Miraculous Election—Now What?

10 July 2019

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Against all odds, Scott Morrison won the 2019 Australian election. He called it a “miracle”! As experts scratched their heads, what they didn’t realise was, the miracle did not occur in a vacuum.

Across Australia, thousands of Christians united to pray for a righteous government. And ordinary people became concerned about losing freedom of speech and freedom of religion as Rugby star Israel Folau lost his playing career for quoting the Bible on social media—a fight that continues to escalate daily. Vitriolic attacks on Christians by the Political Correctness Police and the LGBT community riled quiet Aussies.

Australia has a Pentecostal Prime Minister and most certainly ‘dodged a communistic-socialist anti-Christ bullet’. On election night as the result was unfolding, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “My Church must step up.

Like the Brexit and Trump miracles, the Australian election also points to the Western Church being shaken to awaken. Where to now? We must not stop, but rather ‘step-up’ in key cultural areas to contend for the Kingdom of God.

At our last Throne-room worship gathering in Bendigo, the Lord powerfully demonstrated a key area where we must intensify our fight. During the most intimate part of worship, there was a fresh sound of men singing; it sounded like a Welsh Choir—plus angels!

I have read many articles lamenting about men frequently not singing in church. I believe on May 25, 2019, we witnessed a something powerful that is on the heart of God—a revival among men, to rise up in worship and prayer.

Statistics show men are outnumbered in prayer meetings and church attendance. In fact, in the prayer calls for the Australian election mentioned above, it was said that women outnumbered the men 6-1. Pew Research Centre said on March 22, 2016, that among Christians, women are more likely to attend, whereas for Muslims and Jews, men were higher attendees. Our ministry has been very blessed. We frequently have a ratio close to 50-50 men and women.

Where have all the major culture wars been lately? Marriage and family. The issue of fewer men praying and singing is in part, spillage from that battle.

  • LGBT agendas for marriage, gender fluidity
  • Domestic violence – (one woman a week dies in Australia!)
  • Abortion
  • No-fault divorce—(and no-win family laws)
  • Singleness
  • Men’s secret societies (counterfeit of men called to be priests in their homes).
  • Witchcraft curses to destroy Christian marriages and families.

While anti-Christ forces and secular society seek to eradicate Judeo-Christian marriage and family, yet there are also beliefs, traditions and stereotypes within the church that are out of alignment with God’s plumbline for marriage. These also contribute to the mess!

Contending for civility and morality in society begins by bringing our own homes into divine order. If we are not in alignment with God’s Word for marriage and family, how can we contend with the evil forces that want to tear it down? Contending for marriage and family is not selfish; it is also fighting for nations, because marriage is the foundation of society. It also affects God’s family. As we war for our own families, we are also warring for His kingdom and His bride.

Families need praying fathers! In Jewish culture, men are responsible for prayer and worship. Based in the home, it begins every Shabbat and continues at Passover. But in Western culture, women take major responsibility for prayer.

But as Rick Joyner says, “every Christian is called to be a warrior”. (Army of the Dawn—A New Breed Part 2, p. 54) I am so grateful for the men who already take this role seriously. But the momentous time of history we live in means all Christian men are needed as soldiers of the cross to fight for their marriages, families and nations. Again as Rick Joyner says, “indifference is the greatest offense in any relationship”. (Army of the Dawn Part 2, p. 90) When men are lukewarm toward the Lord and unwilling to fight for their own families, it is offensive and destructive.

To win the culture war for families and nations, those like the Biblical ‘Deborah and Barak’ must work together. Traditionally we see Barak as a weak man who would not go to battle without the woman. But Barak was clearly courageous—he is mentioned in the hall of faith in Hebrews 11:32!

Barak had to face the fierce army of a vicious Canaanite king who had troubled Israel for generations. To defeat this generational enemy, it needed both Deborah (the firebrand) to ignite Barak (the lightning torch) and together wage war.

Deborah — her name means ‘flaming bee’ — received and spoke the strategy given to her by God. The Word caused Barak to be bold, courageous and confront the enemy. As Barak began to fight, the Lord sovereignly intervened by sending a flood down the wadi (dry river in Israel). Once Barak took his place, the Lord helped Barak supernaturally.

Families and nations are waiting for men to arise as prayer and worship warriors who will deal with generational adversaries. Men have a unique gift and style. As men, like Barak, listen to strategic words from their wives like Deborah, they shall courageously confront generational bullies destroying marriages and children. As men of courage arise, and join the existing women of prayer, the Lord will intervene supernaturally.

The enemy seeks to destroy society built on Judeo-Christian ethics and values. Fighting for marriage and family releases the Lord’s bullet into the heart of that enemy.

“Your arrows are sharp in the heart of the King’s enemies; The peoples fall under You. 6 Your throne, O God, is forever and ever; A scepter of righteousness is the sceptre of Your kingdom.”
~ Psalm 45:5

Marriage pain seen in society is a picture of the anguish in the heart of God for His bride, the Church. As we contend for marriage and family, we can also identify with His suffering and contend for His family!
The instructions for marriage in Ephesians 5: 28-30 are beautifully summarised:

“Marriage is the beautiful design of the Almighty, a great and sacred mystery—meant to be a vivid example of Christ and his church.”
~ Ephesians 5:32 TPT

Husbands are called to be like the Second Adam (Jesus), not the First Adam!!! The First Adam did not protect his wife from the serpent and then blamed her. Most abusers of women in society and the church follow this pattern! The Second Adam gave His life to protect her from the serpent.

The Lord is looking for godly men to love and protect their wives and children from the enemy through prayer, worship and by taking accountability for their own stuff.

Husbands are to treat their wives like Jesus treats His Church. Jesus laid down His own life. Husbands are obligated to love, care for, and meet his wife’s needs. Yet most often, society and even within the church, the expectation is that the woman should meet the needs of her husband. Yet, like Jesus, husbands are called to meet the woman’s need for emotional affection and nurture, i.e. cherish her, and enable her to flourish. Women are responders. As husbands speak tenderly to her (as per Song of Solomon TPT), she will blossom and sing, she will become confident and more beautiful. And he will be rewarded, with happy contentment!

Prior to the sound of men singing in our worship service, I had prepared a message similar to this article. Before I could speak, the Lord released the precious sound of men worshipping as they sang I Love You Lord.

Hence, before bringing the word, I prayed for all the men and they burst into song, Amazing Grace.

As the men sang, every woman was deeply and profoundly touched! You could sense a tangible shift in the atmosphere.

Why is the song so important? At creation, God sang the Word to bring order out of chaos, and beauty from dysfunction. And family was instituted as the grand finale.

There is a sound and a song from men that will confront generational demons and bring healing to deep family wounds. The Lord Himself rejoices over us with singing. His song awakens our hearts (Song of Solomon 5:2 TPT). His song awakens hearts, our seed, our generations and our destiny.

Interestingly, Deborah and Barak sang a song too. Biblical prophets sing. Scripture frequently connects songs of praise, God’s voice, and defeating enemies.

Deborah and Barak’s duet affirmed the awesome power of God. They sang of the reality of their chaos, and then sang of God’s victory in this battle, giving Him praise.

When men arise as priests in their homes, a powerful transaction takes place in the Spirit realm. Sound and movement aligns with God’s plumbline.

The day the men sang profoundly in our meeting, we had placed a plumbline inside a Bible on the platform. Later we physically lined up in pairs either side of the plumbline. It was amazing how a higgledy group were soon in amazing order—like an army ready to march!

We should aspire for more than unity in marriage and in the Church, we are called to be one. In music, one sound is exhibited in a symphony. It is beautiful and powerful! Oneness in marriage also produces a beautiful and powerful sound, which shifts the atmosphere of nations and generations. Releasing the sound of God’s heart for marriage, brings healing and restoration to the Church and to society.

The enemy is afraid and resists men being one with women as they contend for the heart and soul of their family and nation. For the sake of His kingdom–step up!


  • Lead communion daily in your home. The blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God, overcomes the devil’s daily accusations.
  • Communion is the perfect place to deal with marriage issues and to pray healing for the generations.
  • Take responsibility for generational curses.
  • Pray with your wife. Bless her. Bless your children and grandchildren.
  • Pray for abused women and children.

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  1. Monica Bennett-Ryan 12 July 2019 at 1:23 pm - Reply

    Excellent article, Ruth. Well said!

  2. Stephen Adams 12 July 2019 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    An article that has given me much to think about in regards to my wife, family, church and town.
    Many thanks Ruth.

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