A Call to Prayer: No Breach in the Wall

26 June 2020

4.3 MINS

Update: MP Nat Cook’s “Health Access Zones Bill”
On 17 June, this Bill was adjourned to 22 July. This means that we just need one more adjournment to get to the winter break. This is our prayer!

Without the Lord’s intervention, there is a serious chance this Bill may pass. There is a real chance that a silent prayer amendment will be allowed, but we do not want to give any ground to the enemy to take away our freedom to offer help to women on their way to abort their baby. Many of them are undecided and deeply conflicted. If you are confident to speak to your local MP, please do so now.

Let there be no breach in the wall for the Lord’s sake, and for the sake of the unborn. In 2009, a small group sat on the South Australian Parliament House steps in a silent prayer vigil on the 40th anniversary of the first legalized abortion legislation in Australia being passed.

Back in the ’60s, backyard abortions were at times killing women or destroying their reproductive organs, so it seemed a humanitarian solution for those in dire circumstances. However, as there has been a rapid and continual decline in society’s morality and ethical conscience, there have been more and more taking the abortion option as the solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

There now is growing evidence that there are those profiteering from the abortion ‘industry’ and government-funded abortion, for financial gain. All this has become a greater tragedy than we could ever have been imagined.

After some hours and many tears that day on the cold grey steps of Parliament, I inquired in my heart,

“Lord, what will reverse this legislation, how do we close this gate that has been opened?”

He spoke clearly to my heart:

“If My people will come together as one for 55 days and pray, I will rebuild the walls and restore the gates!”

It took until January of 2019 for there to be a national call go out — it was called ‘55 Days of Mercy’. It went to tens of thousands, and many heeded the call to pray three times a day for fifty-five days, and the Lord rebuilt the walls and restored the gates of our nation.

From then we have seen an almost continual call to prayer for many things — there is more united prayer in Australia now than ever in our lifetime.

Now we can together ‘as one’ administrate justice and truth, given by the Lord, to see the atrocity of abortion on demand, and even up to full term, eradicated. This will take something we are not good at as human beings — unity!

There are 12,201,600 residents identifying as Christians in Australia, and we have a strong voice if we work as one! Jesus knew this was a vital part of the Church succeeding on Earth to fulfill all that needs to be won. He asked for it, for us, in John 17. He prayed to the Father that we be one just as He and the Father are one!

It is easy to be in unity when everyone thinks the same way or has the same temperament or ideals. We are all unique and different, we all have a part to play, and we weaken our stance as ambassadors of Christ, kings and priests, as a holy nation when we fail to be like Him and instead work against each other.

At times, we pretend to like one another, but keep records of wrongs and give each other minimal, or no support, when it is within our power (and calling) to stand together and rally to the part of the wall that is under attack.

We have another full-term abortion bill coming forth in our nation (in SA) very soon as the forces of darkness systematically line up, state by state, in legalizing the killing of our unborn.

Why have we not been able to stop these bills passing in other states? There have been so many righteous people working so hard. Much petitioning of politicians, rallies of thousands and powerful heartfelt prayer with fasting, yet they go through with very little resistance… why?

In seeking the Lord, I believe there are key elements that the enemy has to accuse us of, and these things are breaches in the walls around our nation. One to share today, is when there is infighting in the army of God – we hear of back-biting and slander, sometimes overt and other times covert.

There is manipulation and control, twisting and lies, along with unforgiveness and roots of bitterness growing up – these are all legal ammunition for the enemy to use against us. Such words and actions on our part give the enemy the right to bring confusion and disunity among us – a house divided against itself cannot stand. (Matthew 12:25)

As we let love cover and deeply forgive, blessing each other and being reconciled, we become more like Christ who forgave on the cross, and prayed on the cross, as He offered up His life for us to have eternal life in Him.

Forgiveness is the Key to unity and reconciliation.
Let us all go deep, humbly asking the Holy Spirit to reveal any root of bitterness we may be feeding, and go to His throne of grace and ask for it to be removed. Let us keep watch over our conversations as they will reveal what is in the abundance of our hearts (Luke 6:45).

May we bless someone today who cannot give us anything in return, especially the ones who have hurt us — release them in our hearts to the Father. There is wisdom with trusting, that needs discernment — but a freedom comes when we let go in our heart and pray for those who don’t deserve it.

Ask for the grace to see each other through Jesus’s eyes.

“And we no longer see each other in our former state — Jew or non-Jew, rich or poor, male or female — because we are all one through our union with Jesus Christ, with no distinction between us.”
~ Galatians 3:28 TPT

Jesus said it so powerfully:

“Again, I give you an eternal truth: If two of you agree to ask God for something in a symphony of prayer, My heavenly Father will do it for you.”
Matthew 18:19 TPT

May our prayer be a symphony with every heart tuned by love, to make the unified sound that moves heaven, and causes the Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven – lives of the unborn blessed, cherished, and given protection and life!

May the Lord Bless you abundantly in everything He has put in your heart to do!

Join with our brothers and sisters to bless Australia in worship:

[Photo by Mickael Tournier on Unsplash]

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