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The Rocks Cry Out: A Creative Way to Share the Gospel

29 October 2021


God promises that His Word never returns empty. Hope rocks are a simple but powerful way to communicate the gospel of Jesus to a world in need of hope.

We love hearing about the creative ways people share the good news of Jesus with those around them.

We recently heard from three different people, including a teenager and a retiree, who had independently started making ‘hope rocks’ – creatively decorated rocks that carry a message of hope.

The Hope Rocks Story

Hope rocks are a creative, simple, intergenerational tool to reach people with a message of hope. Small rocks are collected and decorated with simple messages like “Jesus loves you”.

Each decorated rock is individually prayed over and then placed in public areas such as beaches or parks. There they sit, ready to share the message of hope found in Jesus with those who find them.

Mary had observed how people were discouraged by what was going on in the world – specifically with the lockdowns. This inspired her to start group craft activities with some of the ladies in her life. Carrying the heart of her church – and a lifelong passion for creative things in nature – she saw the possibility of bringing together evangelism and craft. This is where her inspiration for hope rocks began.

Meanwhile, fifteen-year-old Bridget visited a popular local lookout with some friends when they thought it would be fun to leave a non-destructive but lasting message to encourage others. This sparked an idea to paint rocks with messages of hope – an exciting project for the girls to embark on.

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The Gospel Never Returns Empty

For both women, the purpose behind the initiative is to prompt people to stop, look and reflect.

One lady discovered a hope rock with Jesus’ name on it while out walking. This prompted her to call a Christian friend who then shared the gospel of Jesus with her.

Another rock was found by a young boy who was determined to keep it. We pray that the message of hope will impact his life in the future.

Mary and Bridget are excited to see what testimonies are to come from those who find these rocks. But they acknowledge they may never fully know what impact their faith, prayer, and obedience have had.

the gospel

Create Your Own Hope Rocks

Hope rocks are a fun project for Christians of all ages to share together. Here’s how to go about it:

Collect some small rocks. Smooth surfaces are ideal.

Gather materials to decorate them and perhaps gather a group of people to work on them together.

Decorate the rocks. Think about messages that will encourage others and point people to the gospel of Jesus.

Pray about where to place them.

Place them, making sure not to cause damage or potential hazards.

Then continue to pray for the people who come across them – that they would receive the message of hope through your hope rock.

Originally published at Youth for Christ.

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  2. Mel Jia 3 November 2021 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    I have been doing it for 4 years. I put them out every day wherever I go. Now I also paint little wooden shapes with simple truths on, stick magnets on them and leave them on playground equipment for kids to find and hopefully take home and put on their fridge.

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