Open Marriage versus True Marriage

“Open Marriage” Makes a Mockery of True Marriage

27 September 2021

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Marriage is the cornerstone of successful civilisations. In short, it works. However, according to the Ruth Institute, the recent popularity of so-called “open marriage” is undermining true marriage.

“Open Marriage”

HuffPost recently ran a pseudonymous article by a woman who opened her marriage to her husband’s homosexual paramour.

Ruth Institute President, Dr Jennifer Roback Morse, PhD, commented:

“This is one of the saddest things I’ve read in a long time. The Sexual Revolutionaries have been peddling ‘open marriage’ since the ’70s. I saw numerous couples try it back in the day, but have never seen it work.

I’ve seen divorces, suicides, and babies that weren’t supposed to be conceived, but I’ve never seen one of these situations last as a permanent union.

“I feel so bad for this woman who wrote under a pseudonym. How proud can she be of this living arrangement if she can’t even write about it under her own name?”

Marriage 2.0

The author reports that her husband:

“determined that he was bisexual and that he wanted to stay married to me, but he wanted an open marriage so he could also have a boyfriend…

Marriage 2.0 truly began when Stuart got a boyfriend. I befriended the men he was dating, cooked for them, and even went on vacation with one of them.

There continued to be challenges — things Stuart lied about, STI scares, jealousy, self-loathing — and I faced them, in part, with the help of therapy and yoga (and more therapy, and more yoga).”

Open Marriage Simply Does Not Work

“‘There continued to be challenges,’ is code for ‘it was total misery because he was ruining my life along with our marriage,’” Morse said.

“In other words, she has to do the work of making this work. Sounds like garden-variety misogyny to me.

“When will the Sexual Revolutionaries stop promoting ‘open marriage?’” Morse asked. “How many more failures? How many more broken lives, before they finally admit they were wrong?

“Historically, only monogamy works,” Morse explained. “

It may not appeal to readers of HuffPost, who are always looking for the new and trendy, but marriage between one man and one woman has worked throughout the course of history.

It channels male drive into socially constructive directions, and it gives women security and a stability for raising their children.

Most of all, lifelong married love provides justice for children, giving them the best chance of being in a meaningful relationship with both of their parents.”

America’s New Idol

Even ’70s sex symbol Raquel Welch said as much in a CNN commentary, “It’s sex o’clock in America.”

Notwithstanding her own failed marriages, Welch wrote that marriage is “the cornerstone of civilization, an essential institution that stabilizes society, provides a sanctuary for children, and saves us from anarchy.”

“The husband, wife, boyfriend arrangement, simply cannot provide the same stability and permanence,” Morse concluded.


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