God is Transforming Lives for Good in Goulburn Correctional Centre

28 July 2023


By Dan Evers, Prison Chaplain

In recent times, God has been sparking a work of revival within some of the inmates in maximum security at Goulburn Correctional Centre. A number of offenders have taken the initiative to gather each day to share from the Bible and pray together outside in their prison yard.

This group of inmates started as only a couple of men, and it has continually been growing as the weeks have gone by. There are now around 20-30 men gathering daily out in the open prison yard. As a result, a number have come to believe in Jesus, others have reconnected with their faith, and numerous others are joining in as curious seekers.

This is a movement of faith that has been changing lives and gaining momentum. Inmates have testified how after becoming a Christian, they have gone back to their cells and shared their new-found faith with their cellmate, who in turn has then also given their life to the Lord.

Seeking God

As a result, there has been a large increase in demand for Bibles in the gaol. These inmates are extremely hungry to read and study God’s Word. Many have also signed up to the Crossroads and Emmaus Bible study correspondence courses. These men are publicly unashamed of their faith, and it is having quite an impact on the rest of the gaol.

Many officers and fellow inmates have been taking notice. Some have stated that they have not witnessed a spiritual awakening like this in a gaol before. A direct correlation seems to be that there is a reduction of incidents in this part of the gaol. Lives are truly being transformed for good!

This has been nothing short of a miraculous work of the Holy Spirit. It has occurred spontaneously and has been in spite of the fact that the chaplains have been unable to hold regular chapel services in the maximum security chapel (due to a needed refurbishment of the Chapel).

New Life

Moved by the Spirit, these men have been stirred to gather around God’s Word on their own and to pray and support each other in Christian fellowship. They are holding each other accountable, and encouraging one other to share the Gospel and to live lives that honour Christ. In the darkness and hopelessness of incarceration, God is shining light and breathing hope into lost and broken lives.

Men who knew little about the joy found in Jesus are now trusting in Him as their Lord and Saviour. By His Spirit, God is transforming lives for good in Goulburn. Praise be to God!

Please pray that these young Christians would be discipled and nurtured well in their faith and that the seeds planted will not be snatched away by the evil one. Pray that the Gospel of Jesus will continue to be declared boldly and that it will transform many more prisoners’ lives, spreading also to the other sections of the gaol. Please also pray for the chaplains as they follow up with these inmates.


Originally published by the Australian Prayer Network.
Source: National Alliance of Christian Leaders
Photo by cottonbro studio.

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  1. Claire Kaltenrieder 28 July 2023 at 3:19 pm - Reply

    How refreshing and encouraging to read of ‘good’ winning over ‘bad’ in these times of so much evil threatening life!
    Thank you!

  2. Dorothy McCredie 29 July 2023 at 10:22 am - Reply

    I was deeply moved by the story of inmates of Goulburn goal, who have been touched by God’s Holy Spirit and are seeking Him through His word.. I am reminded of Paul, the Apostle who was in goal and could still praise and worship God and was a blessed by God’s presence. May You all continue in such a way that your future lives will be changed for the better. God is With You.

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