Dr Jereth Kok

Please Stand With This Persecuted Australian Christian

24 August 2021


This Christian doctor desperately needs your support:

What would you think if you lost your livelihood, your career, your only source of income, all because of the radical cancel culture? How would you feel if you studied hard for years for your chosen professional career, only to find it screeching to a halt because of activists? How would you feel if you spent the past two years on welfare payments because some militants decided you should suffer?

How would you feel if all of your clientele — in this case, all of your patients — had nothing but the highest regard and praise for you and your work, and never once complained — but you still find yourself out of a job because PC activists have hounded you out of your profession?

How would you feel if your only “crime” was to post comments on your own personal Facebook page, and on a few websites, simply saying things that almost everyone throughout all of human history fully agreed with? Things like: ‘Children deserve a mother and father.’ ‘There are only two sexes.’ ‘Killing babies in the womb is morally wrong.’

Yes, for daring to say such truthful and innocuous things, one person I know has lost his entire career, and is now struggling to feed his family, as well as raise funds so he can now defend himself in court. I refer to the wonderful Christian doctor, Jereth Kok. I have written up his story before — please have a read here.

Jereth will now finally have his day in court, after waiting a full two years. Of course this means it will cost heaps of money to pay for barristers to help make his case. He has just set up a page on this website to raise some funds to help cover all these costs.

The story on this site begins with these words:

Dr Jereth Kok has been cancelled. Your support is needed to help Dr Kok get his job back.

In 2017 and 2019, anonymous activists targeted Jereth because of his conservative and Christian views on social media. Jereth is a competent doctor. Jereth is liked by his colleagues and patients. Jereth provided care to hundreds of patients every month at a family practice without a single complaint.

Despite Jereth’s skills, reputation and absence of a single patient complaint, the Medical Board of Australia barred Jereth from practicing medicine in 2019. Jereth has not seen his patients for 2 years. Jereth needs your help to get the best legal assistance so he can fight to get his job back, and help to ensure that other Australian health workers won’t be treated the same way.

He goes on to tell his story:

Dr Jereth Kok has fallen victim to the same ideological intolerance that has ensnared footballer Israel Folau, actress Gina Carano, pastor Margaret Court, and author J. K. Rowling.

Unknown to Jereth, in late 2017 and again in 2019, activists made anonymous complaints to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) about Jereth’s private Facebook page and comments on a Christian blog site about issues like marriage and gender theory.

AHPRA conducted a prolonged, secret investigation into Jereth’s online history, and in mid-2019 the Australian Medical Board decided that Jereth should be suspended immediately, without full investigation and trial, because of the perceived harm to the public interest arising from Jereth’s views. Jereth’s satisfied patients were suddenly deprived of their trusted doctor and his single-income family was financially shipwrecked, despite no patient of Jereth’s ever complaining about his clinical practice.

The Medical Board particularly targeted Facebook posts and an article in a Christian newspaper that stated Jereth’s Christian convictions on abortion, marriage, sexuality and transgenderism. The Board alleged that Jereth’s views were demeaning and contrary to accepted medical practice. They also took other words out of context as a basis to accuse Jereth of expressing dangerous and violent views.

Jereth is still under investigation by the Medical Board, and expects that they will take action this year to revoke his medical licence permanently. Jereth will be challenging the Medical Board’s decision before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Jereth has engaged the help of the Human Rights Law Alliance, a not-for-profit law firm specialising in religious freedom cases. HRLA will be working for Jereth on a heavily discounted basis. But Jereth needs to engage experienced barristers and experts to run the best case possible for himself and other doctors. Your contributions will ensure that he is well resourced to take on the might of the government funded Medical Board.

Jereth can’t defend himself alone — He needs your help. Legal challenges are expensive. The Medical Board has Government funding behind it, but Jereth is struggling to finance even his family’s basic needs at the moment, let alone expensive litigation.

He closes his appeal with these words:

You can help Dr Jereth Kok in his legal challenge to try to save his livelihood and protect other Christian professionals from suffering the same fate. Please prayerfully consider this need. If just 3000 people give $50 each, our goal will be met. All money raised will be put into a legal trust account to run Jereth’s case. Any leftover funds will be divided between supporting Jereth’s family and a donation to the general work of HRLA. Thank you.

Here again is his funding page.

Please click on it and make a financial pledge to help this wonderful Christian and first-class medical professional as he seeks to overturn this horrific ruling. He deserves much better treatment than this. So does his wife and two small children.

As an example of the sort of things this court case will likely ‘investigate,’ have a look at this interview with Jereth on the issue of transgenderism. It demonstrates how fully rational, scientific, compassionate, and caring Dr Kok is:


What has happened to Jereth is an appalling example of diabolical cancel culture at its worst. What we have are noisy minority groups wielding incredible power over innocent and conscientious professionals. This is so very wrong on so many levels. Please support Dr Kok. Please contribute to his legal defence. Please share his story far and wide. Thank you.


Originally published at CultureWatch.

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