Martyn Iles

Martyn Iles is a lawyer, commentator, and the former Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, one of Australia’s largest political movements.

Previously, Martyn was the co-founder of the Human Rights Law Alliance, a law firm dedicated to assisting people requiring legal support in the areas of freedom of religion, conscience and speech.

Martyn produces a popular vlog called "The Truth of It" and has appeared frequently in the media, including The Project, Sunrise, 60 Minutes, Today, Sky, The National Press Club, ABC Q+A, and every major TV network, newspaper and radio station.

Articles by Martyn Iles.

  • 6 December 2022

    2.3 MINS

    Some assorted concerns about Jordan Peterson -- 1. He is all about the self. Everything, no matter how transcendent or divine, is reflexed back to be about the self. Even the burning bush of Exodus 3. Even the statement, “the glory of God” in Romans [...]