When Equality Turns into Privilege

12 April 2022

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Is having specially marked parking spaces for those of certain sexual proclivities — as well as immigrants — a good idea? Or does it serve to further divide the community by granting one or two select groups of people a special status over others?

I feel like I am being pranked every time I read the news. If only that was the case!

But this is not a joke. Special car parks have been created for LBGTQ people and migrants in the German city of Hanau.

The Daily Mail reported that “diversity spaces” had been created at a local shopping centre car park for people who felt like they “needed special protection”.equality parking

Fabricated Issues

The car park is monitored by cameras, presumably to ensure safety and to guarantee that only gays and migrants use the spots.

I’m guessing the car park lines have been drawn on an angle since everyone knows gay people can’t park straight. But I digress.

Is all of this really necessary? Did anyone ever seriously think: “I’m going to park super close to the shopping centre entrance so that no gay people or migrants can do so.”

Is this an actual problem?

Standing Out

Just as an aside — and I don’t mean to stereotype here — but I’m not so sure that herding gays and migrants into a small space is a great idea.

How do authorities intend to verify that drivers are gay? Do homosexuals register with the transport department and receive a special license sticker identifying them as gay?

Or is it that they’re driving a Toyota Prius?

All of this raises the question: if we are going to have diversity parks for LGBTQ folk and for migrants, what about blacks? Why don’t whites get their own parking bays? And what about special parks for the left-handed?

Nothing says “equality” quite like dividing into everyone’s special cliques.

Local authorities pulling woke stunts like this in order to earn social credit points should be condemned by the LBGTQ community.

Haven’t activists insisted that they wanted equality? This goes beyond equality to privilege, and it undermines everything LBGTQ people of good faith have always said they wanted.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.
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Photo by Malcolm Garret.

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