Pro-Life Prayer Day 3: Light Before Others

17 July 2020

2.6 MINS

So don’t hide your light! Let it shine brightly before others, so that the commendable things you do will shine as light upon them, and then they will give their praise to your Father in Heaven.
~ Matthew 5:16 TPT

Jesus stated clearly, don’t hide your light… let it shine brightly before others — this is His light in us shining forth, the kind of light that is love; it is the essence of God – the fragrance of life, and it is shining, it is bright, it brings hope, it illuminates a pathway forward and dispels darkness!

When a follower of Jesus shines, even their eyes sparkle, and their voice is just what is needed at any given time.

Jesus said, “The commendable things you do will shine as light upon them, resulting in them giving their praise to your Father in Heaven.” That means, when we release the light of His presence — motivated by love the response of the recipient is to give thanks to the Father.

Imagine for a moment: there is a distraught young woman afraid to tell her parents she is pregnant. She tells her boyfriend and he acts strangely toward her. She phones a pregnancy advisory number and is told, you have a choice, no-one can tell you you don’t have the right to have an abortion — it is a quick easy solution to this unwanted problem.

As the young woman ponders concerning her boyfriend… “I prayed that he would come to me and stop me and say I want to have this baby with you, and we will work out how to do this and I’m with you no matter what! but he didn’t come, and now I’m going completely alone to this abortion clinic. I never dreamed I would do this, I always imagined I’d be a great mum when the time came.”

She sees a couple of people nearby, then a kind voice says, “Hello, would you like to talk before you make this decision?” And they tell her about other choices — that there is help to keep the baby, support if that’s what she chooses. She is told she can still study and find a pathway to her career goals. She also has a choice to keep the child, with help available in every way needed, or they can help find a family to adopt the baby into another loving home, even having shared care with her if she wanted. Through tears of relief, she says sobbing, “Yes I want to have this baby! I never wanted to have an abortion, I asked God to help me and here you are… I can’t believe it, but it’s real!”

  • Pray that the government will listen beyond those who wrote an official report recommending 150-metre exclusion zones.
  • Pray that many Christians will respond and write to their MPs in the SA Lower House.
  • Pray that the debate will expose the unbelievable implications of this bill on South Australians’ free speech.

**On Wednesday, 22 July 2020, the SA Lower House will debate and possibly vote on the Health Care (Safe Access) Amendment Bill 2020.
The Bill will establish 70,000-square-metre zones in at least 12 areas (possibly more) in South Australia, where it will be against the law to communicate about abortion in a way that can be seen and heard by those entering or leaving a place where abortions are carried out.

As it stands, this Bill will:

  • ban silent prayer;
  • stop those who want to offer pregnancy support to women who do not want to have an abortion, but do so as they feel they have no alternative;
  • affect the freedom to communicate publicly about abortion in large areas of SA.

Proposed Amendments (vital to maintain for SA if the Bill were to pass)
Write to MPs asking them to not support the Bill in its current form and to vote for key amendments such as allowing silent prayer, offers of help, and preserving the rights of organisations which were in zones before they commenced operation.
More details for taking action can be found on the ACL website.

[Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash]

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