Indigenous Leaders Car Appeal to Help Fuel Gospel Ministry

In April last year, Canberra Declaration launched an appeal for cars for Indigenous Christian leaders and ministers in mostly outback areas.

We have some wonderful news to report! Since that time, we have secured three cars for our Indigenous brothers and sisters in Christ. Pastor James Dargin (pictured above), Pastor Anderson George’s sister, Loretta George Ashley (pictured below) and Josephine Cashman are very thankful for your generosity!


While we are extremely grateful for having raised support to supply three cars, there is a need for more vehicles.


Continuing Car Needs

Peter WalkerPastor Peter Walker has been in need of a vehicle for the last three years. His Toyota 4WD Prado faithfully served him for 19 years. But after almost 500,000 km, it came to the end of its working life. He has relied on borrowing his daughter’s car as he waits for a new vehicle.

Peter is one of Australia’s foremost Aboriginal Christian leaders. He is an elder of the Bundjalung tribe from the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. Peter has been involved in pastoring churches and other ministries for more than 40 years.

One aspect of his pastoral ministry involves taking funerals. He often averages two to three funerals per month, and many of these are in outback NSW. Without his own dependable vehicle, he is unable to conduct many of these funerals for his people. The same is the case for the many invitations to preach.

We would love to gift a vehicle to Peter so he can continue ministering in remote areas. Peter loves 4WD Toyotas as they are very suited to the harsh outback conditions he traverses. Canberra Declaration has already raised over $20,000 towards Peter’s car, but we may require more to place a reliable long-term vehicle in his hands.

If you have a good quality, late model, low mileage 4WD that would be suitable, we would love to hear from you (see details below). We believe Peter is worthy of double honour (1 Tim 5:17). We are happy to do our best to raise extra finance for the right vehicle, if this is a requirement of the gift.

Peter Walker is not the only one in need of a vehicle. We have over half a dozen Indigenous Christian leaders who need a car right now. For outback conditions, a 4WD is best, but for regional and city areas, a standard two-wheel drive is adequate. Here are some of the needs listed below:

  • We have several Indigenous leaders in several states across the top end that need a good mechanically sound 4WD. In some cases (but not all), this vehicle would be administered through Carl and Gail Musch at Indigenous Ministry Links. This devoted couple could place several cars or small buses in the hands of Indigenous people in northern Australia through their ministry network. Carl is a mechanic and is the best able to keep these cars on the road. They are based in Cairns, Qld.Gloria Watkins
  • Gloria Watkins is an Indigenous Christian leader in the Kimberly region, WA. She is looking for a bigger 4WD vehicle as she wants to do more travelling ministry.
  • We have several requests from different states from Indigenous Christian leaders for a Toyota Coaster-style mini bus or similar.
  • Ps Willie Dumas is the CEO of the Ganggalah Church and Training Centre from Tweed Heads, NSW. He is looking for an off-road campervan so he can go bush and spend more time in Aboriginal communities to disciple and mentor other Indigenous Christian ministries.

Three Ways You Can Help

1. If you have a car you can give, please fill out the details of your vehicle below and, if possible, upload some pictures of it. Register the gift of your vehicle by clicking the orange button below. We will then evaluate the best car for the best person.


2. You can give financially to the Indigenous Ministers Car Appeal. Any monies that come in will also help cover the cost of any repairs, transportation, travel and administration. Please make sure you write “Indigenous Car Appeal” when you make your donation.


3. Your prayers for the success of this Indigenous Ministers Car Appeal would be greatly appreciated. God can do miracles when His people pray!

Thank you again for your prayers and support for our Indigenous brothers and sisters in Christ through the continuing Indigenous Ministers Car Appeal!

Yours to help fuel Indigenous gospel ministry,

Warwick Marsh & Samuel Hartwich

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