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Google Censors the Daily Declaration: Here’s the Article They Don’t Want You Reading

6 September 2021

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One of the Daily Declaration’s most-read articles, “Seven Reasons the World Health Organisation Cannot Be Trusted”, has been censored by Google’s search engine.

[UPDATE 5th October 2021: For reasons unknown, Google has once again allowed access to Seven Reasons the World Health Organisation Cannot Be Trusted via their search engine. Given the amount of traffic this article received when we drew attention to Google’s censorship, we can only speculate that their decision to reverse course was made in light of the Streisand effect].

Seven Reasons the World Health Organisation Cannot Be Trusted” was published in July this year, and it has proven to be an immensely popular article. But it has recently been brought to my attention that this article is entirely missing from Google’s results when its exact title is entered as a search term.

Scroll ten pages of Google’s results — or the top 100 webpage suggestions — and Seven Reasons the World Health Organisation Cannot Be Trusted is nowhere to be seen.

(It is important to point out that when I wrote Seven Reasons, I was careful to make measured claims and substantiate these with credible sources. I did not indulge in speculation, nor did I make any untrue accusations against the World Health Organisation.)

Concerned that I might be suffering from paranoia, I tried using the same search term on six other popular search engines: Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, AOL, Ecosia and Yandex. In every case, this article was the number one result, displayed at the top of the first page on these other search engines.

It seems very unlikely, therefore, that Google has simply failed to index this popular article. The most probable explanation is that Seven Reasons the World Health Organisation Cannot Be Trusted carries a message that Google doesn’t want its users to see.

Googles Track Record with Censorship

This would not be the first case of overt censorship from Google. I have previously reported on hundreds of cases of Big Tech censorship in which Google and its subsidiary companies featured prominently.

You can read the full report at “Big Tech is Biased: Here’s Hundreds of Examples“. Among the instances of overt censorship at Google are the following:

Googles Election Meddling and Other Misdeeds

Google has also been discovered meddling in United States elections and even interfering in an abortion referendum held in Ireland:

Google has likewise suspended and demonetised various accounts that it considers too ‘conservative’ or Christian for its liking:

There is also copious evidence from whistleblowers, company executives and corporate decision-making that Google is politically biased:

Time to Find a Better Search Engine

In short, when it comes to political content, Google is no longer acting as a search engine but rather a propaganda engine. If you want to search for information across the political spectrum on any issue, Google is not the search engine for you. I prefer to use DuckDuckGo, but there are many good alternatives out there.

So what didn’t Google want you to discover about the World Health Organisation? Find out here.

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  1. Michelle 6 September 2021 at 2:49 pm - Reply

    Thanks Kurt, so grateful for you.

  2. Dave 6 September 2021 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    Well done Kurt!!

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