I’m Not Doomed

20 August 2020

1.8 MINS

The tears ran down my face. My brain had locked onto a conspiracy theory. This Covid-19 virus was made to just get rid of the old people in our society. If it worked, imagine how much money governments around the world would save.

While I’m not considered old yet, I am headed in that direction, fast. There just didn’t seem to be the respect for oldies that there used to be; in fact, respect for human life seems to have gone by the wayside. A heavy feeling of doom came over me. Now I’m unique, but not that unique to think that I’m the only person out there having moments like these.

Through the tears, God whispered one name, over and over again: Moses.

As the tears dried, I remembered that his generation lived through another virus, called Pharaoh. It (He) struck every Israelite male as they were born and yet, Moses was saved.

Then there was the Herod virus, that killed the children of Bethlehem who were under two years of age. On this occasion, I imagine that many children who were born in that two-year period might have been saved simply because their parents had returned to their second homes, from which they had travelled for the census, and Jesus, whom Herod was after, had escaped because of Joseph’s wisdom of listening to God.

The reality is, that all through history, there have been times when evil has disrespected human life and tried its hardest to do away with it on a mass scale.

Finding Hope

Yet, above all, there have also been those who have, one way or another, survived against impossible odds, or to put it correctly, God has covered and protected for His own purpose.

Are we privy to that purpose? Not always. Can we understand why He protected some and not others? Not likely.

For who hath known the mind of the Lord?
Or who hath been His counsellor?
~ Romans 11:34

But through it all, we need to trust that He will bring an end to the evil sooner rather than later, because in the bigger plan, He wants His creation to endure.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to His purpose.
~ Romans 8:28

Lord, forgive us for all the times we have not respected Your human creation.
Thank You for reminding us all, that above all, You will limit what evil can do.
Your purpose is greater than any evil that man can create.
We pray for those who are grieving because of the effects of this current virus;
give them comfort and strength,
and may they look forward, in faith, to a time when this too will pass.

[Photo by Yaroslav Danylchenko from Pexels]


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