A Love Poem for Easter

10 April 2020


This Easter is going to be different!

We can’t go to church, we can’t gather with friends. But we can gather with family around a meal.

Many love the tradition of going to church and coming home to a special Easter lunch. After a rousing sermon, their minds are filled with love for Christ and it’s easy to thank God for what Jesus did for us in Jerusalem so many years ago.

But, what if there is no sermon to inspire us?

Without a sermon to remember Christ, how do we make our traditional Easter meal special for our loved ones, our families gathered with us? We can say grace, as usual. We can add our own Bible reading to grace. We can read the words of a song we love as we eat and drink in memory of Him. Or, we can share a poem.

But where do we find a poem about Christ’s great love?

Here is one we can all use. It’s a love poem for Easter and I think, it says it all.

Love began…

From His throne God saw our future;
How it would both begin and end.
The possibilities and problems,
And solutions He would send.

He saw the world in all its beauty.
He created earth and sky.
He formed man in all his glory,
And gave him woman by his side.

He saw the limits of their wisdom.
He knew the power of their voice.
He saw the pain their freedom gave them.
He knew that death would be their choice.

He saw them breaking His Commandments.
He saw them tearing love apart.
He knew they couldn’t rise above it.
He saw them sinking in the dark.


And so He sent His Son to save them;
To take their agony and strife;
To give them freedom from their nightmare;
To show that love could bring them life.

He saw them take His Son and flog Him.
He saw them sentence Him to death.
He saw them hang Him up at Calvary.
He felt the pain of His last breath.

Though He contained His mighty anger,
The sun fled His righteous wrath.
The mountains trembled underneath Him,
The earth mourned for His great loss.

He saw them shroud His Son in darkness;
It couldn’t handle His bright light.
He saw Him burst from death triumphant;
He knew His Son would put things right.


He saw His Son return from battle,
Though injured, He was home.
He saw Him smiling at the angels,
As He stepped up to His throne.

He saw Him take the scroll of judgment;
And call the end-days to begin.
He saw Him send His mighty angels,
To protect those freed from sin.

He saw Him slay the ancient dragon.
He saw Him kill the beasts and whore.
He saw Him hold His precious virgin,
And promise she would cry no more.

Then His Son reached out to greet Him;
The Spirit joined their warm embrace.
We’ve seen the end from the beginning,
Let’s create the human race.”

And Love began again…

© Monica Bennett-Ryan – first published 2018 – In His Name Publishing. All rights reserved.

[Photo by Marcio Chagas on Unsplash]

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