Native American Tribes and to the Australian Aboriginals. During my studies I came across ‘7 Ancient Forgotten Pillars’ required for men to thrive, and live a life of PASSION, ADVENTURE, PURPOSE and COURAGE.

A life with eyes wide open, on the edge of your seat, your heart beating out your chest.

I used these 7 pillars to take me from an unfulfilled, angry & bored man, (in some areas anyway) to the Australia boxing champion, and a man filled with a profound sense of…

This is what I’m here for.



GAVE ME A RAGING FIRE I haven’t been able to put out…

But it’s not just ME!

I’ve also tried and tested my RITE OF PASSAGE system

On over 1,000 men over the last 12 years.

It has saved thousands of men from living lacklustre, mediocre, BORING lives.

It’s also saved countless marriages and saved dozens and dozens from suicide.

And that’s only counting the stories we’ve heard back.

Men have used these 7 Pillars to:

  • Remember what it feels like to feel the fire of life flow in their veins.
  • Discover their true desires and find their mission.
  • Find the passion in their relationship again.
  • Quit leading a life of mediocrity and boredom.
  • Connect and develop stronger connections with their kids.
  • Destroy the bad habits holding them back.

I could easily write a whole book on the thousands of success stories.

I’ve used these 7 Pillars on over 1,000 men from all backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, ages, blue-collar and white-collar men.


I can tell you, I was sold from the beginning. So, I immediately ordered my own copy of “Rite of Passage for the Modern Man”. It is a very short book (men love short books) but I have not been disappointed. Order your digital copy here. It is a great read!


Since reading Gavin’s book, I have had several conversations with him. Gavin is an irrepressible man and full of encouragement. His Facebook’s the same. I was so impressed that I asked Gavin Topp to come and give us 5 minutes of his inspirational fire at the Online Men’s Leadership Summit next Saturday, 17 July 2021. Gavin is going to start the day at 9AM, and the many great speakers will continue to inspire you through until 6PM. Don’t miss it!

Yours for More Inspirational Fire,
Warwick Marsh

PS: The Men’s Leadership Summit is now online on Saturday 17 July 2021 for one day only, between 9AM – 6PM AEST time. Don’t miss out!
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Bookings close Monday midnight 12 July.

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