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2 August 2020

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The team at Dads4Kids takes a deep interest in men’s health. Having worked closely with Professor John MacDonald in 2007, we were successful in getting a national Men’s Health Policy across the line in Federal Parliament.

Furthermore, we include a complete session on men’s health in every Good to Great Fathering Course because a healthy father is much better than a dead father. Generally speaking, men can be their own worst enemies when it comes to health. Mike Murdoch was right to say,

“Men will spend their health getting wealth. They gladly pay all they have earned to get their health back.”

Essentially, the team at Dads4Kids is focused on better health, through prevention. Having said that, we are also interested in how to deal with specific health threats such as the coronavirus. Last Thursday Victoria reported a record of 732 new cases.

If you are a man, you are twice as likely to die of coronavirus than if you are a woman. The likelihood varies from country to country by orders of between 10% and 90%.

Dads4Kids first wrote about the COVID crisis in ‘Dads & the Coronavirus’ on 16 March 2020 and again on 30 March 2020 with ‘10 Keys to Build Your Immune System Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic’. We followed up a week later with an article called ‘Three Things a Father Can Do in the midst of the Coronavirus’. We encourage you to check these out as they all still hold true.

All the science shows that building up and looking after your immune system is key to surviving the epidemic. Being younger is also a great advantage. Children, thankfully, don’t seem to get infected nor do they carry the disease readily. The high-risk ages for death by coronavirus are more for the elderly and those with other co-morbidities such as diabetes or heart disease.

As at 31 May 2020 Australia had 103 deaths from coronavirus, with confirmed cases reaching 7,185 which equates to a death rate of 1.4%. When you consider the fact that most people do not even know they have the disease, my estimated death rate would be around the 1% figure.

What can we do to lower the death rate?

The World Health Organisation would say, “Nothing!”

I would say, “Rubbish”. The World Health Organisation has acted as an accessory with China in the knowing or negligent spread of this disease from Day One.

I would argue strongly that there are several health treatment protocols that are reducing the death rate from coronavirus quite markedly and that these are worthy of your investigation. In all cases, you should seek advice from your doctor, but all are worthy of further examination.

The first treatment for COVID-19 is called the MATH+ Protocol and can only be given in hospital situations. Dr Paul E Marik, a Professor of Medicine and head of an emergency section of a hospital, is one of several proponents of this treatment. The MATH+ Protocol is well advanced and in use in several countries with a good track record.


In the video above, Dr Paul Marik says that the average death rate worldwide in patients admitted to hospital wards to receive treatment for coronavirus is averaging 24%. Patients treated with the MATH+ Protocol are only averaging a 6% death rate. This is a 300% improvement in survival and is well worth more thorough investigation.

It might be wise to make a few observations. The doctors who are behind the MATH+ Protocol, whilst they have a basic formula, adjust the formulae and its application for each patient. Secondly, they stress early intervention is the key to its success. In other words, good doctors and careful care will have an important impact on the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The second treatment is Hydroxychloroquine. Before you jump down my throat and say that Trump recommended that three months ago and he was wrong, let me point out that the media have built an industry out of trying to prove Trump wrong.

I first heard about Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc treatment, not from Trump, but from Dr Scheult, a medial school lecturer. Like Dr Paul Marik, he is a practitioner in an emergency section of a hospital.


Dr Scheult has been doing a daily update on COVID-19 for almost 6 months. On 12 March he looked at the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine with both Zinc and Quercetin. His view is that it should be considered by medical professionals as a possible treatment.

Dr Scheult also personally recommends Vitamin C, as well as Zinc, to fight the virus. He has over 50 Million views on his medical channel.

Dr Scheult is not alone in his commendations. Hydroxychloroquine is used all over the world in various ways to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many doctors and nurses take it as a prophylactic to stop them getting the virus in the first place.

In a large poll of doctors, taken in April 2020, from 30 countries, 37% of doctors said Hydroxychloroquine was the most effective treatment for COVID-19. This made it the most popular single treatment for COVID-19. The Australian Minister for Health announced that extra supplies were brought into Australia at the time.

On 2 July 2020 the Henry Ford Health system released a study which included 2,541 patients over six hospitals in Detroit. The study showed that 13% of COVID patients died when treated with Hydroxychloroquine, compared with 26.4% who were not treated. In other words, Hydroxychloroquine treatment dropped the death rate by 50%.

In Nigeria, Hydroxychloroquine is used as a malaria treatment, but a recent report on 23 June 2020 shows that it acts as a prophylaxis for COVID-19. Doctors in Africa and Asia used the drug more often generally, because of malaria, but they also prescribe it for COVID-19 with varying degrees of success.

The third treatment that again can be used with varying degrees of success is asthma-based drugs, usually used in combination with other preventative measures. Dr Richard Bartlett from West Texas has used Budesonide to treat COVID-19 patients. Watch him below in this video.


Remember, talk to your own doctor first about the above COVID-19 treatment protocols. The one theme that is coming through is that they all call for early intervention and prevention. This is something I have always believed in. As the old proverb says,

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Yes, there is no absolute cure for COVID-19, but there are some great advances being made to prevent harm from COVID-19 and lower the death rate. They are all worthy of further investigation.

Health is something we all have to work at: exercise, balanced diet, proper rest and having a good circle of friends are foundation stones for your ongoing wellness. Laughter is also a key!

Let me conclude with some wise words from Bernard Salt, to give us the big picture on the way forward:

It leads me to conclude that one of the most important attributes required over the balance of this year is strong mental health. People who remain connected, upbeat and hopeful about the future are most likely to emerge in a stronger position to reap the rewards of post-pandemic opportunities. It’s easy to recede into a netherworld of Netflix, self-pity and of wishing-it-was-over. It is not over. There is a long way to go. We need to remain mentally strong…

In the meantime, reach out to those in lockdown to show that you care, to show that there is a common bond of humanity, to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Surviving the pandemic of 2020 involves getting through to the other side, not necessarily with a job or a business intact, but at the very least with a positive disposition, good mental health and strong interpersonal relationships. We can’t yet vaccinate against coronavirus, but we can beat it by remaining united and adaptive and by being irrepressibly positive about the future.

Be encouraged by Bernard Salt’s exhortation. Let’s stay positive. Our families need us to stay strong. Do your own research. Concentrate on prevention and follow the words of the greatest man who ever lived,

“Be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.”

Yours for Good Health,
Warwick Marsh

PS: Assuming the current coronavirus death rate remains relatively the same, some 300 people could perish in Australia by the end of the first year of the pandemic.
During that same period, more than double the number are expected to die due to a secondary crisis that has been sparked by COVID-19.
It will be a largely silent death toll, and little is being done to drive down the number of victims.
Male suicide is something that is of big concern for Dads4Kids.

PPS: Today, Sunday 2 August 2020 is a day of Prayer & Fasting inspired by the National Council of Churches for an end to the Pandemic. For more information, click here.

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