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If Labor Wins Government, #Kevin07 Could Win a Cosy Job Stateside

21 April 2022

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Even before voting has started, there has already been talk of Labor handing out plump taxpayer-funded positions to their mates.

In an apparently quiet backflip, Australian Opposition leader Anthony Albanese doused Labor scuttlebutt about a cosy new diplomatic position for former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Earlier this week, The Australian broke news of insider speculation, claiming:

‘Albanese has reportedly floated the plan to senior colleagues.’

The Labor leader has since rejected the claims, telling Brisbane’s 4BC he “had not discussed anyone being ambassador anywhere, with anyone.”

He then called the news “complete nonsense!”

Despite his denials, The Australian doubled down in their Wednesday edition, pointing out that former opposition leader Bill Shorten is said to support the idea, while citing the fact that Anthony Albanese has not ruled out Rudd being given the cosy diplomatic spot.

Writing for The Australian, Brad Norington stated,

‘Labor is divided about whether Mr Rudd should be given the US ambassadorship or any diplomatic post.’

He added,

‘While some argue he has solid foreign policy credentials… others fear his status as a former PM and outspokenness could cause problems for an Albanese Labor government.’

Norington refuted the current Labor leader’s counter-claim accusing the story of being concocted, clarifying,

‘Before publication, The Australian asked Mr Albanese on Monday if he recalled telling senior party colleagues he favoured appointing Mr Rudd as ambassador to Washington if Labor was elected. Albanese declined to comment.’

Rudd Weighs In

Chomping at the bit to go a few rounds with News Corp, Kevin Rudd slammed the news.

A letter written by Rudd and published on his Twitter feed labelled The Australian “professionally dishonest.” He then called the exclusive report “categorically false.”

Rudd argued,

‘I have not agreed to serve as ambassador to the United States under a future Labor government. Nor has any such offer been made to me. Nor is it apparent that this position would even become available within the next term of parliament.’

This was followed by the #kevin07 populist left ex-Prime Minister firing his usual rant-ridden verbal shots at the “Murdoch Media” on Twitter.

Rudd boasted a juvenile “in your face” to questions about his whereabouts during Labor’s election campaign.

The current New York-based Asia think-tank executive addressed “Murdoch’s minions”, saying he was ‘back home’ for a book tour that had been organised by his publisher, and was ‘booked to campaign for 20 seats.’


Making light of the developing drama seemingly triggered by a leak from within the upper echelon of the Labor hegemony, Andrew Bolt quipped, “make Julia Gillard ambassador instead.”

If the Labor party are elected, “she’d be our first female Ambassador to the United States. Labor loves that kind of gender politics.”

Bolt added,

“Rudd isn’t ambassador material. Gillard can talk to both sides of politics; and has conducted herself with dignity and with discretion since losing their job.”

Annelise Nielson, Sky News’ Washington Correspondent, agreed, telling Bolt,

“Putting Rudd into the middle of the Australia, U.S. relationship would be a disaster.”

Outlining Joe Biden’s official catastrophising view that climate change is the biggest threat to national security, not China, Nielson said,

“We won a hard win with AUKUS, and QUAD [against the CCP]; if we want someone to represent our interests with China, send Kevin Rudd.”

Speculation over ambassadorial roles is another challenge for Albanese, suggesting Labor are already convinced of an election win.

Dividing up the spoils of “war” by divvying up jobs for mates long before the election has been decided, conveys gross hubris on their part.

Not to mention how the optics illustrate contempt for the Australian people, whom the Australian Labor Party are trying to woo.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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