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The Wiggles’ Woke Wanderings are a Form of Grooming

25 August 2021


Indigenous leaders are incensed over the conflation of traditional Aboriginal culture and the Wiggles’ new LGBT-friendly iteration.

Australian children’s entertainers The Wiggles have been criticised for adopting diversity advice that effectively amounts to grooming children into “woke” gender and sexual fads, which have no place in Aboriginal culture.

Earlier this week the Wiggles announced, amongst other changes, that they were including “new non-binary” characters in their performances.

The Wiggles can have a culturally diverse band — we have no problem with that — and they can decide ultimately to ruin their international brand and reputation by adopting woke fads, but they should not use Aboriginal people or Aboriginal culture for anything to do with “non-binary” sexuality and our children.

Blatant Sexualisation

Children are innocent and it is not appropriate to send subliminal suggestive messages, such as this, to our kids in song and dance. It is coercive and should not be acceptable. The Wiggles are not their parents or family, and they have no right to do so.

In our society we have freedoms, but this does not mean they have the freedom to push their non-age-appropriate ideas into our children’s minds and use our culture, which is opposed to this. The majority of Aboriginal people consider it child abuse. It is not right to interfere with a child’s mind like this. It is sexualising them. It is, in fact, a form of grooming, and to see a once-admired group like the Wiggles go down this path is unfortunate.

Cultural Genocide

It is reported they used Professor Michael McDaniel as an adviser on this project. Professor McDaniel is listed as a First Nations academic, which suggests that this is an Aboriginal thing, when actually such woke fads are facilitating cultural genocide within the longest continuing culture on planet Earth.

The late spiritual leader David Mowaljarlai, a senior Lawman from the Ngarinyin, said Aboriginal culture “is the blood of this country.” For Ngarinyin (and all Aboriginal communities), the “primary philosophy of life is that there are always two dimensions of existence — Wunngud, energy, and Wurnan, its physical manifestation; two sexes — male and female; two realms of responsibility — men’s business and women’s business. This non-binary nonsense is a cultural crime. It represents threats to our cultural survival.

The early colonials documented at a meeting in Port Jackson that the person who approached the British seemed to be the eldest male of the party. They observed senior members of the family held command over others, the “authority of a chief”, and were called be-anna (which means father).

Aboriginal social hierarchies are distinct and not easily comparable to classifications in the modern world. For example, there is no word in Aboriginal language for race. The relationship to others has nothing to do with race. It is predetermined by one’s relationship to the land, environment, clan and skin group. Elements include relationships, connection, kinship, knowledge, reciprocity and accountability.

Professor Michael McDaniel is in an Aboriginal unit which is overseen by Verity Helen Firth, the Executive Director of Social Justice at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). She is a former politician. Her NSW Labor Party saw the Aboriginal Affairs Minister jailed for at least nine years and three months after being convicted in 2007 of 30 child sex and drugs charges. The MP’s crimes, which occurred between 1995 and 2006, involved grooming three young boys with drugs and alcohol in exchange for sex. Former Premier Nathan Rees, who was Orkopoulos’ chief of staff at one point, has repeatedly denied knowing anything of his former employer’s “evil deeds”.

Damaging Lies

Verity Helen Firth also promoted Bruce Pascoe and held staff events at UTS for him to tell his offensive Dark Emu lies. Those who think there could never be consequences for distorting historical facts and Aboriginal cultural heritage are wrong.

I invite you to contemplate the fact that contemporary Aboriginal people living in communities across Australia are struggling to cope with growing numbers of false Aboriginal heritage claims, fraudsters, child abuse offenders, housing overcrowding, family separations, high incarceration rates, domestic violence and poverty.

There is a relationship between the misrepresentation of the facts and the challenges Aboriginal people face on the ground. The reach of distorting facts should never be underestimated or dismissed.

Frankly, the claim Aboriginal people were not hunter-gatherers has undermined our proud Aboriginal cultural heritage, cultural practices and beliefs. It is encouraging Aboriginal children to feel shameful about this proud heritage. After all, all human beings were originally descendants from hunter-gatherers.

It is unfortunate that the Wiggles have reportedly taken advice from this misguided unit at UTS.

Offensive Cultural Appropriation

Professor Michael McDaniel was also the chair of Bangara dance theatre, when they held a controversial production of the Dark Emu dance. This was a highly offensive dance where men were rubbing themselves up against each other, which is opposed to the Aboriginal culture. This has caused great shame to Aboriginal people, who are very strict on modesty and separation of men and women.

It also caused great offence to the founding members of The Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre, which was established in 1975 as a full-time training program to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to take up professional dance. It launched the careers of many dancers and performers and raised the profile of Aboriginal dance on the international stage.

From it, Bangara was created, under the guidance of the founding Director, American-born Carole Johnson. I spoke to some of these foundation members last year, who are distressed Dark Emu’s proven lies were being used in a dance.


Your Life Your Vote: Take Control was launched in Australia last month, with the aim of stopping the Labor Party, the Greens, and other extreme left-wing political movements from using Aboriginal votes to pursue ineffective economic policies and weird “woke” social ideas, which are not shared by the vast majority of Aboriginal people. Its national committee has representatives from most Australian states and territories.

In many Aboriginal communities around Australia, the Labor vote consistently ranges between 70 and 90 per cent, yet most communities remain heavily impoverished and the majority of their residents have little real say and opportunity.

More information on Your Life Your Vote: Take Control can be found at YourVote.org.au.

It is also on social media: [Facebook][Twitter] [Photo: The Australian]

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