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Advice For Those Getting Vaccinated Under Duress

27 October 2021

3.5 MINS

Unethical vaccine mandates are forcing the hands of many Australians, and troubling the consciences of many more. The following advice may help you make the best decision you can in your circumstances.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians have been cornered by vaccine mandates. Maybe you are one of those forced to chose between your medical autonomy and the freedoms you were born with — such as freedom of movement and assembly, or the right to work and feed your family.

You are not alone. What follows is some words of advice for those being vaccinated under duress. It is based on wise counsel I recently read from an Australian medical doctor whose is unable to speak freely on this issue but has a heart for those impacted by unjust vaccine mandates.

Reasons to Accept and Decline Vaccination

Ideally, any medical treatment we choose to undergo should be embraced on the basis of its health benefits, not in order to access human rights that are being withheld from us. But times have changed in Australia — at least temporarily.

If your conscience is torn up over these vaccine mandates, consider a list of valid reasons for you to choose to be vaccinated, and a list of valid reasons to decline vaccination. Though some of the reasons on these two lists may appear to contradict, the point is that a person’s conscience must be free to choose either.

Valid reasons to get vaccinated:

  • To reduce your chances of getting very unwell, if you consider yourself vulnerable.
  • To minimise the likelihood of transmitting to other people.
  • In order to exercise an important duty which the government is illegitimately obstructing you from performing unless you submit to their demands, for instance, earning a living, visiting your family across borders, visiting a loved one in hospital or care, attending a close friend’s wedding or funeral, or anything else that makes it worth it for you.

Valid reasons to decline vaccination:

  • Moral concerns about the development of vaccines using cells from aborted babies.
  • Not yet feeling confident about the vaccines.
  • Not feeling fearful of the virus.
  • Taking a moral stand against coercion, bullying, mob rule, government overreach, tyranny or segregation.
  • Wishing to identify with a disadvantaged, oppressed minority.
  • A significant sense of unease that you just cannot shake, no matter how hard you try, even if you can’t fully articulate it.
  • Any other reason that is important to you.

It’s Your Conscience and Your Decision

Some people will feel strongly that they cannot take the vaccine under any circumstance. Others will feel they have no choice but to take it. The decision is yours alone to make, in consultation with your family and a health professional whom you trust.

Do not feel obliged to justify your decision to anybody else. Don’t let anyone gaslight you with the assertion that this is a clear-cut, black-and-white decision. It is nobody’s place to judge you for what you decide.

Given the complexity of the issues, it is okay to feel an ongoing ambivalence, even after making a decision. Don’t let the ambivalence consume you. You’ve made a decision; you need to live with it and move on.

On the other hand, do not dismiss and bury the issue. The simple fact is that vaccine mandates are not going away anytime soon, and the next challenge will be just around the corner, for instance, a mandate for your children, or for boosters.

For Those Getting Vaccinated To Save Their Job

You may be feeling troubled about the decision to get vaccinated simply in order to save your job. Here are five points of advice if this is you:

1. Providing food, housing and clothing for your children is a godly and righteous thing. You are doing something honourable before God in safeguarding your ability to provide for the children He has given you, even if the action you need to take is tainted.

2. Bring a written and signed statement with you, to the effect, “I do not consent medically to this procedure. I am only proceeding with it under duress, in order to save my livelihood.” Make sure the statement is given to the clinic you attend and put on file. You can ask the individual who performs the procedure on you to read it aloud before they proceed. The agents of the State who are about to perpetrate this act upon you must be made to clearly understand the (un)ethics of their action; and your lack of proper consent can and should be documented.

3. Ensure you keep and save the letter from your employer which instructs you to have the procedure and threatens you with dismissal if you fail to comply. To be legally useful (e.g. in civil liabilities proceedings), this letter must pre-date the date of the procedure, and address you specifically by name.

4. Do not consider that you’ve “lost” and can no longer resist this tyranny. Use your vaccine passport only with your employer. You can choose not use it to enter any restaurant, cinema, gym, shopping centre, or church which requests it. You may continue to resist the segregation; in fact you have now become very powerful: think of a white person deliberately sitting in the “coloured” section of a bus during Jim Crow. You can now be that person.

5. God sees what is happening. He is merciful, and He keeps a perfect record of all injustices that occur in this world. Do not let your spirit be crushed. He will one day call to account those who are behind this.

Image by CDC at Unsplash.

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  1. Bill Muehlenberg 27 October 2021 at 11:29 am - Reply

    Well done Kurt.

  2. Kim 27 October 2021 at 12:14 pm - Reply

    Thank you!! An excellent article!!

    • Davis Matthew 9 November 2021 at 12:59 pm - Reply

      Thanks Kurt. I’m vaxxed and welcome your Kingdom perspective. Great food for thought. I fear the church is missing its moment in history and looking quite ‘nutty’. This isn’t our Bonhoeffer moment. We need to feel OK to vaxx and OK not to, if that’s your choice.

  3. Pearl Miller 27 October 2021 at 12:31 pm - Reply

    Resist the devil…. anytime you comply with tyranny you strengthen it… What if there is a hidden agenda? What if this experimental gene therapy turns out to damage your sacred immune system so that you cannot fight the next designer “virus” sent our way?
    What will you do when the Mark of the Beast comes… maybe in a year or two……or maybe THIS IS IT if you cannot buy or sell without it?
    This could be is the dress rehearsal folks or maybe the real thing. God help us all!
    You said nothing about the health risks of the v. Dr. The death and injury stats are overwhelming. A close friend, 27 yrs old is now an invalid after the second “jab”… 3 months homebound with no return to health in sight. ????

  4. Linda 27 October 2021 at 3:22 pm - Reply

    Thank you Kurt. This contains a powerful tool for change. If those who are “privileged” choose not to exert that privelege in any other arena than their workplace (who coerced them) it can change the mindset of others. It is a godly stance to associate with those who suffer injustice.????

  5. Chris Clarke 27 October 2021 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    I loved this article. Thankyou so much.

  6. Clem 27 October 2021 at 8:43 pm - Reply

    You are a true Aussie Champ, Kurt! I’ve sent this to my son who is only considering the jab under ‘no jab – no job’ duress.
    God bless you mate!

  7. Ann Lee 28 October 2021 at 3:05 pm - Reply

    Your words Kurt are most encouraging, as we should not be held to ransom by our government because of the choices we make in regard to having the vaccines or not.
    Joshua was told many times to be strong & courageous, knowing that if he listened to others opinions & not God’s, he would bring calamity upon himself & fall into a screaming heap. Many are being tested at this time, particularly when the government is restricting Churches not to allow their congregations to enter if they have not been vaccinated, or even praise His Name in song. We should follow God’s leading where these concerns have come into being, & no Pastor should be turning away anyone from their place of worship. Bless you Kurt.

  8. Allie 6 November 2021 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    #4 i do wonder how much money business could lose due to mandates? I’m fully vaccinated, but if we get a passport in my state I will only use it sparingly, which means less money for business. I suspect there will be others with this view, along with those without passports. It could add up.

  9. Michaela Alvares 13 November 2021 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    What an awesome article! Thanks Kurt. I wish I had see. This before my sis in law had the jab much against her own free will. She even told the nurse that when she was asked if she was happy to have it. I will let her know for the second one if it’s not too late already.
    I myself had made my decision and privileged enough to do that. I really feel for those who have to submit to the tyranny in order to provide for their families.

  10. Dianne 16 November 2021 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    A very well written article Kurt. Thank you. Much needed at this time. I’ve shared with concerned friends and family. I know That our God is not surprised at all about what is going on right now. We must take a step of faith in whatever way we decide to go. Without faith we cannot please him so we trust Him and lean not on our own u set standing and he will direct our path.

  11. Jake 17 November 2021 at 12:06 am - Reply

    Thanks Kurt
    I feel completely broken and this article has helped a lot.

  12. Rosalind Hecker 17 November 2021 at 9:36 am - Reply

    hi Kurt totally love, agree and support what you’re doing re all this & your “5 things that don’t sit right…” blog article – you’re a fantastic encouragement for our fellow Aussies who are losing their jobs through this…we so need courageous Christian leaders to get behind…

    You’re an inspiration to me & I really appreciate your Tweets & praying that you’ve got the right person to connect you with TC in US.

  13. Heather Fernando 17 November 2021 at 10:29 am - Reply

    Thank you for this beautiful article I have been torn about it and it’s so true what you have said. Thank you for your advise.
    And yes God sees everything and no one will get away with the wrong. God bless you.

  14. G. Arellano 17 November 2021 at 2:47 pm - Reply

    Hi. My days in working and helping disabled people is nearing to an end. I was told on Monday the 15 November that if I would not take the covid 19 vaccine soon, that I will not be allowed to work anymore after the 17 of December 2021. Then was asked if I will take leave with out pay, for how long I don’t know yet. What shall I do to show those employers and the government officials that hardworking people like us will not accept their bullying tactics and mandate.

  15. Susan 18 November 2021 at 4:11 pm - Reply

    A good article. However, the first two ‘Valid Reasons to get Vaccinated’ no longer appear to be valid.
    It’s now well known that the vaccinated can still transmit the disease, get it, be hospitalised from it, and die from it. There’s growing amount of stats from overseas showing the hospitals are being inundated with the vaxxed, not the unvaxxed, particularly because of adverse events. It’s happening here in Australia too, but politicians and MSM generally aren’t saying – except for the occasional oops like when Martin Foley told a press conference that of the 375 (or so) hospitalised people in Victoria ‘with covid’ (read ‘with vaccine reactions’ – see quotes below) 79% were double jabbed and 17% were single jabbed. The ABC blog tried to tell us that Martin got his figures mixed up: that he meant to say that 5% were double jabbed and 17% single jabbed. But 5% wasn’t even in his script to get mixed up with. No. He read what was in front of him and NEVER corrected it despite ample opportunity to do so then, and in the days after. The NSW Health Minister made a similar statement, this time about there being certain number of people in hospital and all but one being jabbed. Interesting that neither Health Ministers have made any announcements at all (that I’ve heard) regarding those kind of stats since then. I’m absolutely certain that if the majority of hospitalised were NOT jabbed, the media and politicians would be making hay out of it. The fact that they are silent tells us something.
    Here’s some quotes I transcribed from a 50 minute video of nurses, paramedics and other health professionals in Qld Australia speaking out. Their faces weren’t shown, but the producers went to the effort of having Sonya Young, who has been a Commissioner of Declarations for 14 years certify each of the 10 people who were recorded in her presence as having legitimate identification, employment and AHPRA or hospital registration documents. An 11th person was recorded separately.
    So the below are all quotes from the video, though I’ve partly paraphrased some for clarity:
    * People are coming into the hospital, not because of covid, but because of the vaccines.
    * There’s an increasing number of people presenting with stroke-like symptoms.
    * I’ve seen suffering amongst people on a level I’ve never seen before. In the last week I went to my 13th cardiac arrest and subsequent death post the vaccine.
    * What I’m seeing on the frontline is that these vaccines don’t seem to be as safe as they say they are, and in a lot of cases are doing more harm than good.
    * There’s a pattern emerging we hadn’t seen before. A lot more young people who had recently had a vaccination are coming in with a stroke.
    * A young person who had his jab on the Wednesday was last seen well on the Saturday night (3 days later). Sunday morning he was found on the floor unconscious in his own vomit. He was diagnosed as being in septic shock and he had a massive cardiac (inaudible) and he went to ICU and I don’t think he recovered.
    * To be honest, I just wish that we were allowed to speak about this. It is so frustrating to be in a position where we are seeing this stuff and we are seeing what these vaccines are doing and we are not allowed to speak about it. We’re under the threat of losing out registration. We’ve been told we’re not allowed to talk about these things, and I can’t even begin to put into words how frustrating it is to be silenced.
    * Everyone’s living in fear of being reprimanded and losing their job.
    * On the nurse-patient ratio being under strain, one nurse explained that they have lost staff to the vaccination centres where they are receiving above award wages. She also said that a lot of staff are sick from the vaccination, so there is very high sick leave in the hospital setting. I would add that a third factor for the nurse-patient ratio being under strain is the fact that many medical people have left the profession rather than taking the injection. That, as one nurse put it, is because they have seen what the injections can do and don’t want to put themselves under that risk.
    * There’s so many people presenting with conditions they shouldn’t have (because of their lack of indicators for the condition and their general good health). We keep being told it’s ‘anecdotal’ or ‘coincidental’ (to the people having been recently jabbed). But at some point it stops being anecdotal and it starts being EVIDENCE.
    * Doctors are ignoring it and AREN’T REPORTING IT.
    * Increasing number of cardiac cases. As a paramedic I’ve never before seen six back to back cardiac cases in one shift (for instance).
    * I’ve resigned myself that I won’t work as a health professional any more. I can’t watch it.
    * AHPRA threatens us with loss of registration if we speak out.
    * One after the other after the other after the other of people who just can’t get oxygen into their lungs.
    * There’s a lot of people with life-changing events shortly after vaccination but nowhere to report it.
    * I’ve had all my vaccinations. But this one is different. There have been no long term studies. I don’t know how it will affect my health in the long term.
    * AHPRA is gagging doctors and health professionals and are basically only letting you hear what the government want you to hear.
    * Science isn’t science if you can’t question. There is one view that is being pushed, one narrative being told.
    * Should this be any other drug, any other time, any other place, this drug would have been removed.
    * Doctors have been severely disciplined for speaking other than what the govt wants you to hear.
    * People need to be told the truth, and everything above-board and not secret.
    * It’s clearly harming people.
    * I’ve spoken with multiple aged care nurses who have seen elderly people die very shortly after the vaccination.
    * Would I take the vaccination to save my job? Categorically no. I just wish people would wake up to what’s going on. I wish we’d stop being silenced.
    * Now they’ve approved it for 12+yo and want to approve it for 5+yo. There will be significant consequences for the health of our children moving forward.
    * I can’t believe they keep rolling this out, knowing what we know.
    * From my experience in covid-19 clinics for some time now, I can say that these injections are not as safe as we are led to believe.
    * It’s heartbreaking to know what is going on. It needs to stop.
    * For people who present back to the clinics in wheelchairs – these are all people under 14 – these are people that were able to walk (before). They had numbness and couldn’t feel their legs and arms.

    • Vincent Bowyer 18 November 2021 at 8:37 pm - Reply

      Thank you, Susan. I’m not on the front line. But I work daily with people damaged both by the vaccinations and/or fear.

      The censorship we are experiencing in this country is criminal. Decision making is difficult enough. Without transparency and free access to all data the layman has Buckley’s of making an informed choice.

      This is certainly a time to draw near to Jesus, He will guide some to eat meat and some to be vegetarian. It behoves each of us to wait on the Lord, and obey Him and remember that what he demands of His other servants is not my Business.

  16. Dr Phillip Chalmers 26 November 2021 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    Half a century and more spent as a doctor who swore by Almighty God, the Father Son & Holy Spirit when the Hippocratic Oath was being administered at my graduation may give me some authority to my prophetic offering.

    The core of this issue must be acknowledged : An evil empire misusing medical and scientific knowledge meant for good breached the international embargo on developing biowarfare organisms and produced a chimera organism hitherto unknown in God’s creation. It came out of the laboratory and spread as a lethal plague, spreading throughout the world and endangering every living soul initially without any specific defence or cure.
    We faced a pandemic killing people and disabling people regardless of colour, creed or politics. One in a hundred dead and four or five severely disabled as it spread and mutated, producing variants a few of which are more contagious and eventually some are likely to be more lethal.

    A virus has brought chaos, fear, damage and death – not Kings or Presidents or Prime Ministers or soldiers or police.

    Christ like adults have been provided with three products of wisdom – public health precautions, specific vaccines and anti-viral pharmaceuticals and each by the grace of Our Merciful God.
    Such mature Christians with properly formed consciences will serve their fellow human beings by sacrificially acting to avoid becoming infected themselves and passing on the potentially lethal infection and so avoiding being the instrument of suffering and death. The public health precautions of physical distancing, wearing a suitable mask fitted properly over nose and mouth and hand sanitizing after contact with eyes, nose and mouth.
    These are easy for some and difficult for others and do not guarantee perfect protection – there is sufficient accumulated medical evidence that the combined processes significantly reduce the passing of the virus from one person to the other in public situations to make neglect or refusal of participation in these disciplines morally defective. It is the equivalent of dangerous driving on a public shared road.

    Knowledge of the history of Western Medicine makes it obvious that the Holy Spirit working in Christendom progressively taught people how to inoculate and vaccinate susceptible people safely against killer diseases.
    This gift was ready to be implemented when the nature of the deadly plague was recognised and at least four very safe and very effective vaccines were rapidly produced and properly tested.
    Again, no human act is perfect and all vaccines have at least some possibility of doing harm but the ones in use are proven to have very much lower possibility of doing harm than the disease they are made to prevent.
    None, not one, of the vaccines is produced from human embryos. Not in the invention, not in the production.

    Do not give scandal to the world, do everything possible to benefit your neighbours and take example from the doctors and nurses and paramedics who risk their lives every day in service to their fellow human beings.

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