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Cubans Protest Communism: Biden Admin and Big Tech Claim It’s About Covid Vaccines

13 July 2021

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Over the weekend, unprecedented scenes emerged from the small island nation of Cuba, with thousands taking to the streets to demand freedom from 60 years of Communist tyranny.

Crowds chanted, “We are not afraid!” and “Freedom!” — and called for an end to the impoverished conditions inflicted by the far-left Marxist regime set up in the 1950s by Fidel Castro.

Many Cubans were seen gathered outside the Communist Party Headquarters shouting, “Cuba isn’t yours!” Demonstrators in the Caribbean archipelago flew both anti-communist flags and American flags during their once-in-a-generation rally for freedom.

While many Republican lawmakers sent messages of solidarity to the Cuban demonstrators, the Biden administration and prominent Democrats were slow to respond to the historic protests.

The only Biden official to comment on the first day of the protests was an acting Assistant Secretary of State. In a lone tweet, Julie Chung dishonestly framed the protests as merely a demand for more vaccines in the midst of rising COVID cases:

Calling out the Biden admin’s unwillingness to decry Communist abuses — and to instead spin the events in Cuba to suit their political agenda — the Babylon Bee in one headline quipped, “Biden’s State Department: ‘We Support The Cuban People As They Rise Up To Protest Georgia’s Voter ID Laws’“.

Perhaps predictably, one CNN reporter even found a way to blame Donald Trump for the Cuba protests, rather than the nation’s decades-old Communist regime. This was only the latest in an illustrious tradition of America’s corporate press drawing a moral equivalence between pro-U.S. news, and reporting that is sympathetic towards Cuba’s Communist government.

Twitter also deceitfully reframed the Cuba demonstrations. “Protests take place across Cuba as the country faces shortages of COVID-19 vaccines and basic necessities,” the Big Tech giant summarised in its ‘What’s happening’ sidebar.

Since 1965, Cuba has been a one-party state governed by the Communist Party of Cuba, whose sole power is enshrined in the Constitution. It is one of few remaining Marxist-Leninist socialist states still in existence, and has one of the world’s only planned economies.

Cuba’s authoritarian regime arbitrarily jails its political opponents; curtails press freedoms; withholds free and fair elections; and is guilty of multiple human rights abuses — all while sitting as a lead country on the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Since the demonstrations broke out on Sunday, Cuba’s Communist leadership has reportedly militarised the country, shot at and arrested protestors, and blacked out Internet and communications.

The President and CEO of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Ambassador Andrew Bremberg, urged the Biden admin to sanction the Communist regime. He also called for protection and aid for the demonstrators in their struggle for freedom:

We must support Cuba to peacefully transition to democracy, a free market, and rule of law. The communist officials engaging in neglecting the people of Cuba, massive corruption, and gross human rights violations and violence should be subjected to sanctions from democratic countries all over the globe.

In the days since the demonstrations began, the White House has offered a belated condemnation of the Cuban regime, but has been diligent to avoid mentioning its Communist ideology:

The Cubans’ flying of the American flag as a symbol of their desire for freedom follows that of protesters in Hong Kong, Venezuela and Iran. It has also focussed attention on the American left’s growing antagonism towards the Stars and Stripes, and its implausible claim that the U.S. remains structurally oppressive.

In recent months, activist athletes have turned their backs on the American flag; Antifa militants have set it alight, and the New York Times has variously labelled the Star-Spangled Banner as disturbing, divisive and alienating. These Marxian gestures ring hollow when set against the backdrop of repression in Cuba — and the Cubans’ clear desire for an American-style democracy.

Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki was caught off-guard when confronted about this paradox by a White House journalist:

The mixed messages currently emanating from the Biden administration reveal it to be one of the most soft-on-Communism White Houses in living memory.

[Photo: Daily Sabah]

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