Here Come The Non-Binaries To Affirm Our Consensual Non-Monogamy

29 July 2019

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The cultural left has a haunting fear: That somewhere, someone hasn’t had their identity validated – hasn’t been made perfectly comfortable with whatever weird and repulsive things they’re into.

In this great, humanitarian crusade, in New Hampshire in the USA, there will now be a “non-binary” option on drivers’ licenses and birth certificates. And the American Psychological Association has formed a new task force to normalize “consensual non-monogamy,” also known as “polyamory” – not to be confused with palimony or Polly-want-a-cracker.

The non-binaries are no longer willing to endure the awful oppression of being identified as a man or a woman (a thing biology has already done). But now, thanks to a voice vote of the lily-livered New Hampshire legislature, and a RINO governor who allowed it to become law without his signature, beginning on January 1, 2020, Granite State residents will have the option of “M,” “F,” or “X” (for Don’t fence me in) on their driver’s license. New Hampshire will become the 13th state to allow this option to the gender-confused.

As the executive director of the New Hampshire ACLU explains: “Last year, we worked to put comprehensive discrimination protections for transgender people into law.” Now, they are building on that “incredible momentum” for the “non-binary community.” In other words, every victory for the sexual revolution becomes a staging area for the next assault.

On a related front, the APA now has a task force to “promote awareness and inclusivity about consensual non-monogamy and diverse expressions of intimate relationships” – a justification for musical beds, in clinical terminology.

And what happens when 8-year-old Cindy comes home and finds Mommy in bed with a strange man? Does Mommy say: “That’s alright, dear, Mommy and Daddy are engaged in consensual non-monogamous relationships, as approved by the American Psychological Association. Maybe you’d like to hop in bed with me and Fred.” Apparently in 21st century America, kids aren’t screwed up enough.

Speaking of warping tender psyches, at its recent convention, the American Library Association instructed local libraries on how to sneak Drag Queen Story Hour past the watchful eye of parents. Hard as it is to believe, there are those so repressed that they object to “Uncle Wiggily” being read to youngsters by men in pancake makeup and panty hose.

Everything must be affirmed, especially if it means denying reality and morality.

Take what’s called transgenderism, which 30 seconds ago was the cutting edge of the sexual revolution.

Transgenderism’s central premise is that a man who thinks he’s a woman has somehow altered his genetic makeup and become a woman.

But a man who thinks he’s a woman is still a man, albeit a delusional one. And a man who’s undergone so-called gender reassignment surgery is still a man, albeit one who’s had himself surgically altered to appear to be something other than what he is.

Nature, it’s a bitch – no offense to the bitch community.

À la the Emperor’s new unisex bathroom – Cultural Marxists are determined to make the rest of us go along with these multiple frauds. The objective is to establish the principle that when it comes to sex or gender, there is no normalcy and no reality.

All of these great advances in civil rights come at a price for dissenters – those who cling to Biblical morality.

Say, you’re a baker who’s asked to make a cake for a “gay wedding.” You refuse, because your faith tells you that a man can’t marry another man or a woman a woman. For you, the Bible is a somewhat higher authority than Supreme Court dicta.

In the eyes of the culture, you’re a bigot; you’re hateful. You’re refusing to affirm the identity of gays and lesbians. Worse, you’re discriminating against them. You must be harassed, ostracized, fined, ruined and driven out of business. This is the business end of the sexual revolution, the end the bullet exits.

Jamie Shupe is the first person to be legally declared non-binary, by an Oregon judge four years ago. He now says, “It was all a sham.” He was emotionally scarred by sexual and physical abuse as a child, experiences in the Army and a bad marriage (to a woman). So he constructed an elaborate fantasy.

First he decided he was a woman and began cross-dressing and hormone therapy. He saw a number of mental health professionals. All but one confirmed his identity. Some said he was a woman “born in the wrong body” – making him a certified member of the trans community.

Eventually, he decided that calling himself a woman was too confining, even for a cross-dresser. Besides, some feminists cruelly rejected him. So he persuaded a judge to rule that he was an “X.” Then he was officially a member of the non-binary community.

Now he says, “Two fake gender identities couldn’t hide the truth of my biological reality.” By confronting that truth, he went from being liberated to being hateful, from self- affirming to self-denying, and from being a proud member of multiple communities to being an oppressor.

Regarding the many landmarks of the sexual revolution (Drag Queen Story Hour, transgender potties, non-binary licenses, polygamy, polyandry and the like) we never voted on any of it. Even members of the New Hampshire legislature refused to be on record with a voice vote. Frequently, black-robed bureaucrats twisted the law to advance their social agenda.

And always, there were the organs of elite opinion – the media, Hollywood, the educational establishment, professional groups and activists pushing, pushing, relentlessly pushing.

In the United Kingdom, a physician (acting as a disability assessor for a government agency) was fired for refusing to say he would refer to a six-foot tall bearded man as “she” or “Mrs.,” if so requested.

As a Christian who is suing for religious discrimination, Dr. David Mackereth told a court, “If you believe in gender fluidity, gender is no more than one’s own fantasy about oneself.”

The goal is to abolish all standards, to create a dystopia where people have to parse their language to ensure that they comply with the prevailing orthodoxy before expressing an opinion. Dissenters will be punished and children indoctrinated. Laws will be written to force you to affirm the absurd.

In the meantime, society’s vital work will be neglected.

Our future depends on men marrying women, having babies, raising them to be responsible adults, and teaching them that there is something higher than their desires, that what they want can’t alter nature.


Originally published at GrassTops USA.
Permission to reprint or quote this commentary on the Internet is granted provided you include a byline to Don Feder, attribution to GrassTopsUSA and link back to the article at GrassTops.


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  1. Monica Bennett-Ryan 29 July 2019 at 9:39 am - Reply

    Pow! Well said! “Our future depends on men marrying women, having babies, raising them to be responsible adults, and teaching them that there is something higher than their desires, that what they want can’t alter nature.” Exactly! The LBGTI agenda is an agenda with no future. There is no ‘next generation’. It can’t be passed on to their children…that’s why they are stealing ours! And for what purpose? To advance the extinction of the human race? Really? How can any sane person support this agenda? We can stop this! We need to get gender education out of our schools. Please join me in writing to the Minister for Education – see my article “A letter to the Minister for Education”. We have the numbers. We need to stop this…if we don’t protect our children, who will?

  2. John Launder 29 July 2019 at 11:10 am - Reply

    Stating reality against all the delusions of the pc segment of modern (?) society

  3. Bronwyn 30 July 2019 at 6:13 pm - Reply

    Thank you for a great article!

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