Voter Fraud in America? In Australia Too!

6 January 2021

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1 Timothy 2:1-2 urges us to pray for our governments so that we may be able to live our lives in godliness and honesty.

Democracy is meant to be more than two foxes and a chicken sitting down to vote on what is for dinner! Our Westminster system from Britain is based on the Bible, and is meant to contain moral principles, honesty, transparency and accountability.

However, in the USA and Australia, election processes are being defrauded.

If a government obtains illegitimate power due to voting fraud, then it gains ‘legal rights’ from Satan to create oppression, and limits our work in the Kingdom of God.

Richard Mawrey QC, an Electoral Commissioner in the UK, has sent people to jail for committing voter fraud. He visited Australia a few years ago for a family gathering. I was able to get him to speak at public meetings. He was aghast at the loopholes in the Australian systems and he described our postal voting as a “recipe for fraud.”

Over the years I have found evidence of voting fraud in Australia, but unfortunately the authorities (police, electoral commissions, ministers in Parliament) have not heeded the many complaints that have been made by me and many others, notably Dr Amy McGrath OAM, who has written books about voting fraud.

Voting fraud is often difficult to prove, seeing as we ordinary voters do not have the powers of authorised officers. I could list over a dozen cases of proven vote frauds in the last 35 years, and in some of these an MP has lost his/her seat (e.g. PM John Howard in 2007).

One example is that the Liberal MP for Macquarie lost his seat in 1993 by 164 votes. Rapidly, he gathered evidence of over 300 false enrolments on the Electoral Roll, and began a challenge in the Court of Disputed Returns, which is a very clumsy mechanism.

Due to adjournments etc, when his legal fees reached $200,000, he withdrew the case. Senator John Faulkner and others said that “he lost the case because vote fraud does not exist”. But the truth is that that evidence was never examined, cross-examined and judged.

In the Werriwa by-election in 2005, I prayed and asked God to reveal to me any voting fraud.
About 10 a.m. on election day, I was handing out How-to-Vote leaflets and a man took an ALP leaflet from a person near me. When I offered him my leaflet, he verbally abused me — so I remembered his distinctive appearance — and then he went in to vote.

When I delivered lunch to my wife working on another polling booth, I saw this same man of distinctive appearance right in front of me walking out of that polling booth.

On the Tuesday after the by-election, by God’s sovereignty I met a man whom I shall describe, for his own personal safety, as code-named “Belinda”.

I said, “On Saturday I saw a person voting twice — once at my polling booth, then when I delivered lunch to my wife at another polling booth.”

Belinda said words to the effect of:

“We used to do that all the time when I was in the ALP. Sussex Street HQ would give us a list of 600 names, and a group of 20 of us would go to 30 polling booths, voting under different names. Sometimes we didn’t even bother finishing the list, and by mid-afternoon we would all go to the pub … Federal elections, State elections, Council elections. It’s been happening for 10 to 15 years that I know of. And we never got caught or questioned.”

I showed a document of Belinda’s story with Mark Latham (who used to be leader of the ALP). He knows this man ‘Belinda’ well, and he confirmed to me that his story is correct.

If the ALP does 600 false enrolment vote frauds habitually in a safe ALP seat, what would they do in a marginal seat?

Those 600 extra votes at $5.66 per vote mean $3,400 in a federal election and similar funding in State elections. If that same sort of thing happens in every federal electorate (and why wouldn’t it?!) and in every State election, then the ALP is receiving millions of dollars of extra funding, which I speculate is used to employ a database manager and staff to run the false enrolment schemes.

The reason that I conceal the real name of “Belinda” is so that he does not get bashed again, as happened already — see the front page of The Daily Telegraph. He had spoken up against branch-stacking, and its associated vote frauds.

One of several examples of voting fraud is that I have a half dozen Statutory Declarations of what happened in the Wollondilly electorate in the 2007 NSW State election — a busload of “Young Labor” people was seen going from polling booth to polling booth, voting often.

Electoral Rolls are in a shambles due to the incompetence of the Electoral Commissions, and this plus lack of voter ID creates the opportunity for false names and multiple voting.

The AEC Electoral Commissioner admitted to a Parliamentary committee that just shortly before the 2015 NSW State election, the NSW Electoral Roll contained 139,898 more names than the federal Electoral Roll for NSW, and also that there were 102,427 electors enrolled at different addresses.

I ask, “How many extra false names had been padded into the NSW Electoral Roll? Or how many real or false names had been moved from an address in a safe electorate to an address in a marginal electorate? How true and valid were the results of the 2015 State election?!”

There are many methods of voting fraud, and above I have described false enrolments. In the absence of voter ID, another common method is “multiple voting”. In each of the last three federal elections, the AEC has admitted (e.g. 19 October 16 in The Sydney Morning Herald; 30 May 2014 on the ABC) that about 18,000 multiple votes have occurred.

That is bad enough (and nobody has been prosecuted), but I obtained from the AEC their data broken down by each federal electorate. I discovered that the number 18,000 was not multiple votes, but was LETTERS SENT OUT to people who appeared to have voted more than once. The number of multiple votes in three federal elections was therefore AT LEAST 36,000.

Unless this coalition federal government implements voter ID (recommendations 6, 21 and 22 of the December 2020 report), the result of the next federal election will be totally unreliable and we could have good people losing their seats and illegitimate MPs gaining power through fraudulent means. Such a situation could lead to the adopting of extreme anti-family and anti-Christian policies.

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  1. Carolyn 10 July 2021 at 11:05 am - Reply

    With all this rubbish about QR codes on our phones- would this actually assist in deleting voter fraud?? .. except where many elderly people dont have and dont want a mobile/cell phone and cant use one anyway?? what then? it needs to be sorted out before our next elections .

  2. Lex Stewart 7 November 2021 at 11:13 pm - Reply

    There are many methods of Vote Frauds. The recent (early Nov 2021) proposed Bills will do nothing to prevent False Enrolments onto the Electoral Roll, as they relate only to Voter ID when one goes into a polling booth to collect Ballot Papers. The incentives for Vote Frauds are huge – when in government, the Party in power gets to instal their followers into various ambassador positions and chairpersons of umpteen government and semi-government committees and agencies. The huge majority of employees of Australian Electoral Commission are decent, normal people, but I have evidence of serious corruption by several of the senior officers of the AEC over many years. The ordinary citizens of australia need to “kick the heads” of their local MPs and demand fair and honest elections free of frauds. ALP MPs would be either ignorant of the vote fraud rorts committed by the Party machine (i.e.their colleagues) or knowing about it they would be reluctant to admit that such exist, because they are the beneficiaries. Vote frauds are rarely done by Libs or Nats as they are too poorly-organised. Organised Vote Frauds bring in extra income to the ALP Party machine to the extent of possibly $1million per year. Electoral Rolls are in a shambles, enabling Vote frauds – dont believe me – read the five reports of the Australian National Audit Office 2002 to 2015 – again and again they damn the AEC for incompetence and loopholes, but no journalists or MPs or Ministers read the ANAO reports, so few people are aware of how serious the situation is. The Parliamentary committee oversighting elections comprises MPs who are far too busy with other things and so the whole process is hostage to the left-leaning Canberra bureaucracy who run the committees, screen out evidence of Vote Frauds and pretend that all is well and that Australian elections are fair and honest – NOT SO!

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