New Christian Values Checklist – Miraculous Shift to Christian Policy for Minor Party

18 May 2022

3.1 MINS

We are excited to announce a miraculous shift in the Christian Values Checklist towards righteousness. In our 23 years of our existence, the Australian Christian Values Institute has never seen anything like it. Totally extraordinary.

The Australian Federation Party has produced an ethics vision statement that has forced our team to release a new Second Edition. They have all green ticks, which means they overtake One Nation federally as the political party with the most Christian values embedded in public policy.

The Australia Federation Party has been in existence since 2004 under various names. In 2020, it became the Australian Federation Party.

The two leading figures in the party are Christians, who because of the inspiration of the Christian Values Checklist have courageously spelt out their values on their website for all to see. This now puts pressure on all the other political parties to do the same. This is a miracle. Thank you for your prayers.

There have been some minor adjustments to Liberal Democrats, Labor and the United Australia Party. We have moved United Australia Party on the two LIFE questions, from a red cross X? to straight red ? which signifies a conscience vote on LIFE issues. Research has come to light that Mr Clive Palmer is adamantly pro-life. Our prayer is that he will be bold enough to make a stand for the unborn babies of Australia.

Our goal has been to do a careful bipartisan evaluation of the major party’s positions on matters relating to Christian values and present it in a readable, impartial and accurate form to help Australian voters make an informed choice when voting.

Please find the new versions of the Christian Values Checklist as digital links below. We have a broad Christian Values Checklist for all of Australia and one specific for WA.

Christian Values Checklist 2022

  1. Federal Christian Values Checklist PDF
  2. Federal Christian Values Checklist Jpeg
  3. WA Christian Values Checklist PDF
  4. WA Christian Values Checklist Jpeg

WA checklist 2022

Positions are often difficult to summarise in a format of this kind, and parties have not always made definitive statements. We use colour coding and a combination of ticks, crosses and question marks to rate the various positions of the parties rated on the checklist.

Therefore a ‘?’ indicates in some instances a conscience vote, or a less than conclusive opinion on the party’s position on some of the issues. A Gray Box with a question is an unknown position. A tick in a Green Box equals YES and X in a Red Box equals NO.

Sadly, we have lost the Christian Democratic Party and the Democratic Labour Party to deregistration. Thankfully, Australian Christians are still running in Western Australia and holding the lamp of Christian values high for everyone to see.

Currently, One Nation with its new National Pro-LIFE Policy was number one. Now it is number two followed by the Liberal Democrats at three.

We encourage you to vote for any Pro-Life candidates in either the Senate or the House of Reps in any party, whether Labor, National, Liberal, Minor or independent.

Right now, our nation needs a miracle. So we ask you to join together with Christian leaders and churches of all denominations from all over Australia as we Pray and Fast for 21 days up to and including the Federal Election, Saturday 21 May 2022.

Our prayer is found in Isaiah 9:6, “That the Government shall be upon his shoulders.” Register to receive Daily Devotions here.

There are many good candidates in all the political parties, so please do your own research. Check out the great how to vote resources at ACL with a question survey for every candidate in Australia. Family Voice has an excellent analysis of the major parties.

Another very good Informed Voters Election Guide 2022 has been put together by the Catholic church in Sydney.

We need to support those candidates who have faith, no matter what party they find themselves in as best we can. The checklist has its limitations. It is about the parties, as opposed to the individual candidates.

Martyn Iles has done an excellent video endeavouring to list all the Christian Candidates in Australia standing. It is not comprehensive, but a very good attempt.

Sharon Cousins has put together a how-to-vote in the Senate. It is not without error, but a very good attempt. It is a mammoth job, and she is to be congratulated.

Remember, use all these resources as a guide only. Do your own research. You always must make your own decision. Your vote is your vote.

It is our belief the Christian Values Checklist will enable people with strong Christian convictions to make an informed decision about how best to direct their vote in the Federal Election.


Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash.

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  1. Cody Mitchell 19 May 2022 at 9:51 am - Reply

    Such great news!

  2. Sharon 20 May 2022 at 3:36 am - Reply

    Blog Comment (7 mins):
    Thank you, Warwick for this article and for showing the updated Christian Values Checklist (from the Australian Christian Values Institute); revealing the great repositioning of the Australian Federation Party to column No. 2 in WA (after Australian Christians) and everywhere else, at column No. 1.

    Just to let readers know, I personally, am not a member of any political party; but have voluntarily been involved in elections, since 2003; helping many candidates for local, state and federal elections. I ran as an independent candidate in a local council election in 2011 and what an ‘eye-opening’ experience that was!
    In 2019, I embarked on a ‘God project’ for the 2019 Federal Election, involving the numbering of all the boxes (above the line) on the white ballot paper (Senate); for each of the 6 states and 2 territories. I prayed over this project, later named ‘Vote Wisely’, and spoke firstly to Warwick Marsh about this. I remember Warwick said 2 things to me:

    1. “This has never been done in the history of Australian elections” and
    2. “This was ‘deep-water’ stuff”.

    Since 2019, I have developed ‘Vote Wisely’ documents for the 8.2020 NT Election, 10.2020 ACT and QLD Elections, 3.2021 WA and 5.2021 TAS Elections and 3.2022 SA State Election. During the past 3 years, I have routinely researched and analysed information about candidates and parties, which is important to share with others, to help Electors to make an informed vote.

    For this 2022 Federal Election, it’s very much about ‘freedoms’ and wanting ‘good’ change for our nation. Recently, I was asked by a lawyer to research the key seat of CHISHOLM in VIC, which has 12 candidates; the largest number of candidates out of the entire 151 seats in the nation. It took me 3.5 hours and I used my ‘go to’ list of ‘tools’ (resources) for researching candidates and parties i.e.:

    1. Prayer, Holy Spirit guidance and wisdom, Scriptures, discernment and later confirmation.
    2. Reading and comparing organisation and political party websites &/or social media pages to view policies and candidates’ profiles (where available), including the Christian Values Checklist and FamilyVoice “Know the Key Issues – Vote Wisely”.
    3. ABC Elections website (Antony Green) to view electorate information, electoral redistributions, past voting results and candidates’ photos/profiles with any info/ links to relevant websites etc.
    4. ACL candidates survey website (21 questions with candidates or party responses).
    5. ACL list of 2022 Federal Election Christian Candidates (but some candidates were missed off list e.g. Peter Harris, seat of Boothby, SA for Australian Federation Party and Monica Smit, founder of Reignite Democracy Australia, running with Morgan C Jonas for the VIC Senate, as an Independent Team – Group R).
    6. Selection of political/ election-based websites giving commentary on party policies and candidates backgrounds, especially Senate candidates and how MPs voted in Federal Parliament (motions and divisions) – used with discretion.
    7. Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) website for survey answers by a lot of 2022 Federal Candidates (NB. I was grateful to be involved to help Monica Smit, with others, in the pilot development of the RDA online survey questions/ format and raised the issue of plagiarism).
    8. Watching candidate forums to reveal their backgrounds, experience, knowledge of policies, communication skills and potential ‘good’ leadership ability.
    9. News media and general search engine work for any other information on candidates.
    10. Personal rating system out of 10 for individual candidates based on availability of information, including any recommendations from people who actually know the candidates.

    So, after the research on Chisholm (a seat with boundary changes by AEC during redistribution), I came up with No. 1 Candidate as Anthea Antonie (Australian Federation Party) and at the end of the rating list was Labor, Greens and the Animal Justice Party. I called the lawyer and told him the results and analysis of the 12 Chisholm candidates and the suggested rating order for the House of Reps (green) ballot paper, which I then emailed. I casually asked, which out of the freedom-friendly minor parties, he would have originally chosen for Chisholm. Answer: Australian Federation Party.

    In this article, Warwick Marsh has kindly mentioned me (thank you Warwick) and given the link to my ‘SENATE RATING GUIDES’, shown on my new purple and white ‘Vote Wisely’ website. The website has other resources e.g. 20 Tips on Voting Preparation, 47 Marginal Key Seats, 10 Tips – Scrutineering, BIO etc.
    My ‘Senate Rating Guides’ are a ‘personal rating’ based on research, pro-life/pro-liberty, experience/ skills and civic ability of candidates, party / Independent policies, how Senators/ MP’s voted (something that FamilyVoice Australia provides including for the 2022 SA State Election i.e. how MPs voted on the abortion-to-birth Bill). I also try to contact key people I know and trust, in the respective states and territories, who may know the candidates/ Senators/ MPs, in order to get a ‘local’s’ opinion of candidates.

    The ‘Vote Wisely’ Senate Rating Guides (choice of above the line or below the line numbering), show the Candidate names, parties (colour-coded), notes and TIPS etc. ALL the boxes are numbered for the white ballot paper (either above or below the line options) – according to pro-life/ pro-liberty, experience/ skills, social values and civic ability of candidates, including analysis of How-to-Vote preferences. By late Friday 20th May 2022, I hope to have ALL 6 states and 2 territories of the Senate Rating Guides published on my website, (421 Senate Candidates across Australia). People can then download and review my senate rating guide documents (pdf), prior to voting on Election Day, Saturday, 21st May, 2022.

    Considering we all have different opinions about Candidates and Parties and to help voters, there is a separate blank column provided on these Senate rating guides, entitled “Your Pref #”. This is for voters to use themselves, so they can personalise their own Senate numbering order. This blank column is a simple ‘tool’, to help re-number the Senate groups/ candidates, rated in the voter’s OWN preference order. I tried my best with these senate rating guides, which are for personal use when voting.

    TIPS: Remember to take a pen and I recommend numbering all the boxes (not just 1 to 6 above the line or 1 to 12 below the line). See my senate rating guide notes about an ‘exhausted’ vote, how to number 1 and 7 securely and electoral fraud (specifically point 9 of 10 TIPS – Scrutineering pdf).

    Visit ‘Vote Wisely’ website

    Sharon Cousins
    NB. Authorisation shown on ‘Vote Wisely’ website and on the downloadable pdfs.
    P.S. View the 3 letters shown after ‘vote wisely’ in the above website address +

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