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Jordan Peterson’s Daughter Says She Has ‘Found God’

28 October 2021

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Mikhaila Peterson, daughter of rockstar Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, last week shared that she has “found God”. Her belief in the God of Scripture is no longer psychological or metaphorical, but personal.

“I haven’t talked about this before,” Mikhaila Peterson opened during a recent interview on her podcast. Searching for the right words, she confessed, “about a month ago … I think I can say this … I found God.”

“I grew up with Dad so I learnt a lot about the psychological significance of the Bible,” she explained. Jordan Peterson is well known for his Biblical Series. Garnering some collective 20 million views on YouTube, the lecture series applies Bible stories as metaphors for life in the contemporary world.

Jordan Peterson, who has been heavily influenced by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, has been elusive about his own beliefs. But he too has recently hinted at the beginnings of his own spiritual awakening.

His daughter is one step closer. Mikhaila Peterson recounted that for the last five years straight, she has had “way too many really absurd experiences that I couldn’t wrap my head around,” followed by a difficult time over the summer.


She explains that things had been going badly in four really important areas of her life. Mikhaila had done everything she could to fix these problems but they simply refused to change.

Shortly after this, Mikhaila met a Christian, and was sharing her experiences with him. The man challenged her to reach out to God and ask Him to reveal Himself to her.

She went home that night, she recounts, and was upset about her four major problems. “I was in bed. So I was praying, like seriously praying, like ‘please give me some sort of sign’,” Mikhaila said.

The next day, all four problems were suddenly resolved. To Mikhaila, this was too much. The way in which her problems were resolved made sense to her, but “the likelihood of all four of them clearing up randomly that day was too much”. She also woke up with a sense of calm. “That was enough,” Mikhaila summarised. From that point, she knew God was real.

“I’m pretty new to this, and what I’ve been doing for the last month or so is reading the Bible and praying,” said Mikhaila. “The amount of peace that I’ve had, I haven’t had before. It’s completely absurd. I can’t believe it.”

Watch Mikhaila Peterson’s full testimony here.

Images courtesy of National Post and National Review.

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